America and Joe Biden in 2021

Donald Trump left America and Joe Biden a horrible legacy. The miserable president left his country in misery; and with many Republicans thinking the government is illegitimate he and the Republican power crowd succeeded in damaging America’s democracy.

Trump’s end days as president were a pathetic display of delusion.

With Mercury square Neptune in his birth chart Trump’s thinking easily drifts into unreality. His personal fantasy factory (Neptune) inclines towards making things up and his thinking is characterized by idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument. And millions of his supporters – mesmerized by his giant ego and charisma – engaged in groupthink and blindly succumbed to his delusion.

On January 6, 2021 – ‘Black Wednesday’ – a tumultuous episode of the Donald Trump Show aired with Trump inciting his supporters to ‘stop the steal’. They stormed the Capital Building in Washington, temporarily halting the confirmation of Joe Biden’s election win. But Trump’s attempt to ‘steal the election’ backfired. With Mars in house 12 (self-undoing) of his birth chart he brought about his own self-destruction.

On January 13, 2021 the US House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump for the second time. He’s now a political cripple; but his political demise is the prelude to a much more interesting chapter in the Donald Trump story.

America’s chart progressed to December 31, 2021

Chart data is July 4, 1776 at 12.14am LMT, Philadelphia (74W08; 39N57)

In 2021 America’s coronavirus vaccination campaign is being rolled out (house 6) but the aspects that scripted America’s dreadful pandemic experience and its economic fallout (progressed Mars parallel progressed Saturn and progressed Jupiter square birth chart Saturn) are still active and progressed Saturn (delays, loss and suffering) is in house 6 (sickness).

The aspects that scripted the country’s political discord in 2019-2020 (progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and semisquare Pluto) are ending, but their discord legacy isn’t.

Progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn (political incompetence, the coronavirus pandemic, loss and suffering) ends in March 2021; progressed Venus in house 12 square progressed Pluto (women, social dysfunction, joint dissension and stressed hospitals) ends in May 2021; and progressed Sun semisquare progressed Pluto (dictatorial-authoritarianism, political division, coercion, crime and inversion) ends in July 2021.


Mars – the planet of strife, conflict, violence, energy, resilience, anger, hate, disputation, accidents, fires, police and military – defines America and his presence will be constant throughout 2021.

Progressed Mercury (talk, debate and controversy) in house 10 (Joe Biden and his administration) is trine (luck) Mars in house 1 (the people).

This harmonious energy-event commenced in June 2011 and reached peak power in March 2013 during the first year of Obama’s second term in office. It was live throughout Trump’s presidency but he failed to capitalize on its harmony potential. It again reaches peak power in July 2021 so there’s a fortunate line of communication between the President and the people. Biden has to talk to all Americans and this aspect can help him get his message across.

And progressed Midheaven (publicity, reputation, international standing, honor and credit) is conjunction progressed Mars in house 5 (entertainment, stock market, risk, speculation, children, teenagers, schools, sex and sport). It reaches peak power in August 2021 and ends in June, 2022.

According to US News and world report America’s trustworthiness score in 2016 was 33.5 out of a 100. But in 2019, during Trumps’ presidency, it suffered its greatest decline in global trust and confidence ever. With a score of 16.3 it came in at number 24 snuggled in between Greece and Israel. (No. 1 on the trust list was Canada.)

During Donald Trump’s presidency, with progressed Mercury (talk and controversy) in house 10 (the president) trine birth chart Mars (war) and sesquisquare birth chart Jupiter (finances and trade), America engaged in a controversial trade war with China that had the world talking.

But the agitation discord it scripted, described in the media as ‘stupidity on steroids’ (Mercury trine Mars), was more evident in the later part of 2020 when Congress was unable to agree on a financial relief package for unemployed Americans (progressed Venus in house 12 was square progressed Pluto).

In 2021 American business can manufacture (Mars) its way out of the coronavirus recession but with progressed Midheaven conjunction progressed Mars and progressed ascendant (in house 7 – war) and Jupiter (the cusp ruler of house 7) both very active the chance of war (Mars) is high.

In October 2021 progressed Sun (politics) in house 11 (Congress) moves to form an inconjunct aspect with progressed Mars in house 5 (risk, entertainment, children, schools and sport). It reaches peak power in August 2022 so the political strife and violence it forecasts will be pronounced in 2022.


