Campaigning for a standard system of astrology

Modern science, whose systematic and formulated knowledge decided that life is random, has unscientifically declared that astrology is dangerous and evil.

Of course, unregulated knowledge unless organized and constrained by system and order does have a dangerous potential.

And in the 1930s the blind-belief and mystical nonsense that defined Piscean Age astrology and the unregulated practice of astrology were causing major problems.

The incompetents and charlatans were hoodwinking the public.

New systems of astrology promising remarkable results were arriving annually.

It was recognized that a new system should not be condemned without giving it a thorough test but a standard system of astrology would regulate all the crackpot ideas.

It would provide the public with guidelines as to the credibility of astrological data and what was accepted astrological practice and what wasn’t.

Astrological data must be based on facts that have been established by statistical research.

Observation provides data but the scientific research of almost accurate birth charts ups the data’s credibility.

Astrology must follow definite rules – be systematic – and have clearly defined capacities and limitations.

Standard means customary, accepted, common and universal.

So, a standard system of astrology should endorse a commonly accepted birth chart that (1) is constructed according to accepted standards, (2) displays the commonly accepted astrological markers and (3) is subject to a method of interpretation that follows customary astrological rules.

The public needed to know these things.

At the time most astrologers did practice standard astrology.

Its practical application provided satisfactory results.

So in 1938 a group of scientific astrologers in California launched a campaign to establish a standard system of astrology.

Everyone – the scientific astrologers and public – had to be protected from incompetent quacks, sun-sign astrologers, frauds, charlatans, fortune-tellers and the false claims of scholastic dictators.

The campaign for standard astrology

The campaign for astrological prestige and legal recognition was launched by Elbert Benjamine in April 1938.

He mobilized all the major astrological associations in America that taught and disseminated standard astrology to establish a Standard of Practice to protect standard astrology and the public from the frauds, imposters, cheats and swindlers.

After a two and a half year campaign, in November 1940, astrological groups throughout America signed a Code of Ethics and formulated a Minimum Requirements of Astrological Education which defined in precise terms Standard Astrology.

It was a very important development in the astrology story.

Astronomers and religious authorities had caused astrology harm, but at the start of Aquarius the quack astrologers were doing all the damage.

The true-believers recognized the need for united action and for the first time took action to regulate the bad behavior and inform the public on how it could be recognized.

The public needed to know.

It meant that genuine and sincere astrologers who practiced standard astrology would no longer be classed in the public’s mind with the fakes and charlatans.

Author: DW Sutton

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