The Age of Aquarius in 2021

Natural laws related to the movement of the equinox, Sun, Moon and eight planets of our solar system govern humanity’s destiny. And on January 19, 1881 at 8.56.42pm GMT – when the Sun entered Aquarius – the Age of Aquarius dawned.

A chart for this time and date data reset for the geographical coordinates of a country’s administrative capital specifies the national influence of a very significant astrological event that provides human actors on the stage of life with a script for the functioning of the Aquarian Age world.

The chart’s progressed aspects in 2021, (involving birth chart and progressed planets and their house positions,) keep the show on the road and define a likely course of events. Their efficacy (harmony or discord) determines if the events the performers (mostly) cause are inclined to be fortunate or unfortunate.

The story plays out in a constantly changing environment but the wars, political disturbances, financial crises, recessions and epidemics are not inevitable. They mostly have a local-national influence but every now and then a major calamity goes global. By affecting every citizen in every country it results in big struggle and provides a discord learning experience. Nature abhors stagnation – change is guaranteed – but well intentioned, misguided decisions and toxic behavior by bad actors always has a wretched, unfortunate outcome.

Where the world goes in 2021 is defined by the environmental setting here on Earth and the chief astrological energies being liberated in the Aquarian Age chart, the major global cycle charts and the planets in the sky.

The situation here on Earth involves the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine programs, vaccine skepticism, economic recovery, unemployment, poverty, humanitarian crises, extreme weather, climate change, conflict, political and economic rivalry, China’s moves to dominate the world, trade-warring, technological advancement, clamping down on big tech, misinformation, fake news and the aftermath of Donald Trump’s toxic presidency etc.

There’s a lot of hate about and orthodox science has deleted God and life after death to the Fake News Bin so the incentives for leading a decent, moral life have all been removed. It might be time to book a seat on a flight to Venus or Jupiter. 

In 2021 the equinox is in the repression decanate of Aquarius.

On a personal level repression is the action or process of keeping painful thoughts and memories locked away in the unconscious mind. It can result in unbalanced living and mental health disorders. On a broader political-social scale repression is the use of force, coercion or violence to subdue or control a group of citizens – and there’s plenty of that going on in 2021

For some our nightmare world is a sign that the Biblical Armageddon is nigh, but it’s just a set of circumstances defined by the equinox square progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.


In 2021 progressed Mars (strife, conflict and infectious disease) is parallel birth chart Saturn (land, security issues, public health and pandemics). This high discord energy-event reached peak power in August 2020 and signposted the coronavirus pandemic and its economic recession.

They proved that you’re shaped and scarred by experience and in 2021 everything is resting on the scientist’s vaccines. But with Mars parallel Saturn and Saturn square Uranus in the sky the virus is mutating. Containing its spread and getting economic activity back on track won’t be easy as sudden, unexpected outbreaks of covid disrupt economic recovery.

Spoiler alert: Throughout 2020 Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky sourced the hope and financial support that helped humanity weather the coronavirus pandemic, but this fortunate energy-event ends on January 18, 2021 and with Jupiter essentially away on leave throughout 2021 the covid-19 exit path will be a bumpy road defined by struggle, hardship, discontent and civil unrest.

Political turmoil

In June 2020 progressed Sun in the Aquarian Age chart moved to form a square aspect with birth chart Moon. It forecast political incompetence and a big dip in public confidence. The politicians and policy makers were ill-prepared for covid-19’s public health crisis and economic fallout.

This very significant energy-event reaches peak power in July 2021 and in 2021 governments aren’t working well. They’re not getting rave reviews, they’re not trusted and they’re not family friendly. The family suffered through the covid-19 pandemic and now it’s in serious need of repair.

In 2020 the UN warned: ‘Next year (2021) is shaping up to be a humanitarian catastrophe and rich countries must not trample poor countries in a ‘stampede for vaccines’ to combat the coronavirus pandemic.’

Discordant Sun thinking inclines towards inferiority or superiority complexes and a warped sense of self-worth grounded in racial superiority. It results in destructive behavior that strives to dominant and control. In 2021 progressed Sun square Moon is fueling white nationalism and white supremacy sentiment.

Gossip – ruled by the Moon – is the poison of the soul and in 2021 the world is rumor mill of real and fake gossip – the more salacious the better.

In July 2021 when progressed Sun square Moon is at peak power progressed Sun forms a parallel aspect with birth chart Mars. It’s a long-time aspect that merges politics, the political agenda and governance with strife, conflict and hostility. Politicians are living dangerously.