Neptune is the planet of visionary schemes, the corporate sector, corporations, marketing, promotions, stocks/shares, investors, exaggerated expectations, bubbles, fraud, scams, match-fixing, inflation, drugs, aviation, oil, slavery, films, dramatic art, confusion and chaos.

In April 2021 progressed ascendant square progressed Neptune starts > peak power date is July 2022. Neptune is in house 5 (the stock market, speculation, risk, children, schools, sport, athletes, sex, films and entertainment.)

This high discord aspect scripts the aftermath of the 2020 covid-crisis in terms of health and drugs. It maps phase-2 of the opioid-drug crisis that gripped America and claimed so many lives during 2017-2019 when progressed ascendant was square birth chart Neptune.

The indications are that the market for prescription drugs, opioids and pain killers in America is insatiable. 

Joe Biden

When the Biden administration comes into office on January 20, 2021 it’s confronting multiple crises: The coronavirus pandemic, an economic recession and a disunited union of states to name a few.

Biden confronts two Americas that have differing realities, competing values and beliefs and a mutual distrust of one another: The progressive liberals and the reactionary conservatives.

America’s democracy is in crisis. Millions of Republicans think the Biden administration is illegitimate. The rampant spread of lies, conspiracy theories and misinformation by Donald Trump had millions of Americans believing his false contention that widespread voter fraud caused him to lose the election.

The divided states of America, the coronavirus pandemic, an economic recession and racial inequality highlight a multitude of problems that need to be fixed. And some might think that the damage inflicted by Donald Trump resembles the aftermath of the civil war and Joe Biden has a mammoth task of rebuilding and overseeing an Aquarian Age reconstruction and unification of a dangerously damaged nation.

Joe Biden’s chart progressed to December 31, 2021

Chart data is November 20, 1942 at 8.30am EWT (41N25: 75W40)

In January 2021 Biden’s good fortune (Sun trine Jupiter) held when the Democrats won control of the senate in the Georgia run-offs.

In Biden’s chart Venus (Kamala Harris) is the cusp ruler of house 11 (Congress) and Vice-President Harris has the deciding vote in the 50-50 senate; but with Mars in house 11 getting legislation passed will be a hard fought battle.

In July 2021 progressed Venus (Harris) is inconjunct birth chart Pluto (collaboration or division and coercion) and in August 2021 progressed Venus sextile progressed Mars starts. This opportunity (sextile) aspect in Biden’s chart reaches peak power in August 2023 and adds supportive harmony to house 11 (Congress).

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in house 12 Biden will have great success working behind the scenes and forging secret deals and with the Sun ruling house 9 (tweets) his public communications will be moderate and dignified; but the mild-mannered president who’s intent on mending a broken America has several trouble spots that will thwart his endeavors.


In 2021 progressed Midheaven (his honor and reputation) in house 1 is opposition (separation) birth chart Saturn (security and conservatism) in house 7 (the other country and enemies); and his open opposition (house 7) is coming from his #1 enemy – the reactionary conservatives (Saturn).

This high discord aspect reaches its (uncertain) peak power date in August 2021 and throughout 2021 many Republicans and Trump’s reactionary conservatives, thinking the Biden administration is illegitimate, will be venting their bitterness and doing what they can to damage American democracy. This will undermine America’s standing on the world stage and will be a major international security risk for the nation (Saturn in house 7).

In 2021 progressed Mercury, the cusp ruler of house 7 (foreign policy and relations with foreign powers) in house 2 (finances and banks), is opposition birth chart Jupiter (finances, trade and fiscal stimulus) – peak power date is November 2021; and sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Saturn in house 7.

So the Mercury discord – controversial decisions and miscommunications – involves other countries (house 7), their finances (house 8), debt and death (house 8) and America’s tax revenues (house 8).

Mercury is trine (luck) Jupiter in Biden’s birth chart but he will need all his thinking experience and communication skills to successfully navigate the discord. And with progressed Mercury sesquisquare birth chart Saturn his chances of a successful communication with his conservative opponents is remote.

Whatever…in 2021 America’s political landscape has changed; Donald Trump won’t be a tough act to follow; Joe Biden has a lifetime of political experience; and America is in desperate need of leadership.

Author: DW Sutton

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