Sun cycle: March 20, 2017 - March 20, 2018

March 8, 2017

The astrological year commences when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2017 at 10.29am GMT.

At this time the Sun is square (obstacle) Moon (the general populace), conjunction Mercury (talk and controversy), conjunction Venus (women and women’s issues) and square Saturn (hardship, struggle, poverty and loss).

Moon conjunction Saturn is the strongest aspect in the chart.

It forecasts recessed economic conditions, austerity measures, cutbacks, economic hardship, fear and selfishness, a household debt crisis, food shortages, starving people, a housing shortage etc, with governments (Sun) failing to effectively deal with the escalating socio-economic distress.

This is the outstanding trend influencing the global agenda from March 20, 2017 to March 20, 2018.

The Moon is the planet of the everyday people, civilians, housing, food and water and Saturn is the planet of ultra-conservatism, orthodoxy, economy, cutbacks, recessed economic conditions, debt, poverty, loss, protectionism, fear, safety, security concerns, walls, immigration, the farming and mining sectors, coal, land, destructive weather events, famines, floods, natural disasters and disease.

The conjunction aspect brings these matters into prominence but where the discord manifests is determined by its house position in a specified chart.

There’s also a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square in the chart that forecasts financial, trade and banking sector problems; social unrest, protests and demonstrations; and a lack of cooperation, group disunity and break ups.

Specified Sun cycle charts vary greatly in their discord.

The US Sun cycle has a net discord of 12 discordynes; Germany’s chart has a net discord of 82 discordynes; China’s chart has a net discord of 177 discordynes; and Australia’s chart has a net harmony of 11 harmodynes.

These are relative measurements so the discord being measured can’t be compared.  

The impact of the Moon-Saturn discord on China is measured by its house position in China’s Sun cycle chart and clarified by the current situation in the country. 

A country’s political, economic, work, housing and conflict circumstances serve as an environmental setting for the chart and what eventuates. 

Date for all charts is March 20, 2017.

US Sun cycle chart: 5.29am EST – 77W01; 38N53


The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in house 1 make domestic issues and the health and welfare of the people the country’s chief concern.

Uranus dominates the chart and the Sun directly impacts house 1 – the people – and indirectly impacts house 6 – work and employment.

Mercury forecasts talk, talk, talk and a great deal of controversy over Trump’s healthcare and wall; Venus forecasts a high level of interest in a woman, women’s issues and social events; Uranus forecasts protests, demonstrations, strikes, a sensational exposé and outrageous tweeting; and Neptune forecasts schemes, deception, confusion, fake news and widespread disillusionment.

During this astrological year America is all about America and its domestic agenda.

The Moon-Saturn discord directly impacts house 10 – Donald Trump, his administration and the business sector – and indirectly house 11 – Congress – and house 5 – the stock market.

It forecasts an ultra conservative political agenda designed to protect US business activity and jobs but there’s a slowdown in business activity, a high number of bankruptcies and a down trend on Wall Street.

Trump fails the everyday people and is deeply unpopular.

Pluto in house 11 forecasts disunity and division in Congress, with dictatorial Congressional leaders taking drastic action. Jupiter in house 7 has Trump doing trade deals with other countries; and Mars in house 2 forecasts wild spending, financial strife, bank robberies and money spent on guns and armaments.

Canada has the same chart set-up (but it’s operating in a very different environmental setting).

Britain’s Sun cycle chart: 10.29am GMT – 00W06; 51N36

Venus (Theresa May), Mercury (talk and controversy), Uranus (sudden change, protests and startling revelations) and Mars (strife and conflict) are in house 11 making parliament and its proceedings the chief concern in 2017.

The high-discord Sun in house 10 – May’s conservative administration, business activity and Britain’s credit rating – dominates the chart and indirectly impacts house 3 – the press and relations with neighboring countries.

The forecast is for political incompetence, a failure of leadership and low-level business confidence.