It signs for a risky political scenario where politicians are under attack, world leaders are playing with fire and some are being burnt at the stake.

This politically dangerous energy-event reaches peak power in 2031 and ends in 2055. It brings the number of Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart in 2021 to six.

Democracy is under threat

Autocrats and large numbers of the power crowd hate democracy. They think that things are fine if the stock market goes up. They argue that when it comes to making decisions that government is the problem. The coronavirus pandemic proved that Donald Trump didn’t want to make decisions.

In 2021 the threat to democracy isn’t from military coups but presidents and prime ministers who erode norms and institutions – checks and balances – leading to a decline in the quality of government. Unscrupulous autocrats are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to do what they always do: grab power at the expense of the people they govern.

Covid-19 helped destroy democracy as restrictions on civil liberties became the new norm. Decisive leadership was missing. Trust in the fairness of elections was shaken. In 2021 you can expect more backsliding. Humanity’s mode of governance is the issue – democratic or authoritarian.

China’s quest for world dominance

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age – 1881-2188 – political power, domination, nationalism and patriotism are prominent themes and in 2021 the geopolitical and economic tensions between the power centers of the world will continue to rise.

It’s likely that the US-China rift, which escalated during Donald Trump’s presidency, will move to a new stage. The bones of contention include the coronavirus, trade, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, the Uyghurs, the treatment of foreign journalists, Huawei and North Korea.

China with its massive economic strength is flexing its muscles. It’s positioning itself to take over the world. Global power comes with internal collaboration, cooperation, cohesion, and solidarity. It requires a nation to project power beyond its own borders and that’s what China is doing. It’s expanding its military operations in the South China Sea and targeting countries that it perceives as unfriendly. And in 2020 anti-China sentiment soared around the globe.

US-China tensions underlie a quest to dominate the world and it’s just getting started. It involves two diametrically opposed value systems – democracy vs. authoritarianism – and the New China Empire doesn’t play by the rules of democracy or human rights. It’s a regime of a whole different order. Countries are already picking sides and in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age one political system of government will dominate the world.

Mars conjunction Pluto in house 7 of China’s chart explains why China is so assertive, strident and coercive in its international affairs.

The Tech Cold War

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age some countries are inspired to use aggressive tactics (Mars) to achieve political, technology and economic domination and when progressed Mars moved to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Uranus in September 2019 the US moved to curtail China’s move to become the world’s economic superpower and technology giant.

So the tech cold war is more than a trade war involving Huawei. It’s a battle between America and China for tech supremacy and economic domination and China has an arsenal of technology companies that will soon rival those of the United States.

China has a long range plan – an agenda to displace America as the dominant power – and in the 2020s and 2030s it will become a serious threat to Silicon Valley in innovation and scaling startups.

Aquarius + Uranus = invention and technology

In the Age of Aquarius the modern human brain functions with tech support but primitive desires embedded in your soul by evolutionary experience define your behavior and technology won’t improve your nature or elevate your spirituality.

Technology is a fundamental part of the Aquarian Age world and in 2021 Mars parallel Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart is accelerating the pace of technological change.

Machine learning, for example, is advancing rapidly. It’s an application of artificial intelligence that focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. The machine is learning from data.

The developers are copying nature. Your soul’s God given intelligence is developed through experience but a machine that learns isn’t alive and doesn’t possess psychokinesis or an emotional and spiritual potential.

Machine learning involves algorithms and getting them to work right and the engineers specializing in machine learning have a special type of intelligence that’s been developed through experience. They could also have financial problems and lousy social skills; and you can be certain that their worldview is very different to yours.

Your soul on its evolutionary journey learns without a teacher. Its unsupervised learning is prompted by desire and monitored by pleasure and pain and what is learned is permanently saved in memory.

The brain of a machine is artificial intelligence and human intelligence of the Uranus-Pluto kind provides the essential mental attribute that’s needed to develop machine learning technology.

Three cheers for technology but…

In May 2020 progressed Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart – the planet of science and scientists – moved to form an opportunity (sextile) aspect with progressed Uranus – the planet of discovery and innovation – and its very special astral broadcast fueled the development of coronavirus vaccines. They were developed in breathtaking record time (Mercury) and involved new technology (Uranus) known as messenger RNA (mRNA).

Mercury sextile Uranus is at peak power in January 2021 and ends in September, 2021.

