America’s 2021 Sun cycle

On March 20, 2021 at 4.37am EST, Washington time, the Sun enters Aries and America’s Sun cycle chart reveals by the house positions of the planets the special trend given its mundane affairs from then until March 20, 2022.

On March 19, 2021 the chart’s environmental setting is defined by the coronavirus pandemic; recessed economic conditions; rancorous political division; reactionary conservatism; truth decay; mistrust; income, health and educational inequality; entrenched racism; racial violence; climate change and disrupted schooling etc; and these difficulties and dangers, imposed or inflicted by current circumstance, are a plot device that propels the nation’s narrative until they’re vanquished or suppressed.

America’s 2021 Sun cycle chart

Chart data is March 20, 2021 at 4.37am EST (77W01; 38N53)

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in house 1 (the people, their health and disposition) so the chart’s central focus is the covid-19 health crisis. The Sun conjunction Venus has politics, leadership, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, women and soft power playing lead roles in the fight against covid.

Warm and affable Venus soothes covid’s hardship with love songs and pleasant social events; and her charm and affection calms violent disagreement and fosters pleasant, friendly relations.

Mercury in house 1 is a discord hot-spot

Mercury in house 1 puts the focus on science, scientists, the press, free-speech and the First Amendment but he’s square (obstacle) Mars in house 4 (the GOP) and the Midheaven (publicity and disrepute). Mercury – a discord hot-spot – forecasts attacks on science, hasty judgments, freedom of speech controversies, bitter criticism, prolonged disagreement and verbal wrangling between policy makers, the GOP and administration; and the controversy and criticism is a road block that hinders efforts to overcome the health crisis.

Mercury is cusp ruler of house 5 (schools, children and students) so the mental health of students and children is a major issue.

In America’s chart Mars – planet of strife, conflict, disputation and hate – is in house 1 (the people) and the country’s politics in 2021 is one big rage fest involving two teams that loathe and despise each other. One half of the nation has bonded on its hatred of Donald Trump and the GOP and the other half has bonded on its hatred of the Democrats. And in 2021 the political division and rancor will take its toll on the nation’s mental health.

Mercury in house 1 of America’s Sun cycle chart forecasts an epidemic of nervous breakdowns; and while Mars in house 4 could see the Republican Party blow itself up the Mercury-Mars-Midheaven T-square puts the focus on destructive weather events (house 4), climate change, (house 4) the science of climate change (Mercury) and push-back to the science by the GOP (house 4) and business (Midheaven).

Neptune, welcome to dreamland

Neptune in house 1 – planet of schemes, drugs, painkillers, narcotics and the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines – forecasts schemes to benefit the public’s health, chaos with vaccine rollouts and widespread confusion.

Neptune, the planet of make believe, mystical folly and delusion, is square Moon – planet of feelings, hunches and unreasoned judgments – the cusp ruler of house 6 (sickness, drugs and medicines) in houses 4.  

A delusion is an idiosyncratic belief or impression that’s maintained despite it being contradicted by reality or rational argument. It’s symptomatic of a mental disorder and with Neptune square Moon in the 2021 Sun cycle the delusion epidemic that infected many Americans in 2020 will morph into a major mental health crisis in 2021.

In America’s Sun cycle chart the two mental planets – Moon and Mercury – are involved in high-discord square aspects that directly impact house 1 so the mental health of many Americans will be stress-tested in 2021.

In America’s chart in April 2021 progressed ascendant (the people’s health and wellbeing) moves to form a high-discord square aspect with progressed Neptune. It forecasts major problems: phase 2 of the opioid-painkiller crisis that claimed so many lives in 2017-2019; and the aftermath of the 2020 covid-economic crisis and delusion epidemic in terms of mental health and drugs. The aspect reaches peak power in July 2022.

Neptune in house 1 of America’s Sun cycle chart puts the spotlight on the Neptune cycle and it’s very active in 2021. Neptune is the planet of visionary schemes, corporations, marketing, stocks/shares, bubbles, fraud, scams, inflation, aviation, oil, films and dramatic art. He’s a skilled pretender and prone to massive exaggeration and good and bad events involving his mundane agenda will regularly lead the news queue in 2021.

In America’s Neptune cycle chart Neptune is in house 5 (entertainment, amusement, movies, speculation, the (unreal) stock market, gaming, sport, athletes, children, teenagers, schools and colleges) and Mars, Saturn and Uranus are in house 1 (public health issues). In 2021 progressed Neptune transits house 11 (Congress).

House 12: Restriction and isolation

In America’s Sun cycle chart Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in house 12 (relief, unemployment, hospitals, secret enemies, espionage and crime). It’s very active and the restriction and isolation it signs for can easily result in sensory deprivation and emotional health problems.

