Mars and the world in 2020

The global agenda involves strife and conflict. Difference is a sure recipe for conflict. Different philosophies, ideologies and beliefs stir up dissension and hostility.

So, in 2020 people are fighting for their political, economic and religious beliefs. They’re fighting for social justice. There are minor clashes, occasional skirmishes and feuds that last for years. 

Some escalate into shooting wars. In 2020 there are at least 30 countries where a war, civil war, insurgency, conflict or military intervention is taking place.

The combatants are fired-up, running on aggression and intent on winning. The losers want revenge and pay-back. 

The current global environment is ripe for violence due to antagonisms caused by globalization, nationalism, self-interest opposing the common good, cultural bullying, racial hatred, religious intolerance, dictatorial corporations, corrupt governments and financial inequalities – greed and selfishness by the ‘haves’, and feelings of being left out and side-lined by the ‘have-nots’.

In 2020 there’s very little trust and a crisis of fair-play, honesty and good-will simply because Mars and his ruthless competitive impulse are prepared to break all the rules in their pursuit of power, money, profits and wealth.

Mars and the world in 2020

In 2020 the world is a hazardous place, but some places are more hazardous than others. People live in harm’s way.

A hazard is some event or object that is a potential source of harm to human life, health, income or possessions.

In 2020 a gun, war, suicide bomber or landmine is a hazard. Dangerous leaders are hazards. In America some police officers are a hazard. They kill citizens they’re trained and employed to protect.

Fires, diseases, epidemics, cars and explosions are hazards and terror is a hazard to human welfare.

In 2020 Mars energy is driving the manufacturing sector and it’s making smart technology faster than a speeding train.

It’s manufacturing things like weapons, guns, machines, cars, television sets, computers, smart phones clothes, shoes and anything else that human beings might use. So, Mars – the manufacturer – does have a worthwhile constructive side. When harnessed to a purpose he can build anything.

In 2020 Mars is angry, hateful, resentful, sexed-up, acting on impulse, addicted to sensation, guided by precedent and self-interest motivated.

His impatience wants instant gratification, but his hopeless sense of consequence can see things go horribly wrong.

He’s an adrenalin junkie and when the adrenalin flows your brain flies out your ear and the reasoning part of your mind flies out with it.

Alcohol-fueled violence, drink-driving and guns are killing people. So it’s easy to conclude that the world is a place where people come to get drunk, behave badly and inflict damage.

In 2020 the media and Mars are having a wild love affair so you’re going to hear about the latest disaster, bombing, terror shooting, fire, domestic violence incident or industrial accident.

Disaster journalism antidotes the dull monotony of daily life.

A disaster is a calamity that befalls some person as a result of a hazardous event. They affect between 250 and 300 million people every year. The loss of one human life is a disaster.

Shootings, bombings, accidents and fires are everyday disasters and in 9 out of 10 instances they’re breaking news.

In 2020 it’s the Mars stories leading the news queue but the constant reporting of death, killing, harshness and brutality is desensitizing the human soul and that’s another disaster.

Author: DW Sutton

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