30 years research

If you have a serious interest in astrology you want evidence-based facts.

But a real science of astrology can only be formulated with extensive data.

One person’s experience is not wide enough to provide sufficient data to build any science.

A real science of astrology can only be formulated through extensive research involving thousands of birth charts.

To become a science Hermetic astrology had to develop a knowledge-base of evidence-based facts.

So, in 1924, The Brotherhood of Light astrological research department was established to investigate birth charts for the express purpose of building a science of astrology that was based on the facts provided by statistical evidence.

The Brotherhood of Light astrological research department

In April 1924, Lenora Conwell, a member of the Brotherhood of Light made the suggestion to scientifically investigate birth charts.

She took the initiative and was placed in charge of the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department.

It was a history making moment.

She started the astrology revolution.

For the next 19 years Lenora gathered birth data, calculated and constructed charts and progressed charts when necessary.

From 1924 to 1943 she was the research department’s chief statistician.

Astrological research is primarily a scientific enterprise that seeks to gather evidence-based facts through the statistical analysis of birth charts.

And in April 1924 its starting point was all the astrological beliefs and ideas that had been bequeathed to humanity by Pisces.

Then came the hard stuff.

It took 5 years to develop a valid research model that was based on fundamental astrological principles and guaranteed reliable evidence-based facts.

In June 1929 the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department published its first report – What makes a movie star?

The evidence for the report was obtained from the birth charts of 46 movie stars and all the charts had a missing planet.

Pluto wasn’t discovered till 1930.

Later the report was expanded to 100 birth charts.

And once the ice was broken new reports were published every 3 months for the next 20 years.

More scientific facts that you ever imagined

During this time the speed at which new astrological facts were discovered accelerated rapidly.

It was a revolution in our understanding of astrology, the birth chart, vocational astrology, medical astrology, stellar healing, global astrology and the progressed chart.

You need the facts of astrology.

You need to know when the events indicated in your birth chart are likely to arrive and whether they’re inclined to be fortunate or unfortunate.

And the purpose of astrological research is to discover this special knowledge.

From June 1943 to June 1947 no research was conducted.

In April 1946 Elbert Benjamine announced the development of astrodynes.

In 1947 the research work resumed.

It was conducted by Elbert Benjamine, William Drake and Doris Chase Doane.

The final research report – Gall bladder troubles preliminary observations – was published in July 1954.

It marked the end of 30 years of research and the astrology revolution.

All told there were a total of 75 research reports – 30 vocational reports, 21 event reports, 19 disease reports and 5 reports on timing events.

And all the newly discovered astrological facts were incorporated into the Hermetic system of astrology.

It provides the most advanced, scientifically sound, astrological data that has ever been available.

Author: DW Sutton

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