Ukraine’s March 3, 2022 Mars-Pluto conjunction chart

Chart data is March 3, 2022 at 10.40am GMT (50N26; 30E31 – Kyiv)

Time used is from The Complete Ephemerides 2000-2050. Raphael’s Ephemeris gives 10.43am. Geographical coordinates are for Kyiv. It’s a large city and it’s not known if they locate Ukraine’s administrative center.

The chart has Mars and Pluto in house 8 – very close to the cusp of house 9. If Mars makes the conjunction of Pluto before 10.37am Mars and Pluto are in house 9. This seems unlikely. The chart presented can be viewed as accurate.  

Mars-Pluto and Venus are in house 8 (death, death rate and types of deaths suffered). Also taxes and money borrowed from other countries. No doubt the current crisis with Russia is impacting Ukraine’s economy, business (house 10), capacity to meet debts (house 8) and cash flow (house 2) etc, but Mars and Pluto put the focus on conflict, war and drastic situations.

Mars and Pluto are cusp rulers of house 6 and Ukraine’s workers, public servants, police and army are all being impacted by the crisis as well as the availability of food and groceries and sickness being suffered by the people.

Mercury in house 10 (the administration and business) and Saturn in house 9 (laws, websites and social media) straddle the Midheaven (publicity) and events in Ukraine are getting non-stop international media coverage.

Mercury is cusp ruler of house 1 (the people) and Saturn is cusp ruler of houses 8, 9 and 10.

Jupiter – planet of finances and law – in house 10 is cusp ruler of house 7 (the international community) and the UN accused Russia of violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity (house 4) and sovereignty (Sun) when it deployed troops to Donetsk and Luhansk. Sun – cusp ruler of house 4 (Ukraine’s land and territories) – is conjunction Jupiter in house 10.

Moon in house 11 (parliament) conjunction Neptune (schemes, exaggeration and wishful thinking) is cusp ruler of house 3 – Russia.

Pluto is the planet of propaganda and misinformation and Russia is engaged in a massive misinformation campaign.

Mars moved into orb of a conjunction aspect with Pluto on February 14, 2022. The aspect culminates March 3.

February 24, 2022: With progressed Mars conjunction Jupiter and parall Pluto in the Mars cycle chart Russia invades Ukraine. 

In Russia’s Mars-Pluto conjunction chart the Mars-Pluto conjunction is also in house 8, but Saturn – planet of penalties and sanctions – is the cusp ruler of house 7 – the international community.  Saturn in house 9 (trade) is cusp ruler of houses 8, 9 and 10 (Putin and business).

Mars in the sky moves into orb of a conjunction aspect with Saturn on March 15 and moves out of orb of a conjunction aspect with Pluto on March 17 so as one in-sky Mars conjunction ends a new one starts. The high discord Mars-Saturn conjunction will script the next chapter in the Ukraine-Russia crisis.


Author: DW Sutton

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