The science of the soul and stars

Hermetic astrology provides knowledge that seems utterly fantastic.  The idea that life on Earth is the expression of soul intelligence and ability and that the planets and zodiac signs play an up-close and crucial role in what’s going on would be considered ridiculous by most clever new-age thinkers. Information about these matters is not taught in schools or universities so a brief explanation of the science of the soul and stars will be helpful.

Science is defined as any system of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena but the science of the soul and stars is not directly concerned with the physical world. Its focus is the astral world and its knowledge pertains to the invisible living world of soul and the occult world of astrological energies so the science of the soul and stars pertains to:

  • your soul (aka unconscious mind)
  • the astrological environment
  • the fundamentals of astrology and
  • your birth chart

Your soul

The science of the soul explains that your intelligence and ability – identified as your soul – resides in the thought structures of your astral body and that you possess a physical form made of physical substance and an astral body made of astral substance. Your astral body where your life experience is saved in memory as states of consciousness is a thought-built astral entity.

The science explains that your astral self exists and functions in the high-speed, four dimensional astral world and your physical self exists and functions in the low-speed physical world.

The astral world is the realm of astrological energies and other astral radiations and your astral self is a receiving set that picks up, radio fashion, these energies. 

Your soul, aka your mind, on its evolutionary journey acquires thoughts and feelings through experience and your astral body’s coupling with your physical body is achieved through psychokinesis – the ability of thought to move or generally influence physical substance.

Electromagnetic energy generated in abundance by the cells of your physical brain and nervous system facilitates a two-way transfer of information between the high-speed realm of soul substance and the low-speed realm of flesh and bone.

Your soul utilizing these electromagnetic energies affects your physical body and life and the thoughts you think and feel affect your soul.

You can observe your soul intelligence at work in the building and animation of your physical body and the events and conditions that become your life story. 

Your life has a blueprint called your astrology code. It’s pictured in your birth chart which is a map of your character development at the time of your birth. It reveals your destiny so it’s no ordinary map.

Objective consciousness that expresses through your physical brain – you, the self-conscious, objective witness to your life experience – is the most recent addition to your soul’s evolving consciousness. As a human soul you have a capacity to think and reason and know right from wrong.

The astrological environment

The science of the stars explains that the astrological environment or astral realm is a high-speed region defined by non-physical astrological energies. Its velocities exceed the speed of light and there is no gravitation or time.

The planets are the chief sources of astrological energies. For convenience the Sun and Moon are considered planets and they and the eight planets of our solar system transmit energies of different astral frequencies. As streams of energy they are picked up and received by souls residing on astral planes.

The signs of the zodiac map definite fields of force in the astral world. The zodiac has 12 major distinct force-fields which are commonly called zodiac signs and each sign has three minor divisions called decanates.

The qualities of each sign are observed in the attitude-motivations given the desire-urges corresponding to the planets; and the influence of their decanates is observed in special life trends and spiritual behavior and endeavor.

The fundamentals of astrology

The science of the soul and stars explains the fundamentals of astrology which you can apply to your birth chart to discern your character and destiny.

The chart is calculated for your time, date and place of birth. It’s a wheel that’s divided into twelve equal segments called houses and the entire zodiac belt is placed around the wheel. The planets are placed in the wheel and are located by sign and house.

The planets in your chart map well-organized thought-cell groups embedded in your soul though experience. As dynamic urges they influence what you think, say and do.

The zodiac signs are best viewed as sounding boards that give the dynamic urges mapped by the planets an attitude-motivation.

Houses map departments of life – life-matters, activities and people through which events occur – and a planet in a house and the sign on its cusp depict thought-cell activity that’s working to influence your thinking and behavior and attract events.

The functional status of the thought-cells corresponding to a planet, whether harmonious and constructive or discordant and destructive, is determined by the aspects it forms.

An aspect is the angle at which the energies of two planets converge. It not only accelerates the planet’s energies but gives them a constructive or destructive force which is characteristic of the aspect.

The harmonious aspects are the semisextile, sextile and trine and the energies of the planets forming these aspects are given a constructive quality which is somewhat different in its observed affect.

The discordant aspects are the semisquare, square, sesquisquare and opposition and the energies of the planets forming these aspects are given a destructive quality which is somewhat different in its affect.

Your birth chart

You exist and your evolutionary journey to acquire intelligence and ability is an unforgettable experience that’s saved in memory and your birth chart details your backstory as at the moment of your birth.

Your chart allows you to see what the electron microscope can’t – the thought-structure of your character, aka your soul, as it has been built by experience. As a self-information resource, that educates you about yourself and makes you conscious of your unconscious thought-cell activity, your birth chart has no rival. 

The application of the science of the soul and stars to your chart allows you to translate its data into words and sentences that make sense to you; and while its data can be hacked by fortune-tellers only you know what it really means.

Your character is a bundle of desire-urges mapped by the planets and attitude-motivations mapped by their sign positions.

The association of the planets and zodiac signs with the houses allows you to see how your character was formatted by experience and coupled with the mundane environment.

High discord aspects map fault lines in your character. As misguided, destructive thoughts, feelings and impulses they work to attract mishap, misfortune and struggle.  They can be transmuted and changed. 

Your attitude – how you feel – determines if the event you experience is fortunate or unfortunate. Feelings of pleasure and pain are your teachers and you can change your attitude.

Your birth chart maps predispositions, so nothing is inevitable. 

Your birth chart is all about you. It identifies you as a dynamic thought system that has the potential to develop, and keep on developing, intelligence, love, wisdom and ability. It allows you glimpse your reason for being and role in God’s Great Evolutionary Plan. But to understand what the coded data means you have to be conversant with the science of the soul and stars. 

The science when applied to your birth chart reveals that your thoughts, feelings, intelligence and ability are not embedded in your DNA. They’re embedded in your soul and if you’ve had a fortunate start, proper moral instruction and educational opportunities you’re well set up to develop your special soul talents and express them in a way that contributes to the common good and your own spiritual development.

Your achievement goal is to reach your full potential as a human soul and birth chart knowledge will help you get there. Without it you’re self-ignorant and constantly adapting to the unknown. With it you’re in control of your life, health and happiness: and you’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t think it possible to know and your life will exceed all your expectations.

So it’s good to know that Hermetic astrology presents and explains the science of the soul and stars.

Author: DW Sutton

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