Covid-19 also accelerated your move into cyberspace and the digital domain and whatever happens in 2021 you can play an important role in changing the world. Social media puts the expectations of citizens out there.

But in 2021 you’re being surveilled by Aquarian Age technology. Your messages are being tracked, your photos and images are being shared and shared and shared, and you don’t know who’s doing the sharing.

The Aquarian Age tech world (Uranus) could benefit society and consumers or spin dangerously out of control (Mars).

In 2021 power and dominance drive the tech sector. The CEO’s of Google, Facebook and Twitter have more power than your country’s leader. They’re doing all they can to avoid paying taxes and big government is going after these internet titans by having inquiries and introducing data controls and regulations. Issues include intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

Mars parallel Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart signposts fast change – blink and you’ll miss it! It sparked a tech war or competition for technological supremacy and reaches peak power in April 2023. And in 2021 Mars and Uranus could see trust in Saturn’s traditional systems and orthodoxy diminish very rapidly.

Women, feminism and women’s issues

In November 2013 progressed Venus in the Aquarian Age chart (women, women’s issues and feminism) moved to form a conjunction aspect with progressed Saturn (traditional values, slow progress, struggle and loss). It signposted a rough – two steps forward, one step back – road for women and highlighted fear and conservative values. It reached peak power in February 2018 and ends in February 2021.

In December 2018 progressed Mars (aggressive action and bravery), moved to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Venus. It’s energizing feminism and shattering glass ceilings (Kamala Harris) but the path for women in 2021 is paved with strife and conflict. Violence against women is a major issue. It reaches peak power in July 2022.

Then in March 2021 progressed Venus moves to form a luck (trine) aspect with progressed Uranus and this very fortunate high-harmony progression benefits women, feminism, the arts and fashion industry in unexpected ways. It forecasts major gains for women, social reforms, online matchmaking, peaceful protesting, protest art and back to the future fashions. If you want some good news – this is it. It reaches peak power in March 2023.

Protest power and anti-police violence protests

Uranus is the planet of discontentment, civil unrest and protests and in September 2019 when progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart moved to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Uranus it added fuel to already high levels of social discontentment.

Its discordant storyline involves aggressive force, anger, extremism, radical individualism, hate, hate speech, cruelty, police brutality, civil unrest, violent protests, BLM protests, anti-police violence protests, policing reforms, reckless irresponsibility, soldiers, explosions, accidents and fires.

It ignited and reignited protests movements around the globe and in 2021 with Saturn square Uranus in the sky the level of discontentment and unrest is sure to skyrocket.

The press, science, education and controversy

Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart writes the storyline for the press, science and education agenda and in September 2013 progressed Uranus moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birth chart Mercury. And Uranus is having a disturbing, disruptive influence on the planet that you rely on for reliable news and scientific data. 

In 2016 the press and science came under sustained attack from popularist leaders and their followers. These misguided souls who nibble away at civilized standards by denying centuries of advancement and education are the real enemies of the people. And in 2021 your only safeguard against a power hungry leader is a system that provides checks and balances. It starts with a free press and journalists who investigate and inform.

But in 2021 truth is violently contested. There are no such things as facts – only personal opinions. So your personal truth is an alternative fact– 2 plus 2 equals whatever you want. But if you’re ignorant of facts you can never learn the truth.

In 2020 with progressed Mercury sextile Uranus scientists developed a coronavirus vaccine and online learning went viral but in June 2021 progressed Mercury moves to form a friction (semisquare) aspect with birth chart Pluto – the planet of inversion, misinformation and twisted facts.

It signs for a dangerous moment in the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age. In 2021 the airwaves are packed with lies. Pluto’s infodemic of misinformation is escalating and his chief weapon for spreading disinformation is social media. Facebook and Twitter are hotbeds of fake news and propaganda. Buzzer groups and state sponsored trolls are actively spreading hoax news.

Lower-Pluto’s linguistic inversion involves the grammatical construction of a message so that its intended meaning is switched and inverted. It’s the great menace – a grave threat to democracy and free debate.

Then in September 2021 progressed Mercury moves to form a sextile aspect with vague and easily fooled Neptune. Neptune has an idealistic vision. He dreams big and tends to live in a world of make believe. His imagination has no bounds. He makes impossible promises, exaggerates, dramatizes, engages in fraud, denies wrong doing and tells white lies.