Jupiter – planet of finances, religion, commerce, higher prices, hope and obesity – there (conjunction ascendant and trine Moon) forecasts financial assistance for the unemployed, spending on hospitals and relief for families. But in times of stress Jupiter overeats and seeks solace in food so America’s obesity epidemic is likely to worsen.

With Jupiter (religion) conjunction Saturn (covid-19) in the sky throughout 2020 a Pew Research Center survey published in January 2021 reported that nearly one-in-three Americans (28%) say the coronavirus pandemic bolstered their religious faith. And with Jupiter in close conjunction with the ascendant in America’s 2021 Sun cycle chart restriction and isolation will see religion playing a prominent role in the lives of many Americans.

Jupiter provides a ray of hope – a miracle or two would be helpful – but in 2021 with Jupiter in the sky away on leave, his optimism is on the wane.

Saturn – planet of disease, pandemics, poverty, suffering and hardship – is in house 12 so his pain and despair will be felt by hospital workers. The hospital system will be stress-tested. Saturn in house 12 forecasts high unemployment and more people dependent upon relief. His focus is on a more economical approach to relief and its proper distribution.

In 2021 Saturn – the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, recession, economy, cost-cutting, lower prices, pessimism, fear, safeguards, security measures, tariffs, protectionism, farmers, land, weather, storms, floods, droughts and despair – is very active in his cycle chart. So, good and bad news stories involving his mundane agenda will regularly lead the news queue.

In America’s Saturn cycle chart Saturn (covid-19) is in house 5 and social activity, entertainment, speculation, sport, sex, children and schools were the matters most impacted by the pandemic. Pluto is in house 1 (the public’s health and wellbeing); the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are in house 3 (transportation, newspapers and the public’s state of mind.); and the Moon is in house 8 (death). In 2021 progressed Saturn transits house 3.

Pluto – planet of crime – in house 12 scripts a non-stop crime show with more and more people ending up behind bars. He’s the planet of inversion, misinformation, division and coercive control and division is used as a political strategy by some politicians.  In 2020 America experienced a golden age of misinformation; and in 2021 Lower-Pluto is playing on your ignorance and twisting facts to mean what they don’t so you had better watch out.

Saturn is square Uranus

Saturn in house 12 is square Uranus – planet of unforeseen events, disruption, social unrest and technology – in house 2 (finances, the people’s money, prices, wages, economic policy and banks).

House 2 – the economic situation – is a discord hot-spot. Uranus there forecasts disturbed financial conditions, economic disorder and protests over prices and wage reforms. Disruptive Uranus easily upsets the perfect Saturn plan; and Mars – the cusp ruler of house 2 – forecasts financial rows and disputes.

In 2021 Saturn square Uranus in the Sun cycle chart goes global with Saturn square Uranus in the sky. This high-discord in-sky aspect forecasts economic disruption, high unemployment, vaccine shortages, vaccine protectionism, unexpected delays, virus variants, fear driven selfishness, civil unrest, protests, unreasonable behavior, racism, a reckoning for reactionary conservatism, restrictions, a loss of liberty, discontentment, an air of doom and gloom, extreme weather events and anti-coal protests.

Uranus – feel the tension – plays a leading role in America’s story and in 2021 his high tension astral frequencies are disturbing the thought processes of millions of people. He gives the thumbs up to the unconventional life but in 2021 his weird extremism easily goes off the rails. His ‘nutty’ eccentricity is inclined to believe and trust in conspiracy theories (Neptune-house 12) that provide ridiculous explanations for this, that and the other.

Two in-sky Saturn-Uranus square aspects reach peak power on June 14, 2021 (at 10.08pm GMT) and December 24, 2021 (at 7.14am GMT).

Mars conjunction Pluto

On March 3, 2021, just before the 2021 Sun cycle reaches its use-by date, Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Pluto. It forecasts an escalation in global tensions and drastic international developments.

In America’s Mars-Pluto conjunction chart Mars and Pluto (and Saturn) are in house 1 so there’s powerful focus on events involving the American people and their health and welfare. If the covid crisis hasn’t been controlled by March 2022 the virus or a mutation will come roaring back. And hot on the heels of the Mars-Pluto conjunction – on April 5, 2022 – comes the in-sky aspect that triggered the first wave of coronavirus around the world – Mars conjunction Saturn.

So, America’s challenge in 2021 is to bring the coronavirus under control and get social and economic activity back to some kind of normal. Success requires high numbers of vaccinations, mask wearing and other preventative measures. Effective vaccines and successful vaccination drives are crucial. Virus mutations are a dangerous unknown. What if a fast spreading new variant escapes the current batch of vaccines?



Author: DW Sutton

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