Neptune in house 10 forecasts a confused and chaotic administration, a business sector struggling to deal with high level uncertainty and schemes to benefit business.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction directly impacts house 6 – work, employment and disease – and indirectly impacts house 1 – the health and welfare of the people – house 2 – the country’s finances – and house 7 – the other country.

So large numbers of people will lose their jobs and suffer financial difficulties and health problems with the actions of other countries contributing to Britain’s economic woes.

Pluto in house 7 – foreign relations – forecasts strained relations with foreign powers with groups of countries ganging up and applying pressure tactics; and Jupiter in house 5 forecasts rising share prices, a gambling jamboree, expansion for Britain’s film industry and judicial investigations into the care and welfare of children.

Germany’s Sun cycle chart: 11.29am CET – 13E25; 52N303-germany

The Sun (politics), Venus (Angela Merkyl), Mercury (the press, talk and controversy) and Uranus (unexpected change, protests and startling revelations) are in house 10 – Merkyl’s center-right administration and business activity.

Mercury dominates the chart and forecasts non-stop talk and controversy as Germans go to the polls on September 24 to elect the members of the Bundestag – with Uranus delivering a few shocks and surprises and Neptune (deception and confusion) in house 9 delivering an avalanche of fake news and a bewildering legal judgment.

The Moon-Saturn discord directly impacts house 6 – work, employment and disease – and indirectly impacts house 1 – the health and welfare of the people – and house 7 – foreign policy and off-shore events.

The discord forecast is for a weakening job’s market, high-level unemployment (due in part to a weakening world economy) and widespread sickness.

Pluto in house 7 – foreign relations – forecasts drastic international developments with coercion and intimidation influencing the actions of foreign powers; and Jupiter in house 4 forecasts financial stimulation to the housing sector and rising house prices.

France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Libya and Algeria also have the Sun in house 10.

Russia’s Sun cycle chart: 12.29pm EET – 37E35; 55N454-russia

With the Sun, Venus and Mercury in house 9 the forecast is for important events involving the Russian navy, shipping, the courts, laws, legal decisions and internet.

But, with Uranus dominating the chart in house 10 – Putin’s administration, business activity and Russia’s international standing – and ruling house 7 – the international community and Russia’s foreign policy – the forecast is for startling revelations about Putin and his administration, anti-Putin protests and radical actions by the international community.

Russia’s economy is a big mess and this chart forecasts a sudden downturn in business activity, massive job losses (Saturn rules house 6), a drastic employment situation (Pluto in house 6) and big financial problems (Sun rules house 2), so things are about to get worse.

Mars – the planet of strife and conflict – in house 10 forecasts military moves by the Russian dictator, strife for his administration and reputational damage for Russia.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction in house 5 forecasts a down trend on the stock market, a gambling blight, severe losses impacting the entertainment and sporting sectors, hardship and suffering for children and teenagers, a shortage of schools and a plunge in the birth rate.

Neptune in house 8 forecasts a boom in tax avoidance and many deaths due to drugs; and Jupiter in house 4 forecasts financial stimulation for the housing sector and rising property prices.

 Other countries with the Sun in house 9 include Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Ukraine, Somalia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

China’s Sun cycle chart: 6.29pm AWST – 116E25; 39N555-china

With Venus, Mercury and Uranus in house 7 China’s international relations are the country’s chief concern with friendship (Venus), talks and conferences (Mercury) and radical moves and estrangement (Uranus) forecast. Mercury and Uranus dominate the chart.

The key issues are China’s claim to islands in the South China Sea (house 4); China’s relations with its neighbors (house 3) and the status of Taiwan (house 4).

The Sun in house 6 – work, disease, army and navy – forecasts a political agenda concerned with work, job creation, workplace problems and sickness with China’s army and navy on the move.

Neptune in house 6 forecasts job creation schemes, fake unemployment numbers and the widespread use of legal and illegal drugs by workers, public servants and military personnel.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction in house 3 – cars, roads, transportation, smart phones, communication, newspapers, journalists and neighboring countries – forecasts major transport problems, huge losses for the communications sector, an increase in mental health disorders and loss due to the actions of a neighbor ((North Korea, South Korea, Japan or the Philippines).

