Mars conjunction Jupiter: May 29, 2022

May 2022 is destined to be an eventful month.

An in-sky Mars-Jupiter conjunction will script chapter 4 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other Mars-Jupiter events of international and national significance.

Jupiter is the planet of finance, selling, higher prices, extravagance, expansion, trade, law-making, courts, judges, arbitration, treaties, religion, ships, shipping, long journeys, publishing, advertising and publicly expressed opinion.

Mars is the planet of strife, warfare, bombs and things that go bang like portable MANPAD and STARstreak missiles. It rules the army, navy and police.

Their in-sky conjunction occurs May 29, 2022 at 10.31am GMT and from May 8 to June 15 (with the Mars and Jupiter cycle charts very active) major events of the Mars-Jupiter type are scheduled to occur.

At the same time Jupiter is conjunction Neptune in the sky > peak power date was April 12; Mars is conjunction Neptune in the sky from May 2 to June 1; on May 25 Jupiter moves from south to north declination signaling the start of a new Jupiter cycle; and on May 30 Mars moves from south to north declination signaling the start of a new Mars cycle.

Mars and Jupiter in 2022

The event landscape here on Earth keeps evolving. All the data and rules economists use when forecasting financial trends no longer apply. A frantic urge for money ups the level of risk. Prosperous modernity is rife with hate and conflict. There’s no guarantee of ecstatic happiness. Cybersecurity risks to Jupiter’s financial system are on the increase and state sponsored cyberattacks targeting financial institutions are becoming more frequent, sophisticated and destructive. And Mars conjunction Jupiter in the sky can signal an attack on a major financial institution.

In 2022 the super-rich are seething with anger. War is a great money-maker but sanctions are destroying their wealth. If you’re a sensible person you’ll never understand Jupiter’s excess wealth mob with their luxury homes, planes, yachts, islands, football teams, polo ponies and gross consumption.

In 2022 war is a financially successful business. The superpowers are financing tiny wars. The weapons they manufacture have to be sold. Countries are spending billions of dollars on defense. The Arctic region where global powers are jostling for resources and sea routes is a potential source of conflict.

Mars-Jupiter’s event forecast

The more obvious events are: an abundance of conflict; financial strife; reckless spending; a consumer frenzy; rows over money matters; a currency war; a trade war; a boom in weapons manufacturing; a boom in weapons sales; strife for the church; religious disputes; religious inspired violence; burning churches; attacks on the judiciary; strife over court decisions; swift justice; gun control laws; maritime/shipping accidents; and fires.

Mars and Jupiter forecast rising manufacturing and supply charge (houses 3 and 9) costs so you’re paying more for groceries, basic essentials and alcohol (Mars) and the price hikes are stoking anger.

In the current global climate Mars conjunction Jupiter in the sky enhances the risk of a maritime conflict, hostilities on the high seas and naval assaults.

In the Age of Aquarius the mission and responsibility of the world’s navies has changed dramatically. They not only ensure the safety of their waters, defend their homelands and preserve transportation routes they’re responsible for a country’s tactical nuclear deterrence, space operations, missile defense and disaster relief.

The United States has the world’s best and most powerful navy. It can deploy 3,700 aircraft and has around 300,000 active personal. It outnumbers all other navies in the world by a ridiculous margin.

China’s navy is second to the United States. Then come Russia, Japan, the UK, France, India, South Korea, Italy and Taiwan. In response to China’s aggression Taiwan is purchasing ships from the US and upgrading its naval equipment and force. In May 2022 China-Taiwan tensions are high.

The war in Ukraine

In May 2022 the war in Ukraine is the major international conflict hot-spot. 

Both Russia and Ukraine have Mars and Jupiter in house 7 (war, conflict, foreign powers and enemies) of their Mars-Jupiter conjunction charts.

Russia’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is May 29, 2022 at 1.30pm MSK (55N45; 37E35 – Moscow)

Aggressive expansion is on Russia’s agenda. A major shift in the Ukraine conflict is likely with Russian naval forces in the Black Sea Zone launching a maritime invasion of Odesa. Russian warships in the Black Sea are under attack. The chart indicates more foreign involvement in the war with financial-trade disputes going global. Brace yourself for financial/trade sanctions, retaliatory actions, trade waring and strife on currency markets. Jupiter highlights the role of law, the courts and religion (house 9) in the conflict.

Jupiter rules the public expression of opinion. That’s different to Mercury’s private conversing. When Volodymyr Zelensky talks to world leaders or the UN he’s publically expressing personal opinion and with Jupiter his dominant planet he’s very good at selling his views. With Jupiter ruling house 7 (other countries) in his chart he’s constantly requesting nations for financial and moral support and they respond to his requests.

Whether Jupiter’s goodwill can influence diplomatic efforts to bring a cessation to Mars’s brutal destruction remains to be seen but diplomacy is more about tough bargaining rather than consideration and compromise.

Other countries with Mars and Jupiter in house 7 are Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan are conflict hotspots. Religious tensions are rife in the Middle East and Israel and Palestine are long-time enemies.

Mars conjunction Jupiter around the globe

Mars conjunction Jupiter forecasts one, two or maybe three major international events involving strife, conflict, war, violence, army, navy and/or police; and finance, trade, selling, higher prices, advertising, the public expression of opinion, the courts, arbitration, ships and/or religion.

Each country has its own chart which maps an event of national importance specified by the house position of Mars and Jupiter.

Australia has the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in house 3 (transportation, roads, rail, local traffic, communications, postal service and neighbors).

China and Taiwan have the conjunction in house 4 (land, territories, cities, buildings, farms, farming, weather events and natural disasters).

India has the conjunction in house 6 (labor, workers, employees, army, navy, police, food, food markets, restaurants, illness and small animals).

The UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in house 8 (tariffs, taxes, sanctions, debts, the cabinet of the president or prime minister and death).

And the US and Canada have the conjunction in house 11 (Congress). An aggressive-benevolent US Congress is fast tracking financial aid to Ukraine and imposing trade and financial penalties on Russia (and China).

The influence of the in-sky Mars-Jupiter conjunction is strictly global – it will have no influence on you personally. It makes events of the Mars-Jupiter type probable. Events are not inevitable, although an absence of rational thought and an abundance of anger and aggression might indicate otherwise.

Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky starts July 14, 2022.

The next Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs August 14, 2024 at 3.23pm GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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