AUKUS ignites a diplomatic row

September 16, 2021: The US, UK and Australia announce AUKUS – a special security pact to share advanced technologies including nuclear-powered submarine know-how. The pact saw Australia sink a submarine deal with France and ignited a diplomatic crisis.

Australia’s chart progressed to September 16, 2021

Progressed Sun at 10 Taurus 45 in house 1 was conjunction progressed Venus at 10 Taurus 57 the cusp ruler of house 7 – France and other countries.

Progressed Mercury – planet of talks – at 26 Aries 41 in house 12 (secret deals) was trine birth chart Jupiter; sesquisquare birth chart Venus (France) at 10 Sagittarius 56 in house 8; sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Mars – planet of disputes – at 11 Virgo 40 in house 5; trine progressed Mars at 27 Leo 08 in house 4; sextile progressed Neptune – planet of submarines – at 27 Gemini 15 in house 3; and conjunction birth chart ascendant at 27 Aries 22.

Sun and Venus are trine progressed Mars and sesquisquare (agitation – sudden disturbance) birth chart Jupiter – planet of trust – at 25 Sagittarius 59 in house 8 and cusp ruler of house 9 (trade).

Progressed Mars (strife) was trine progressed Mercury; sesquisquare progressed Jupiter (trade) at 13 Capricorn 03R in house 9 (trade); and sextile progressed Neptune (submarines).

Progressed Midheaven (reputation and business) at 1 Gemini 04 in house 2 was sesquisquare progressed Saturn – planet of loss – at 16 Capricorn 22R in house 9 (trade).

And progressed Moon at 10S28 was parallel birth chart Mars at 10N10.

There are currently ten (luck) trine aspects and six (agitation) sesquisquare aspects in Australia’s chart.

The trine aspect marks for lucky breaks and good fortune and progressed Sun trine birth chart Mars > peak power date is August 2022 – forecasts political fights and successful outcomes in diplomatic rows and disputes.

The sesquisquare aspect marks for sudden disturbances, agitation and change; and progressed Mars sesquisquare progressed Jupiter > peak power date is November 2024 – forecasts major trade disputes.

Australia like most countries is dealing with the covid-19 pandemic (Saturn); and a recent collapse (Saturn) in the price of iron ore (Mars), its chief export (house 9) to China, saw the country’s biggest miners (Saturn) slash their earnings forecasts. House 9 is currently under severe stress.

Author: DW Sutton

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