The Moon rules house 10 so the house 3 discord is adversely impacting on China’s administration, business activity and reputation; and Saturn rules house 4 so its discord involves the islands in the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Pluto in house 4 forecasts coercive developments in regard to these matters with China taking drastic action.

Mars in house 8 forecasts many deaths by accidents, fires and alcohol fueled violence; and Jupiter in house 1 forecasts important legal decisions favoring the Chinese people, financial inequalities and a growing divide between the rich and poor.

Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Philippines also have the Sun in house 6.

India’s Sun cycle chart: 3.59pm IST – 77E12; 28N366-india

The Sun, Venus and Mercury are in house 8 so taxes, foreign debt, international borrowings and pensions are the country’s chief concerns.

Mercury also rules house 2 – finances and banks – and forecasts a great deal of talk and controversy in regard to all aspects of India’s finances.

Jupiter (the financial planet) in house 2 forecasts increased (extravagant) spending and higher prices.

The Sun in house 8 forecasts the death of a prominent person; and Neptune (the planet of schemes and deception) in house 7 – the other country and off-shore events – forecasts deceptive and involved relations with a foreign power.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction in house 5 – entertainment, Bollywood, recreation, sport, sporting events, speculation, gambling, share market, children, teenagers and schools – forecasts tough times for the entertainment sector, hardship for the country’s youth, a depressed share market, sporting losses and a losing streak for the cricket mad nation.

Saturn impacts house 6 forecasting job losses for many involved in the entertainment, film and sport sectors.

And with Pluto (the planet of crime, teams and gangs) in house 5 there’s crime in sport, match fixing, illegal gambling, film piracy, widespread crime amongst teenagers, teenage gangs and drastic events involving the film industry and sports (cricket) sector.

Uranus in house 9 – trade, laws, aviation, foreign shipping and religion – forecasts radical changes to existing laws, protests and demonstrations accompany the change and relgious motivated discontentment unrest.

And Mars, the planet of strife and violence in house 9, forecasts strife for the judiciary, legal disputes, hate speech violence, laws to control it, angry lawyers, religious inspired violence, angry teachers, aviation disputes, plane crashes and shipping accidents.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka also have the Sun in house 8.

Australia’s Sun cycle chart: 8.29pm AEST – 149E08; 35S178-australia

Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Mars in house 6 – work and labor – forecasts a great deal of interest in work and employment.

Venus highlights the role of women in the workforce and Mercury the role of teachers, academics and students.

Uranus forecasts strikes and protests and Mars forecasts strife and disputation.

The unions (Uranus) will be very active with fires, workplace violence and workplace accidents grabbing the headlines. The work and employment situation gives rise to talk and controversy all year.

The Sun (the prime minister and political agenda) in house 5 – the share market, sport, children, child-care centers and teenagers – rules house 10 – the government and business activity.

It’s square (obstacle) the Moon-Saturn conjunction in house 2 that directly impacts the economy and finances with Saturn impacting the housing market and forecasting falling house prices. 

Sun discord forecasts a crisis of leadership, governance problems and a political agenda chiefly concerned with the problems caused by a lack of business confidence and high youth unemployment.

House 2 discord forecasts a diminished income stream, revenue problems and recessed economic conditions with the financial hardship facing everyday Australians, debt-burdened home owners, the low-paid, parents with high child-care costs and struggling farmers a big concern.

Jupiter (financial and legal matters) in house 12 – hospitals, nursing homes and detention centers – rules house 2 (finances).

The astrological good guy forecasts pay increases for nurses and charitable/legal support for detainees in detention centers. Neptune in house 5 forecasts share market uncertainty, drugs in sport and the widespread use of drugs by children, teenagers and confused investors.

And Pluto in house 3 forecasts rumor mongering, the spread of misinformation by the tabloid press, compulsory measures to curb cyber bullying and a drastic, coercive situation involving a neighboring country.

Author: DW Sutton

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