Mars conjunction Pluto: March 3, 2022

In 2021 – in response to progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart – there was a disturbing ratcheting up of tensions on the international stage.  

America – the world’s superpower – and China and Russia – potential superpowers – took a more aggressive stance in their foreign relations.

China’s appetite for domination kept expanding with its immediate focus set on South East Asia. The situation there is extremely dangerous. In 2022 Taiwan is a flashpoint for China and America and its allies.

Russia had its focus on Ukraine. The situation there is extremely dangerous. In 2022 Ukraine is a flashpoint for Russia, America and the EU. And rogue nations like North Korea and Iran are flashpoints too.

A flashpoint is a place, event, or time at which trouble, such as violence or anger, can flare up. It’s a critical place and moment and Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky on March 3, 2022 at 8.43am GMT is a flashpoint astro-event. 

The world is a dangerous place in 2022 and major events bearing the Mars-Pluto signature are sure to occur during its event forecast period: February 14 to March 17, 2022.

Mars – the cosmic warlord – incites international strife – wars and disputes between countries; national strife – internal disputes between opposing factions; and domestic strife – violence in the home.

Mars is the planet of aggressive force, provocation, military offensives, war, violence, conflict, strife, bombs, explosions, shootings, guns, stabbings, knives, hate, anger, sex, sexual violence, alcohol, alcohol fuelled violence, brawls, accidents, fires, infectious diseases, recklessness, haste, mechanics, manufacturing and machines. He rules the military, army, soldiers, police, fire fighters, doctors, surgeons, athletes, militants and hot-heads.

Mars enjoys conflict and danger. He’s fearless and combative. He views aggressive force as the best option. Enemies have to be contained or defeated. And in 2022 six Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart have not-conscious feelings of anger ready to erupt into rage and fury; and anger, rage and fury make a person and/or nation more dangerous.

Progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart was at peak power November 21, 2021 > end date is July 20, 2025

So, the question is: Can human actors in 2022 contain their aggression and keep a lid on their anger? 

The planets – by their progressed aspects in the Aquarian Age chart, current sign locations and alignments in the sky – influence the trend of events here on Earth. As the ‘Mills of God’ they grind away and human actors and nations respond to the dominant planetary energies. This results in an event trend that gains popular interest through news reports in the print and electronic media. And Pluto for some time now has been having a dominant influence on the international community and world affairs.

Pluto is the planet of groups, the United Nations, cooperation, teamwork, threats, coercion, intimidation, bully-boy tactics, harassment, disunity, division, dictators, tyrants, terrorist groups, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, crime, crime networks, cyber-crime gangs, data breaches, mass killings, hit squads, death threats, kidnapping, corruption, propaganda, misinformation, radio, television, internet, trolls, websites, hackers and drastic events.

As the co-ruler of Scorpio Pluto – the god of the underworld – has an alliance with house 8 which in a natural birth chart relates to death and life after death and the influence exerted upon people by those occupying the after-death realm.

The in-sky Mars-Pluto conjunction forecasts: Escalating global tensions; war; (a Russian invasion of Ukraine); a drastic situation; drastic measures; disunity; coalition building; strife for dictators; a nuclear weapons test; cyberwarfare; a cyber attack; a missile strike; a terror attack; a crime wave; hate crimes; mob violence; a mass shooting; and fury and polarization.

A military accident could set off a chain of drastic events; and accidents, fires, police, firefighters and groups of all types are in the news.

A covid surge can’t be discounted particularly in countries with low vaccination rates. The previous Mars-Pluto conjunction in March 2020 played a lead role in the global spread of the coronavirus. On December 31, 2019 the first case of covid-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. In January-February 2020 the virus was spreading around the world. And on March 11, 2020, with Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky, covid-19 was declared a pandemic.

With Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky political progress is taking place through conflict and coercion. Tough, hairy-chested masculine aggression – that challenges weakness – is on display.

The 2022 Mars-Pluto conjunction is discordant: It’s semisquare (friction) Sun – planet of world leaders; semisquare (friction) Jupiter – planet of finances; and conjunction Venus – planet of women, peace moves, flowers and doves.

Venus highlights the role of women or a woman in some major events. The situation in Ukraine involves Wendy Sherman (Venus) one of the world’s most powerful diplomats who is helping to lead the US-Russia talks so a dove is engaging with the hawks and wolves.

In 2022 Mars and Pluto and their death, killing, harshness and brutality are desensitizing your soul.

Pluto is the planet of cooperation and humanity’s Aquarian Age story is all about X number of people and X number of countries learning to live together, somehow, in peace, harmonious cooperation and stability.

Major in-sky Mars-Pluto conjunction events will be timed by progressed Sun aspects in the Sun cycle and progressed Mars aspects in the Mars cycle.

Progressed Sun is square Mars in the Sun cycle February 28; and semisquare Pluto March 2: And progressed Mars is opposition Sun in the Mars cycle February 20; conjunction Jupiter February 24; conjunction Pluto February 25; sesquisquare Venus February 27; parallel Jupiter February 28; conjunction Saturn March 5; and sextile Moon March 11.

Each country has its own Mars-Pluto conjunction chart which by the house position of Mars and Pluto reveals the department of mundane life directly impacted by the Mars-Pluto energy event.

The Mars-Pluto in-sky conjunction is very hazardous, but it isn’t hazardous to you. It’s influence is strictly global.

Mars is conjunction Saturn April 5, 2022.

The next in-sky Mars-Pluto conjunction (in Aquarius) occurs February 14, 2024 at 6.02am GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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