Mars conjunction Neptune: May 18, 2022

Hot on the heels of Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky comes Mars conjunction Neptune. It’s scripting chapter 3 in the Russian-Ukraine war. 

Neptune is the planet of planes, chemical weapons, oil, gas and inflation; and Mars is the planet of warfare, bombs, missiles, armies and soldiers.

Their in-sky conjunction occurs May 18, 2022 at 6.33am GMT and from May 2 to June 1 major events of the Mars-Neptune type are forecast.

If Russia uses chemical weapons in its war with Ukraine and/or if the EU imposes a no-fly zone it will be at this time. And…planes are dropping bombs, Ukraine is on fire, oil markets are ablaze and inflation is heating up. There’s a high chance of a chemical weapons attack, a chemical explosion, an oil fire, an oil price war, a plane crash, angry disputation and hostile confusion.

Mars conjunction Neptune forecasts a refugee crisis; a major blood spill; surging inflation; an oil shock; escalating investor/stock market uncertainty; strife for big corporations; a spy scandal; a major drug bust; airplane misconduct; crazy airline passengers; an epidemic of drug and alcohol consumption; strife for big pharma; a major poisoning event; a fishing dispute; and major accidents and/or fires.

Aggressive Mars is igniting conflict, strife and acrimony and idealistic-theatrical Neptune is promoting visionary schemes, engaging in spectacular exaggeration, denying wrong doing and sowing lies and deception.  

Neptune is a glutton for getting something for nothing and a sucker for big, loud over-the-top drama. It forecasts events involving fraud, fraudsters, white collar crime, fake magic, illusionists, cover-ups, hoaxes, fantasy thinking, films, movie stars, modern day slavery and socialism.

The Mars-Neptune conjunction is sextile Sun (world leaders and politicians), square Moon (civilian destruction and attacks on water supplies), conjunction Jupiter (trade, finances, banks and aid) and sextile Pluto (division, global cooperation, catastrophies, dictators and Putin).

Critical event days

Major Mars-Neptune events can occur during the aspect’s forecast period especially as it approaches peak power on May 18, 2022.

On May 12 progressed Mars is conjunction Neptune in the Mars cycle; and from May 11 to May 17 progressed Mars is parallel Neptune in the Mars cycle > peak power date is May 14.

From May 15 to May 22 progressed Mars is parallel Moon in the Mars cycle > peak power date is May 18; and on May 16 progressed Mars is sextile Pluto in the Mars cycle.

We (again) stress that global astrology does not forecast inevitable events and that this in-sky Mars-Neptune conjunction is merely an astrological energy-event that makes events of the Mars-Neptune type probable during its forecast period.

And we (again) stress that the in-sky Mars-Neptune conjunction will have no influence on you personally. What’s taking place in your life and what’s on your mind right now is primarily determined by the major progressed aspects operating in your chart and your local environment where you live, work and operate.

Backstory: Mars conjunction Neptune June 13, 2020

Mars is the planet of infectious disease, doctors, hate and police misconduct and in May 2020 the coronavirus was surging around the world > case and death numbers were rising rapidly.

Then on May 25 George Floyd was murdered > four Minnesota police officers got fired > angry protests erupted across America > cities burned > night after night tens of thousands of people took to the streets > statues were torn down and destroyed > and on June 2 the torrent of anger went global as protesters around the world took to the streets in a wave of outrage.

Then on June 13, following the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks by a police officer, anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter protests erupted across Atlanta and the world.

Meanwhile, in the first week of June markets were on a 6 day surge as investors, tanked-up on enthusiasm and exuberance, were gambling like there’s no tomorrow; and then on June 11 they had a panic attack sending Wall Street plunging 6.9% (over 1800 points).

All month the covid-19 pandemic escalated and on June 29, 2020 the World Health Organization warned that the worst is yet to come if governments didn’t start to implement the right policies. They got that right.

Mars in the sky is conjunction Jupiter May 29, 2022 at 10.30am GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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