Neptune’s major news stories will involve the big corporations, aviation, the pharmaceutical industry, drugs, opioids, oil, gas, escapist entertainment, movies, movie-makers, the film industry, fiction writers, non-violent white collar crime, fraud, scams, conspiracy theories, socialism and idealistic schemes aimed at human betterment. Inflation will be a big talking point.

Then in October 2021 progressed Mercury moves to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Mars. This brings the number of Mercury progressions in the Aquarian Age chart to five and the number of Mars progressions to seven. Humanity can’t stop talking and anger is the dominant state of mind.

Mercury parallel Mars reaches peak power in February 2026 and forecasts violent controversies, aggressive action by the press, word wars, scientific disputes, rows over education policy and an escalation in hate speech.

In 2021 the journalists, writers and academics are in harm’s way and angry talk, harsh words, hostile rage, hate, belligerence and animosity dominates social media. But with better understanding and knowledge humanity can get better at fighting back against the hate speech and violence that’s aimed at a person or group due to their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Financing the Age of Aquarius

Jupiter, the rich kid on the block, is financing your Aquarian Age future, but he pays a high price when he abdicates responsibility and ignores the risks. 

In June 2015 progressed Jupiter (finances, banks and commerce) moved to form a luck (trine) aspect birth chart Uranus (reform, change and technology) and this high-harmony energy-event electronically transformed the way the world does business and financed projects that improved the lives of millions. It reached peak power in January 2020; inspired humanity to put its hope in technology and provided a light at the end of covid-19’s dark and gloomy tunnel. It ends in September 2024.

In December 2018 progressed Jupiter moved to form an opportunity (sextile) aspect with birth chart Venus (women and the arts) and Jupiter’s money is financing projects to help women and his goodwill is benefiting the peace moves. This good news Jupiter-Venus script reaches peak power in August 2023.

Jupiter’s bankers, treasurers, financiers and policymakers manage the business cycle and fight financial crises. They’re financing our transition to a climate safe world and in 2020 they helped save the global economy from covid-19. In 2021 they’re sweating on low inflation (Neptune).

According to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, as much as $90 trillion is needed over the next 15 years to develop a sustainable infrastructure that can begin to address the world’s most pressing environmental, economic and social issues.

Jupiter has trillions of dollars to invest but it needs to be organized. Welcome to the new world of blended finances where Jupiter’s agents here on Earth  finance development projects with an initial investment, often from a philanthropic or government entity, that’s combined with a subsequent commercial investment.

Jupiter’s money is used to support such projects as affordable housing, clean water, sanitation projects and gender equality. It can create healthier and more productive citizens and businesses.

On the downside Jupiter loves internet shopping and your data is valuable to Jupiter’s retailers. They’re tracking your every move. Everything’s cashless, everything’s easy and everything’s monitored. And the gap between the rich and poor continually expands as Jupiter’s superrich get richer by the minute.

(In 2021 Jupiter’s religions and courts are wielding enormous power.)

Lower-Pluto’s chamber of horrors

It’s the Pluto period of the Age of Aquarius. The equinox is square progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart; and in November 2021 progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart reaches peak power.

The aggressive selfishness that defines Mars and Saturn is leaving destructive footprints all over our beautiful blue planet, but Lower-Pluto’s amoral indecency and wicked evil is inflicting the most harm and damage.

In 2021 Lower-Pluto’s chamber of horrors is a place where there’s human rights abuse, torture, online child sex abuse, online slave trading, human smuggling, human trafficking, child labor, stalking and unimaginable oppression and brutality.

It’s a chamber of putrid filth, barbarity, vile crime, death threats, organized crime gangs, internment camps, prisons for brain washing, bullying, gaslighting and dark soul’s embedded with cruelty, harshness and no moral compass.

A world where sexual predators stalk the web and prey on the vulnerable; where wolves in sheep’s clothing use subtle coercion and manipulation to catch and lure their unsuspecting victims; and where kidnapping for ransom is a way of life.

And it’s a world of fake news, inversion, misinformation, deepfake and manipulated images and where your only chance of survival is to become your own lie-detector.

2021 will be a year of living dangerously; and with Saturn square Uranus in the sky extreme weather events will point the finger at climate change.

Uranus and Pluto provide future skills in the form of innovation and collaboration and collaboration is the prime future skill that humanity needs to learn in 2021.

Aquarius promises a thousand years of peace and harmony but in 2021 that seems like a Neptune pipedream. Only God knows how long it will take to civilize selfish impulses that blind people to altruistic spiritual values.

Author: DW Sutton

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