The global astrology playbook in 2021

Humanity’s future is not predetermined. Global astrology charts and in-sky aspects do not forecast inevitable events. Rather, human actors – with freewill and a capacity to change – respond to their harmonious and discordant astral broadcasts and knowledge of the planets and the energies they transmit enables a reliable forecast of what’s inclined to occur.

In 2021 the global astrology playbook starts with Jupiter conjunction Saturn, Jupiter square Uranus, Jupiter conjunction Pluto, Saturn square Uranus and Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky. Progressed Saturn is parallel Uranus in the Saturn cycle.

Jupiter (finances) is square Uranus (disruption and sudden shocks) on January 17 (the same day that Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky ends); and on April 3 Jupiter conjunction Saturn in the sky ends. And for the remainder of 2021 Jupiter – whose financial lifeboats and massive economic stimulus packages provided practical help when business activity crashed in 2020 – is away on leave.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction on January 20 is a dangerous, high-risk energy-event at a time of heightened global tensions, a surging coronavirus pandemic and hasty rollouts of vaccination campaigns. It’s the only in-sky Mars conjunction in 2021.

Mars events involve strife, warfare, rows, violence, missile attacks, shootings, explosions, military operations, disasters, accidents, fires, wildfires, the army, soldiers, police officers, firefighters, doctors and emergency workers. And aspects formed by progressed Mars in his cycle chart and aspects involving Mars in the other major cycle charts time when major Mars events can occur.

In 2021 humanity’s aggression, fierce rivalry, anger, hate, harshness and impulse to fight, feud, engage in conflict, make haste, build and manufacture is fueled by five, then six and seven Mars progressions in the Aquarian Age chart.

From January 31 to March 25, 2021 all the major in-orb Mars progressions are stimulated when progressed Moon is sextile birth chart Mars in the Aquarian Age chart. In 2021 there’s a staggering level of violence and so much killing.

Governments are performing badly

In 2020 with progressed Sun square Moon in the Aquarian Age chart political incompetence saw voters lose trust in politics and their politicians. The power crowd performed badly, some claimed illegitimate power and Donald Trump repeatedly tweeted that he lost power in a stolen election. Many people saw enforced covid-19 restrictions as an abuse of their human rights by coercive political power.

The Moon is the planet of the masses, family life and kitchen table issues like food and water and in 2021 the everyday people are struggling to make ends meet and adapt to new normals that define the covid-19 world.

In 2021 world leaders and governments are performing badly. They’re conflicting with the ordinary, everyday people and getting the thumbs down. It’s another ‘annus horribilis’ for the world’s royals; and the news websites are jam-packed with gossip about every celebrity who has trending status.

From January 5 to March 13, 2021 major events involving governments, political incompetence and the everyday people are inclined to occur when progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Sun and semisquare birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart stimulates the major Sun-Moon square aspect. It’s at peak power in July 2021.

Triple crisis

In 2020 the influence of Saturn was overwhelming. The coronavirus pandemic hogged the news and wrote the headlines. The financial disruption caused by Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart was a real-life stress test. The Saturn cycle was an endless cycle of loss, grief and despair; and in 2021 Saturn is again the lead player in the global astrology playbook.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart and Saturn is square Uranus in the sky. This high discord in-sky energy event forecasts a triple Saturn crisis (death match?) involving covid-19, recession, unemployment and poverty and climate change.

Three Saturn-Uranus square aspects are at peak power on February 17, 2021 (at 7.10pm GMT); June 14 (at 10.02pm GMT); and December 24 (at 7.18am GMT).

The 2021 Sun cycle chart and every new Moon cycle chart throughout the year will feature the aspect. It forecasts unexpected obstacles disrupting the covid-19 exit path, recessed business activity, high unemployment, more people falling into poverty and widespread suffering due to extreme weather events.

You can expect monster hurricanes, heat waves, super storms and biblical level floods. 2021 could be a year of climate reckoning. As exposure to extreme heat gets worse and heatwaves kill record numbers of people some political leaders are prepared to cook the planet – will they ever wake-up?

In 2021 progressed Saturn in the Saturn cycle forms 20 aspects and as the start and end dates of each aspect overlap the cycle of hardship, loss and despair is active everyday throughout the year.

From May 12 to July 5 the Saturn discord (coronavirus suffering, economic hardship and loss due to destructive weather events) is pronounced when progressed Moon opposition progressed Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart stimulates the major Mars-Saturn parallel aspect > peak power date is June 8.

Technology to the rescue

In 2021 solar panels and wind turbines – Aquarian Age technologies – turn Sun and wind into electricity without releasing greenhouse gases. Solar farms and onshore wind are now the cheapest source of new electricity for at least two-thirds of the world’s population.

Uranus is the planet of technology and in the Aquarian Age chart in 2020 progressed Mercury (science and education) sextile birth chart Uranus and progressed Jupiter (finances and banks) trine birth chart Uranus scripted major events involving online education, remote learning and the development of coronavirus vaccines. And both aspects are set to benefit humanity in 2021.

From July 24 to September 21 the major Mercury-Uranus sextile aspect is stimulated when progressed Moon is sextile progressed Uranus and trine progressed Mercury; and from September 28 to November 25 the major Jupiter-Uranus trine aspect is stimulated when progressed Moon is inconjunct birth chart Jupiter and sextile birth chart Uranus. 

Progressed Mercury sextile progressed Uranus ends September 29, 2021.

Peaceful protesting instigates major change

In March 2021 progressed Venus in the Aquarian Age chart moves to form a trine (luck) aspect with birth chart Uranus and the arts, feminism, women and women’s issues will get a high-harmony boost of energy. It sets the scene for revolutionary change with flowers, love and peaceful protesting doing the trick.

