French Presidential Election update

In the previous commentary on the French Presidential election the theory that in political contest the candidate with the most harmonious tenth house would be the winner was put to the test.

The charts of five candidates were considered although eleven candidates were running. 

The test failed to pick the winner with the candidate having the most harmonious tenth house – François Fillon – coming third. 

So the theory can’t be relied on in a contest with multiple candidates.

But it can now be tested in a contest with two candidates – Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. 

They came first and second in the first round of voting on April 23 and will vie for the French Presidency on May 7.

Emmanuel Macron’s progressed chart May 7, 2017


His chart’s astrodyne report

As explained in the previous commentary house 10 in Macron’s chart (events related to credit, honor, career advancement and getting a job) has a net harmony on April 23 and May 7 of 5.26 harmodynes.

But research into the recording of birth times reveals that his recorded birth time of 10.40am will have a plus or minus two minute margin of error.

(The practice in France, until recently, has been to round off the birth time to the nearest 5 minute mark rather than record the precise minute of birth.)

It means that if Macron’s recorded birth time is accurate then he would have taken his first breath and got the show started sometime between 10.38 and 10.42am.

A slight discrepancy in the recorded and true birth time results in a birth chart that is not quite right and unreliable start, peak and finish dates for progressed aspects.

These dates are crucial when timing major life-changing events.

And in the previous commentary it was noted that if Macron was born after 10.40.40am – 40 seconds after the recorded birth time and within the margin of error – a high-discord progressed square aspect involving progressed Saturn and birth chart MC would not be in orb of influence.

And if this was the case the house 10 harmony in his chart would increase from 5.26 harmodynes to 25.05 harmodynes.

The need to consider such contingencies, in order to gain evidence-based facts, is poor science.

Theories must be tested using the best available data but birth charts constructed for almost accurate birth times will always present uncertainties.

And it’s only when the astrodynes are applied to a precisely timed birthchart that its power, harmony and discord scores can be considered reliable.

It’s an unfortunate situation that astrology will have to live with until birth times are recorded to the second.

But after his strong performance on April 27 it seems certain that progressed Saturn square (obstacle) birthchart MC is not adversely influencing Macron’s honor, credit and career prospects.

So he was probably born a minute or two later than the 4.40am time recorded on his birth certificate and his house 10 harmony score on May 7 will be 25.05 harmodynes.

Marine Le Pen’s progressed chart May 7, 2017



As explained in the previous commentary the birthchart constructed for Marine Le Pen’s recorded birth time presents no uncertainties so house 10 in her chart on May 7 has 12.32 harmodynes.

(On April 24 Le Pen announced that she was temporarily standing down as the leader of the National Front party as she needed to be above partisan considerations.

Progressed Sun in her chart was conjunction progressed Uranus – planet of surprise moves – and progressed Mercury – planet of decisions – was opposition birth chart Saturn.)

So the theory being tested – that the candidate in a political contest with the most harmonious tenth house will be the winner – indicates that Emmanuel Macron will win the run-up on May 7.

In an astrology savvy world voters would elect political leaders based on their credentials to do the job as revealed by their birth charts.

The planets with above average power and the very weak planets tell the story.

They provide a very accurate profile of the character and the type of intelligence and ability it is naturally inclined to express.

The dominant planet in both Macron’s and Le Pen’s charts is the Sun – the planet of politics and power – so they both have political ability, leadership skills and, with Mercury conjunction the Sun, the voice of authority.

And in both charts Mercury, Saturn and Neptune have above average power.

So both candidates are smart intelligent people who can employ reason to solve problems and make decisions (Mercury), hard workers who can shoulder heavy workloads and responsibilities (Saturn), and visionaries (Neptune) who can use their imaginations to scheme and make their ideals reality.

But that’s where the similarities end.

In Macron’s chart Jupiter – the planet of bankers, money, wealth, optimism and benevolence – and Mars – the planet of aggressive action, conflict, daring and resilience – have above average power.

(Benevolent and charitable Jupiter is the weakest planet in Le Pen’s chart.)

In Le Pen’s chart Pluto – the planet of groups, teamwork, cooperation, division and terrorism – has above average power (so she’s a divisive figure).

(Threatening and intimidating Pluto is the weakest planet in Macron’s chart.)

Uranus – the planet of freedom and liberty – and the Moon – planet of the common people – have below average power in both charts.

The weak Moon indicates that both candidates live their lives in political circles having little contact or true understanding of the wants and needs of the everyday people.

Based on the total net discord scores of their charts Le Pen with a total chart discord of 0.86 discordynes has the better chart.

Macron’s chart has a total net discord of 49.42 discordynes.

But Le Pen’s problem is her far-right policies that stir up controversy (Mercury), bitter criticism (Mars) and division (Pluto).

France, like all countries, needs a leader who can reason well (Mercury), take the initiative (Mars), display genuine goodwill and optimism (Jupiter), carry the heavy burden of responsibility (Saturn) and lead (Sun).

And on May 7 the election of this leader is in the hands of the French voters.

But, in the current political climate, many will be forced to vote for the candidate they dislike the least.



Author: DW Sutton

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