Mars conjunction Saturn: April 5, 2022

The world is in bad shape; some say critical condition. Division is at crisis point. The fear of war increases the demand for guns and bombs. Defense spending escalates. The economic and social costs of covid-19 are ongoing.  Pandemic restrictions eroded democratic freedoms. Insecurity has people hoarding money. Some say the poor toil in poverty so the rich can play. Tragedy and misery are the news media’s default option.

February 4, 2022: On the opening day of the Winter Olympics China and Russia declare a ‘no limits’ partnership backing each other over standoffs on Ukraine and Taiwan. President’s Xi and Putin said there relationship was superior to any Cold War era alliance and they would work together on space, climate change, artificial intelligence and control of the internet.

April 5, 2022: At 1.51am GMT Mars in the sky – planet of war – is conjunction Saturn – planet of fear.  It comes hot on the heels of Mars conjunction Pluto and has a Code Red – threat of war – warning.

Event forecast period is March 15 – April 22, 2022.

Mars is the planet of strife, war, the military, conflict, rows, disputes, violence, missiles, bombs, explosions, shootings, banditry, brutality, revenge, anger, hate, provocation, recklessness, sex, alcohol, gambling, accidents, police, fires, firefighters, industrial workers, doctors and surgeons.

Saturn is the planet of security measures, fear, public health emergencies, pandemics, anxiety, insecurity, selfishness, orthodoxy, conservatism, traditional values, economy, shortages, cut-backs, economic slumps, recession, lower-prices, land and environmental issues, the farming and mining sectors, weather, natural disasters, loss, grief, hardship, suffering, poverty and natural resources like steel, lumber, coal and sand. 

The Mars-Saturn in-sky conjunction is square (destructive-conflict) Moon – planet of the common people and civilians; sextile (opportunity) Mercury – planet of dialogue, talks and controversy; conjunction (prominence) Venus – planet of women and peace moves; and semisextile Jupiter – planet of ships and diplomacy. Saturn is parallel (intensity) Uranus – planet of unrest, discontentment, civil disobedience and protests.

Mars conjunction Saturn forecasts…

… strife; a hot or cold war; heavy casualties in war zones; blood on the land; restrained hostilities; territorial disputes; land grabs;  emergency security situations; acts of violence; shootings; violence prevention measures; the regulation of firearms; disease; a public health emergency; economic warfare; a tariff war; a war on poverty; angry farmers; farming disputes; angry miners; coal warring; mining accidents; fires; monster storms; floods; mudslides; earthquakes; volcanic eruptions; environmental disasters; climate disputes; and escalating numbers of violence and climate migrants.

With Mars conjunction Saturn the floodgates of strife and loss will open gushing out conflict, anger, suffering and despair. The misery market is turbocharged. Europe could experience another covid surge. A debt crisis looms. In America the abortion-war could reignite.

Back story: Mars conjunct Saturn – March 31, 2020

In March 2020, as Mars in the sky closed in on Saturn, the covid-19 pandemic was spreading at break-neck speed. Countries went into lockdown and closed their borders. The world shut down. Life as we knew it stopped. Share markets tumbled. Fear ignited a wave of panic buying. Economies crumbled. The world was speeding towards recession. Millions of workers lost their jobs. The military were called into to help overwhelmed health services. There was a shortage of protective gear, test kits and coffins. (Money poured in to find a covid vaccine.) The airline industry crashed. The cruise-ship industry sank. Boris Johnson had a NDE. And popularist world leaders displayed staggering levels of ignorance. 

On March 31 when Mars and Saturn rendezvoused in the sky the covid pandemic was surging out-of-control. A covid-war was being fought in 206 countries; 820,000 people had been infected and over 40,000 had died. In America the death toll surpassed 3,000.

(By February 9, 2022 the world wide case count had topped 401 million and the death count had surpassed 5.7 million. America’s death toll had surpassed 900,000.)

So, with the covid-19 pandemic still raging in many countries the in-sky Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 5, 2022 could trigger another pandemic emergency. Long covid and its effects on health and work are an issue.

Mars-Saturn: March-April 2022

March 5: Progressed Mars is conjunction Saturn in the Mars cycle

March 9: Progressed Mars is parallel Saturn in the Mars cycle – start date is March 2 > end date is March 15

March 14: Progressed Saturn is sesquisquare Mars in the Saturn cycle – start date is March 5 > end date is March 23

(March 25: Saturn in the sky [the coronavirus pandemic] is parallel Uranus [sudden developments, disruption and civil unrest] – start date is March 3 > end date is April 18.)

April 5: Mars is parallel Saturn in the sky – start date is April 1 > end date is April 10

Aspects formed by progressed Mars in the Mars cycle from March 22 to April 21 will time events related to Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky.

Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky is strictly global and will have no direct influence on you personally.

On September 19, 2022 progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart moves to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Saturn and this Mars-Saturn in-sky conjunction can be viewed as a sneak preview of what’s coming up.

The next in-sky Mars-Saturn conjunction is April 24, 2024 at 8.37pm GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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