Astral force gets measured

The old astrology was all about estimation and guesswork.

But an almost accurate birth chart pictures a pattern of energies where each planet, aspect, sign and house possesses a specified amount of energy.

In the very scientific Age of Aquarius the measurement of these energies became a crucial issue.

Estimate and guesswork were no longer options.

The subjective assessment of a planet’s power was easily clouded by personal bias.

It resulted in controversy.

The development of general rules for making power, harmony and discord judgments didn’t pass the scientific test demanded by Aquarius.

Uncertainty clouded research findings.

General rules had to be replaced by a purely mechanical method that provided mathematical proof.

But the development of mathematical formulas to measure the power and functionality of birth chart energies would require a high degree of mathematical ability.

The mathematical formulas had to quantify astrological principles that had already been established to measure birth chart and progressed chart factors.

The quest to develop astrodynes took 8 years.

The quest to measure astral force

Aquarius is a scientific sign and measurement is the key to science.

In 1938 the idea of measuring astral force was turned into action.

That’s when members of the Church of Light in Los Angeles mobilized and focused their attention on the measurement of astral force.

It wasn’t easy.

The task involved the measurement of factors that were identified as problems.

Mathematical formulas had to be developed to solve these problems.

At the forefront of the quest were Will P Benjamine, Lawrence R Dunsmoor and Sue Starnaman.

In December 1938 Larry Dunsmoor coined the term ‘astrodynes’.

The terms ‘harmodynes’ and ‘discordynes’ followed.

Astrodynes measure power, harmodynes measure harmony and discordynes measure discord.

Collectively the calculations are called ‘astrodynes’.

But the initial attempt to develop a series of mathematical formulas to measure astral-force failed.

It was just too hard.


Due to other matters consuming his time and energy the astrodynes were off Elbert Benjamine’s radar from 1940 to 1946.

By then William Drake had joined the Church of Light.

He not only had top-notch astrological expertise he had extraordinary mathematical talent.

And when Elbert and Bill unified their mathematical expertise during the first four months of 1946 the result was sensational.

They saw your birth chart as a mathematical structure and provided a set of equations that would reliably measure its component parts.

Astrodynes were announced to the astrological community in September 1946.

It was an extraordinary intellectual feat.

After eight years of experimental investigation and testing the calculations that finally did the trick fell into place.

In December, 1946 Elbert Benjamine claimed that stellar dynamics is to astrology what electronics is to industry.

And today he would say that stellar dynamics is to astrology what the silicon chip is to the computer age.

He claimed that Stellar Dynamics is the bright new astrological science of the future.

It’s the new astrology.


The astrodynes are the most outstanding advance in astrological science since the ancients discovered the birth chart.

As a set of mathematical calculations they’re employed to measure the power, harmony or discord possessed by each planet, aspect, sign and house in any birth chart.

They replaced judgment and estimation – the old astrology – with relative measurement.

Astrology plus astrodynes equals stellar dynamics.

Author: DW Sutton

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