The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius wasn’t discovered.

It was a naturally occurring event caused by the Earth’s slow rotation through the constellations.

It occurred on January 19, 1881 when the boundary that divides Pisces and Aquarius passed over the vernal equinox.

That’s when the equinox pointer backed into the sign Aquarius.

The changeover from Pisces to Aquarius took 144 years.

It actually started in 1809.

Then on January 19, 1881 when the Sun entered Aquarius at 8.56.42pm GMT the world’s electromagnetic forces became polarized in the sign Aquarius.

72 years later in 1953 the Earth’s electromagnetic forces were fully polarized in Aquarius.

January 19, 1881

By all accounts January 19, 1881 was just another day.

The years 1880 and 1881 were nothing special.

The 1880s was a core period of the Second Industrial Revolution.

Most Western countries were experiencing large economic booms, due to the mass production of railroads and other methods of travel.

The Industrial Revolution featured technological, socioeconomic and cultural change.

The only sign that something special happened was the appearance of two spectacular comets.

Comet/1881K1 was observed in the night skies on May 20, 1881 by John Tebbut at Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.

Due to its brightness it’s called the Great Comet of 1881.

Then on September 1, 1882 a comet appeared in the morning skies.

Comet/1882 R1 was very bright.

By September 14, as it approached its rendezvous with the Sun, it was visible in broad daylight.

Its magnitude on December 17 when it arrived at perihelion (the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Sun) suggested a silvery radiance that was 1,000 times brighter than the full Moon.

C/1882 R1 is perhaps the brightest comet that has ever been seen.

It’s called the Great September Comet of 1882.


Aquarius is pictured in the sky as a man.

In his right arm he bears an urn.

The urn is turned bottom up so the water it contains flows in a constant stream upon the Earth.

The water symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

It’s been acquired by souls on developmental journeys and Aquarius pictures their knowledge flowing onto the earth.

Aquarius is an intellectual sign and Aquarian people have a keen interest in education and acquiring knowledge.

Its symbol is two way lines that denote two serpents traveling in opposite direction.

They symbolize creative cooperation and the balance of reason and intuition.

The left arm of the man in sky is reaching upwards.

It indicates that the wisdom of the ages is coming from a higher source.

It’s being poured upon the Earth.

The Age of Aquarius

A little knowledge of astrology will convince you that in 1881 humanity moved out of the ‘I believe’ motivation of the emotional water sign Pisces into the ‘I know’ motivation of the intellectual air sign Aquarius.

The quality of mental and spiritual force being received by humanity during the Age of Aquarius is of the Aquarian kind.

Aquarius is the sign of astrology, psychology and advanced learning.

The invention of amazing technologies is on the ascendant.

Advanced knowledge, expressing as altruism and altruistic endeavor, promises a thousand years of peace and harmony.

The world today is an emerging Aquarian Age reality.

Author: DW Sutton

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