Mars in February 1990

In global astrology Mars is the planet of war, conflict, violence, guns, soldiers, army, police, alcohol, accidents and fires; and in February 1990 Mars in the sky formed conjunction aspects with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.

Mars was conjunction Uranus – the planet of freedom, liberty, change, protests and strikes – on February 9, 1990 > start date was January 18

Mars was conjunction Neptune – planet of schemes, fraud, oil, aviation, drugs and photographs – on February 17, 1990 > start date was January 26 and

Mars was conjunction Saturn – planet of security, retreats and bankruptcy – on February 28, 1990 > start date was February 6

In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars was sextile progressed Pluto; progressed Sun was sesquisquare birth chart Mars; and progressed Saturn was trine birth chart Mars.

Here’s what happened in February-March 1990

February 2: In South Africa FW De Klerk announces the unbanning (Uranus) of the African National Congress.

February 7: In the Soviet Union the Communist Party (Uranus) votes to end its monopoly of power (Pluto), clearing the way for multiparty elections (Uranus).

In Tajik SSR (Tajikistan) there’s rioting (Mars-Uranus) in protest (Uranus) against a settlement of Armenian refugees.

February 10: In Las Cruces, New Mexico, two gunmen (Mars) shoot 7 people at a bowling alley killing four.

February 11: In South Africa, after 27 years behind bars (house 12), Nelson Mandela is released (Uranus) from Victor Verster Prison.

February 12: In Ottawa, representatives of NATO and the Warsaw Pact meet for an ‘Open Skies’ conference (Neptune). It results in agreements about superpower troop levels (Mars) in Europe and on German reunification.

February 13: Drexel Burnham Lambert, the fifth largest investment bank in American, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (Saturn). It was forced into bankruptcy due to its illegal activities in the junk bond market (Neptune) driven by senior executive Michael Milken.

February 14: The Pale Blue Dot photograph (Neptune) of Earth, taken from a distance of around 5.6 billion kilometers (3.5 billion miles), is sent back from Voyager 1 probe.

February 15: At a summit in Cartagena, Colombia US President George W Bush, Bolivian President Jaime Paz Zamora, Colombian President Virgilio Barco Vargas and Peruvian President Alan Garcia pledge additional cooperation (Pluto) in fighting (Mars) international drug trafficking (Neptune).

February 25: Violeta Chamorro is elected the new president of Nicaragua. She is the first (Uranus) woman to be elected president in the Americas.

February 26: The USSR agrees to withdraw (Saturn) all 73,500 troops (Mars) from Czechoslovakia by July 1991.

February 27: Exxon (Neptune) and its shipping company are indicted on 5 criminal accounts.  (The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred March 24, 1989.)

March 1: A fire (Mars) in the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt kills 16 people.

The Royal New Zealand Navy discontinues (Saturn) its daily rum (Mars) ration.

March 3: The International Trans-Atlantic Scientific Expedition, a group (Pluto) of six explorers (Mars) from six nations, completes the first dog sled crossing of Antarctica.

March 8: The Nintendo World Championships are held within the Fair Park’s Automobile Building (Saturn), kickstarting an almost year long gaming competition (Mars-house 5) across 29 American cities.

Author: DW Sutton

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