The Age of Aquarius in 2017

Developments during 2015-16 were primarily influenced by progressed Sun – planet of politics – square (obstacle) progressed Uranus – planet of discontentment and change – and in some countries the discord expressed as social discontentment that resulted in radical political change and other extreme developments.

But solving major social and economic problems requires smart reasoning and judicious foresight and when anger and resentment drive the change process there’s likely to be more problems and more misfortune.

Changes made under astrological discord rarely achieve the desired results.

Aquarius 2017

Progressed Mercury is opposition birth chart Mars

This changed political landscape provides the environmental setting in which the Aquarian Age chart will operate in 2017 and the outstanding progressed aspect in the chart during the year is progressed Mercury – planet of talk, controversy, education and science – opposition (separation) birth chart Mars – planet of strife, manufacturing, mechanics, aggressive force, dissension, conflict, war, the military and police.

It’s a high-discord, fast-moving, very dangerous astrological event that will have a world-wide influence.

It commenced November 14, 2016, reaches peak power and discord on June 17, 2017 and finishes on January 21, 2018.

During the first half of 2017 the aggression, strife, violent attacks, brutality, belligerence, provocation, inflammatory words, dangerous ideas, war talk, saber-rattling and hate will escalate.

Disputes, conflicts and violent controversies easily erupt.

The talks aimed at conflict resolution fail and the hot-heads advocate force and military action.

The academics, writers, journalists, scientists and educationalists are taking aggressive action and under attack.

Mercury is the planet of careful reasoning but when anger surges the impulsivity of Mars erupts into fighting, feuding and aggressive force.

The war drums beat loudly and ambitious world leaders resort to military force to acquire more power and control. Rogue countries and their brutal leaders, like North Korea, represent perilous threats.

All things considered 2017 will be a year of escalating aggression, fights, disputes and angry words.

It’s a very dangerous irrational moment with muscles, bombs and testosterone nullifying good sense and careful reasoning. 

Things can quickly spiral out of control.

Hostility, hate, intimidation, coercion and insulting rhetoric fail to pass the civilized behavior test and the endless talk, discussion and analysis aimed at solving conflicts achieves absolutely nothing.

Progressed Venus is conjunction birth chart Saturn

Venus is the planet of beauty, fashion, cosmetics, social fun and events that in some way involve women.

Saturn is the planet of security, orthodoxy, tradition, conservatism, mining, farming, selfishness, hardship, suffering, austerity, debt, loss, unemployment, recessed economic conditions, shortages, natural disasters and floods.

The aspect reaches peak power and discord on February 20, 2018.

Progressed Sun is square birth chart Venus

This aspect signs for political problems, failures of leadership and difficulties for women, female world leaders and the beauty, art and fashion industries.

It reached peak power on October 31, 2016 and ends November 17, 2017.

Progressed Jupiter is trine birth chart Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of trade, banks, finances and religion and Uranus is the planet of technology, electronics, exposé, change and reform.

This very fortunate aspect marks for reforms to the financial and banking sectors, amazing new technologies, sensational discoveries, unconventional trade deals and shocking financial and religious exposés.

It started in July 2015 and reaches peak power and harmony in January 2020.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn

Mars signs for events involving strife, conflict, war and manufacturing.

It’s the planet of, construction, destruction, the weapons industry, accidents and fires.

Saturn rules safety, security, loss, basic utilities, farming, mining, debt, recessed economic conditions, unemployment, hardship, the land and environment, natural disasters and weather.

This high-discord astrological event will have an adverse influence on manufacturing, debt and employment trends.

It marks for war fears, a new cold war, destructive weather events and a great deal of anger, hardship, destruction and suffering.

It starts February 13, 2017 and reaches peak power and discord in August 2020.

Progressed Mars is inconjunct birth chart Moon

This aspect marks for domestic violence – the home is a battlefield – and anger is the dominant mood.

In the war zones the civilians are in harm’s way – innocent victims of the brutal violence.

It starts February 20, 2017 and reaches peak power and discord in June 2018.

Author: DW Sutton

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