War and conflict have been around since forever but in the Age of Aquarius, when new age weapons can inflict horrendous destruction and suffering, war is a major calamity.

It’s abhorrent; a thing of evil that brings out the dark side in human nature – harshness, cruelty, brutality, hate and revenge. War desensitizes the human soul and ultimately defeats its own aims leaving only waste and devastation.  

Yet in the Sun section of the age of knowledge – the age of big powers – there’s all this talk of war, imperialism, militias, nuclear weapons, deterrence, economic warfare, information warfare and cyber attacks.

Nation states are feuding and fighting. Wikipedia lists 29 civil wars with the war in Myanmar heading the list. The war in Ukraine gets major media attention. Africa is a hot bed of warfare and military violence.

Some conflicts can be traced back hundreds of years but it’s generally agreed that violent conflict is something to be avoided. There has to be a better way to resolve disputes. Powwows and peace pipes seem to be the civilized option.

Mars is the planet of war

War has its correspondence in the sky and your birth chart.

Mars is the planet of hostility, conflict and war. The energies it receives from the Sun are transformed into a vibration that express in human thought as aggression.

Human actors bring the harsh-aggressive Mars vibration to life. They fight. Social contact is a recipe for conflict, disagreement and dissension.

The relative strength of Mars in your birth chart reveals your backstory in terms of strife, conflict and energized effort. Its sign position aligns your aggressive urge with an attitude-motivation; and its house position indicates the department of life – the life matters, activities and people – where you’ll be motivated by aggressive action and experience strife and conflict.

Your backstory involved opposition and enemies. It’s saved in memory in compartment 7 of your soul, aka unconscious mind, and house 7 in your birth chart reveals your developmental past as it relates to events involving open conflict. 

It gives your life as a human soul a trajectory and scripts your potential to experience events involving partners, open enemies, competitors, opposition and law suits. It may be prominent and active or non-prominent and relatively inactive.

In global affairs Mars is the planet of war and military activity.

In a nation’s chart war, conflict and open enmity are house 7 life-matters but any tendency towards war usually involves long-term disagreement and animosity – a set of circumstances – that erupts into hostile conflict in response to a discordant progression involving house 7 and Mars and is timed by discordant aspects involving Mars in the sky and a cumulative buildup of Mars energy in the major global cycle charts.

The third decanate of Libra

The constellations in the sky provide humanity with a spiritual script – a moral compass if you like – and Libra, due to its alliance with house 7, is associated with war. The third decanate – Lupus – depicts a wolf being put to death by the spear of Centaurus. This wolf depicts the spirit of war.

Lupus pictures a tendency for some people born with this decanate prominent in their charts to express cruel and ruthless predatory interests – a lust for war, blood, pillage and destruction. They’re driven by avarice and greed and grab every opportunity to further their own selfish interests by placing others at a disadvantage.

But the constellated picture – a wolf being put to death by the spear of Centaurus – reveals that those who live by deceit, cunning and depravity, who repress the rights and freedoms of others and whose harsh brutality inflicts terrible harm, are inexorably doomed, due to their own actions, to a fate of severe punishment.

Hermetic astrology teaches that those born with this decanate prominent who turn their energies to cunning exploitation, heartless cruelty and malevolent destruction, will pay a dreadful penalty. It’s a teaching that gives the decanate its keyword: expiation.

Vladimir Putin among many, many others has the third decanate of Libra prominent in his birth chart.

Human wolves

Spiritual astrology teaches that where the thoughts and desires find no sympathy and no consideration for the wellbeing of others, even though the intelligence and body are human, the soul is that of a wolf.

When a wolf is wearing a charming smile it can trick and deceive but its actions speak louder than its sweet words. So, close observation will identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s turned its energies to cunning exploitation, heartless cruelty and malevolent destruction.

What to do to deal with the wolf is a dilemma involving risk.

A very real personal danger lies in a destructive – wolf intelligence – response.

The desire to take revenge, kill and inflict payback, punishment and suffering has a dangerously low vibratory rate. It’s felt at grave peril. It desensitizes the soul and perpetuates a long ongoing cycle of cruelty, destruction, despair and suffering.

War ultimately defeats its own aims by leaving only waste and devastation. It’s the ultimate calamity which can only be eradicated when humanity’s collective intelligence elevates above aggressive force, retaliation and revenge to realize that powwows and peace pipes are superior to guns, bombs and missiles.


Vladimir Putin

Author: DW Sutton

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