The world in the internet age is a place where dangerous philosophies and theories abound.

The questions are getting very profound.

Experts in every field haven’t got answers.

Thoughts and ideas based on unreliable observations promote inaccurate perceptions.

This results in theoretical deceptions, misinformation and fake news.

The notion that life is just a matter of lucky and unlucky moments displays spectacular superficiality.

The evolutionary biologist peddles inference and assumption and claims that ‘life’ developed by chance due to a chemical whirlpool getting it right.

It’s the greatest insult to humanity and its creator.

Scientific astrology

The science of Hermetic astrology is not based on blind belief or theory.

It’s based on demonstrated facts.

If new facts are discovered which disprove accepted deductions then these deductions are changed to conform to the new demonstrated facts.

As a self-science astrology provides personal information that supports the highest level of personal development.

Astrological research gives scientific credibility to the information.

No one should be deprived of the opportunity to access the information.

Mystical astrology

Tradition always exerts a powerful influence and in the internet age most schools of astrology continue to peddle uncritical mysticism.

They’re operating in an environment demanding scientific facts, but every attempt to have astrological information regulated has failed and the astrological community is doing nothing to gain the confidence, and respect, of the general public.

In the recent past astrology has suffered due to its lack of scientific credibility and unless credible scientific research can provide the facts to support its theories it has no future.

Division within the astrological community hasn’t helped.

It has resulted in the development and promotion of independent (personal) astrological theories rather than a scientifically researched unified theory of astrology.


In the age of www.astrology.com websites peddle weird ideas and ridiculous astrological assumptions.

There isn’t any scientific data based on investigative research .

But it’s a democratic world where freedom of speech prevails and ridiculous ideas are tolerated.

Aquarius demands freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

Many so-called astrologers must be classified as fortune-tellers.

Their attempts to precisely predict future events have contributed greatly to the popular perception that astrology is fortune-telling.

It’s a fact that everyone possesses some ESP ability and fortune-teller type astrologers read charts, describe scenes and give detailed accounts of upcoming events using extrasensory perception.

They use the birth chart as a divinatory instrument.

The chart stimulates a flow of psychic impressions and even the most scientific astrologer will employ ESP at times.

But because fortune-teller type astrologers make predictions that seem inevitable there’s a widespread belief that astrology foretells specific events in detail.

It doesn’t.

And no fatalistically precise system of astrology will ever been found.

The fact is that scientific astrology does not support theories of predestination or fatality.

You have much more liberty of choice and action than you ever imagined.

Up until the moment an event actually occurs you can prevent it, or make it come to pass in a different way.

Your conduct is not predetermined, but the probability that your behavior under a certain astrological impetus will be so-and-so may run extremely high.

These are the facts provided by scientific research.

Scientific research in every field of endeavor will guide the future.

And in the Age of Aquarius astrology will be based on information acquired by the scientific method.

Author: DW Sutton

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