Iran’s Aquarian Age chart

January 2, 2020: A US missile strike in Baghdad kills Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s most prominent military commander. 

Iran’s Aquarian Age chart progressed to January 2, 2020

Chart data is: January 20, 1881 at 12.26.42am IRST (51E26; 35N40)

Birth chart Mars – planet of missiles – in house 3 (neighboring Iraq) is cusp ruler of house 7 (actions taken by enemies and foreign powers).

On January 2, 2020 progressed Mars in house 6 at 6N25 was parallel birth chart Venus at 7S06, birth chart Saturn at 6N34, birth chart Pluto at 6N06 in house 7 and progressed Pluto at (6N55) in house 8 (death).

Progressed Moon in house 12 (sorrow) at 11S56 was parallel progressed Venus at 12N09 in house 7 and progressed Saturn – planet of grief and mourning) – at 11N57 in house 7.

These Moon progressions stimulated the Mars-Venus and Mars-Saturn parallel aspects and Venus conjunction Saturn in house 7 (the enemy).

And progressed Sun – planet of prominent people – at 17 Gemini 08 in house 8 (death) was semisquare birth chart Midheaven (publicity).

The house 8-Sun-Mars death event was timed by transit Sun (at 12 Capricorn 45 in house 3) sesquisquare progressed Pluto at 28 Taurus 17 in house 8 (death); transit Venus (at 17 Aquarius 42 in house 4) trine progressed Sun at 17 Gemini 08 in house 8; and transit Mercury (in house 3 at 24S39) parallel birth chart Mars at 23S58.

Progressed ascendant (the people) at 12 Pisces 40 in house 5 is opposition birth chart Uranus – planet of shock events and protests – at 13 Virgo 19R in house 11 (parliament); and progressed Mars (at 6N23 in house 6) is parallel birth chart Uranus at 7N18.

(In November 2019 there were violent anti-government protests in Iran with an estimated 1,500 protestors killed.)

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Author: DW Sutton

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