From June 12 to August 27, 2021 progressed Moon opposition Venus and sextile progressed Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart stimulates the major Venus-Uranus trine aspect. At this time the trend-line of this high harmony aspect will become evident.

Financial support is in short supply but…

In our article – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 2020 – published December 31, 2019 prior to the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic we explained that: ‘On January 12, 2020 Saturn in the sky is conjunction Pluto and on December 21, 2020 Saturn is conjunction Jupiter so two Saturn conjunctions bookend 2020; and between the two Saturn bookends is a financial story that Jupiter and Pluto will script and enact.’

We wrote: ‘In 2020 Jupiter tries to overcome the economic difficulties through financial stimulus and other measures and Saturn defines the problem – cash strapped economies, unemployment, stagnant wages growth, debt and ailing consumer demand.

But in January 2020 the full impact of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the sky is twelve months away and what happens between now and then depends upon Jupiter and whether he can help to heal an ailing economy.

And Jupiter promises happy endings. He’s into merry making and spending money. He never counts the cost and in January 2021 we’ll know if Jupiter kept the world economy churning and bought a happy ending.’

And now we know that Jupiter’s financial assistance and stimulus throughout 2020, in response to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, did keep the world economy afloat and his happy ending in December 2020 was the development and rollout in some countries of coronavirus vaccines.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky ends January 17, 2021 so humanity’s hope, optimism, generosity, goodwill, charity and desire to provide financial assistance throughout 2021 is primarily fueled by progressed Jupiter sextile birth chart Venus in the Aquarian Age chart. It’s a good news story that reaches peak power in August 2023.

From October 14 to December 15, 2021 major good-news events involving Jupiter (finances, banks, higher prices, laws, courts, trade, shipping, publishing and religion) and Venus (social activity, women, feminism and the arts) are scheduled when progressed Moon opposition progressed Jupiter and trine birth chart Venus in the Aquarian Age chart stimulates the major Jupiter-Venus sextile aspect.

Visionary schemes for social betterment

In 2021 progressed Neptune in the Neptune cycle forms 9 aspects and as the start and end dates of each aspect overlap the cycle of chaos, confusion, schemes, drama and exaggeration is active everyday throughout the year.

On July 4, 2021 progressed Mercury in the Aquarian Age chart moves to form a sextile (opportunity) aspect with birth chart Neptune and humanity’s thoughts turn to visionary schemes for social betterment.

Neptune is the planet of socialism, inflation, aviation, the pharmaceutical industry, films, movie-making, scams, fraud, money laundering, insider trading and match fixing.

Low inflation allows governments and central banks to borrow truckloads of debt; and for stock markets to soar when economic activity is recessed.

This harmonious Mercury-Neptune aspect should script some good news stories. The aviation sector’s revival from its coronavirus crash is one and the changing of the way that society operates for the better through the actions of the corporate top dogs who manage Neptune’s corporations is another. But Neptune always fails to fulfill his promise so what happens will fall short of expectation.

In 2021 Mercury’s scientists and educators have an opportunity to educate and provide better understanding. Science, the search for explanation and knowledge, must be evidenced-based, reliable and transparent. In the Age of Aquarius belief, guesswork and secrecy won’t do.

In 2021 Mercury’s journalists and communications people put facts in the public domain. They provide the public with messages that the politicians and scientists send so they can’t misrepresent or mislead. Political journalists report on the political class and politicians who may or may not have a vested interest in truth. They mostly want to get elected or re-elected.

So there’s this information chain that starts with a journalist and ends with you getting a message and you would like the message you get to be right.

In 2021 Neptune’s paparazzi snap photos in response to humanity’s insatiable desire for celebrity-world gossip.

In 2007, with progressed Mercury semisextile progressed Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart, e-cigarettes became available to the public, and Neptune’s vaping – the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol produced by an e-cigarette (which resembles a smoked cigarette) or similar device (a vape pen which resembles a large fountain pen) became popular.  

E-cigarettes don’t produce tobacco smoke, but rather an aerosol, often mistaken for water vapor, that actually consists of fine particles. But many of these particles contain varying amounts of toxic chemicals (Neptune), which have been linked to cancer, as well as respiratory and heart disease.

From July 24 to October 9, 2021 major Mercury-Neptune events are forecast when progressed Moon trine progressed Mercury and opposition birth chart Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart stimulates the major Mercury-Neptune aspect.

There’s no happy ending for 2021

On November 25, 2021 progressed Moon in the Aquarian Age chart moves to form an opposition aspect with progressed Neptune and the curtain comes down on 2021 with this Moon-Neptune aspect at peak power on December 21; progressed Saturn conjunction Mercury in the Saturn cycle at peak power on December 17; progressed Neptune square Saturn in the Neptune cycle; and Saturn square Uranus in the sky on December 24.

Throughout 2021 the influence of Saturn and his cycle of loss, hardship, despair, fear and pessimism has been unrelenting.

The year will be defined by struggle and adversity as humanity battles with and develops through disease, economic hardship and extreme weather events. The exploitation of the natural world – that can’t be measured – will continue to harm humanity’s wellbeing. And with Jupiter’s hope, optimism and goodwill and Pluto’s spirit of cooperation and teamwork absent from the astral atmosphere Saturn’s selfishness and national self-interest will tear people and nations apart.

In 2020 economists made forecasts regarding the public health and economic costs of the coronavirus pandemic and its global recession. They made forecasts about rebounding economic activity. But their forecasts models neglected to factor in Saturn square Uranus in the sky. And as they ponder 2022 here’s some data that will be missing from their 2022 forecast models.

From March to July 2022 Mars in the sky – the planet of strife, conflict and infectious disease – forms conjunction aspects with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus; and in September 2022 progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart moves to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Saturn.

Natural law is taking its course.


Author: DW Sutton

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