Pluto’s sign transit 1930-2044

Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930 and since then important chapters in humanity’s story have been written by Pluto’s sign transit.

When Pluto was discovered he was in the sign Cancer and his discovery coincided with the Great Depression and its devastating aftermath. Millions were unemployed and the poverty and despair took its toll on the home and family (Cancer).

Pluto moved to Leo – the sign ruling amusements and rulership – in August 1938 and during this 21 year transit the poverty outbreak caused by the great depression (Saturn) was neutralized by the war disease (Mars) spread by the thirst for domination (Leo).

From August 1938 to August 1957 Lower-Pluto and his dictator henchmen did all they could to put a killer chokehold on democracy and the freedoms heralded by Aquarius.   

World War 2 was won by the Higher-Pluto forces, but the cost was higher than high. It devastated human progress and its psychic impact lingers today. Historians can trace many of the world’s current problems back to the aftermath of World War 2.

In 1948 the Cold War – a non-violent Saturn-Mars conflict – started; in 1949 the city of Berlin was divided (Pluto); in 1950 the Cold War escalated; in 1951 the US exploded the world’s first hydrogen bomb; and in 1953 DNA was found to be a double helix.

The McCarthy era (1950-1954) saw the contamination of politics by Lower-Pluto. McCarthyism involved the practice of using innuendo and unsubstantiated accusation (Pluto) against political adversaries and its rampant today.

Pluto in Leo presided over the Golden Age of Hollywood, television, rock and roll and the birth of an odd generation of human souls identified as the ‘baby-boomers’. These children, raised in a culture of ‘grab what you can for yourself’, are now (2020) in control of the world.

Pluto moved to Virgo – the sign ruling work, labor and agricultural produce – in August 1957 and from then till July 1972 there was a period of financial prosperity and drastic changes to working conditions and the world’s labor markets.

Labor and business were divided (Pluto) and the astrological conditions favored the exploitation of labor. Pluto also pioneered the mass production of agricultural products needed to feed a hungry and rapidly expanding world population.

With Pluto in Virgo in 1960 the baby-boomers had their sexual desires liberated when the pill was approved for contraceptive use; and in 1963 they had their political dreams shattered when John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated.

In 1964 Civil Rights (Aquarius) were the big issue and in 1965 while Venus was dancing in the street the first marines (Mars) were landing in Vietnam.

In 1969 a New Uranus cycle commenced and the global cry for human rights turned to a scream. Life-changing revolutions were set to begin and the Apollo 11 spacecraft landed on the Moon.

Pluto commenced a 12 year transit of Libra – the sign of marriage, partnership and divorce – on July 30, 1972.

The vernal equinox is currently located in third decanate of Aquarius. Pictured in the sky by Cetus the whale monster this decanate symbolizes the loveless marriage and a potential for sex, money and material advantages to contaminate true love and matrimony; and Pluto in Libra strongly supported the development of this marriage trend depicted by Cetus.

The contraceptive pill had changed sexual behavior and encouraged promiscuity. It ignited a sexual revolution and with lust and passion in the driver’s seat true love didn’t stand a chance. When the sexual attraction lost its luster all that was left was a loveless marriage.  And then in the early 1980s a new disease appeared that research revealed could be transmitted sexually.

Pluto’s transit of Scorpio – the sign of sex and death – began in August 1984 and from then until November 1995 the rampant promiscuity that started with Pluto in Libra turned into a human tragedy involving disease and death.  

It brought an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases – in particular AIDS – and highlighted the drastic consequences of permissive sex, what happens when sex is degraded and the need for safe-sex practices.

Sexually transmitted diseases ruin lives and devastate countries; and very often the search to find a cure ends in failure. With Pluto in Scorpio sex – the act that creates biological life – became a dangerous, death defying recreation.

Pluto commenced a 13 year transit of Sagittarius – the sign ruling religion, law and long journeys – in November 1995 and between then and November 2008 Pluto not only tore the world’s religions apart he revealed the diabolical sins the priests and nuns were committing.

During this Pluto transit extremist religious groups, religious fundamentalists and atheistic materialists were intent on mangling religion and God.

Pluto in Sagittarius will be remembered for the drastic impact that modernity had on religion; the fanatics who were prepared to blow themselves to bits for a false promise; gene worship; atheistic materialism; the opportunity to travel the world; and the internet which gave new meaning to the democratic ideal of freedom of expression.

Pluto’s 15 years transit of Capricorn – the sign ruling business, business systems, government administration and diplomacy – commenced in November 2008 and from then till January 2024 the insidious Lower-Pluto influence would express through government administration and big business.

The big corporation (Neptune) already had the most power and it used its exploitative power to undermine the democratic process. There was rampant corruption in high places – money could buy anything and anyone – and the fanatical pursuit of higher profits and personal wealth.

The road humanity takes should be determined by democratically elected governments, but democracy is under threat as people elected governments are disempowered and controlled by big corporations and their accountants and lawyers. This is no secret. Governments are being disempowered as the secretive corporate world wields an enormous amount of illegitimate (non-elected) power.

The 20 year transit of Pluto in Aquarius from January 2024 to January 2044 marks a critical stage in humanity’s story.

Aquarius is the sign of knowledge, altruistic endeavor, human-rights and civil liberties and at this time humanity will either succumb to the forces of Lower-Pluto and sink into a new dark age of fear, hate, ignorance and atheism or it will rise above and overcome the forces of darkness.

Humanity has a choice – nothing is inevitable – but if it sinks deeper and deeper into the well of selfishness, materialism and misinformation the consequences will be devastating. It’s the road to ruin.

Pluto – the planet of inversion – is intent on destroying truth and social media has become his chief propaganda platform. The prolific spread of misinformation and fake news will see crucial political and religious truths buried under a pile of lies, deceptions and disinformation.

Dictatorial power (Pluto) is intent on eroding human rights and the good guys can easily turn bad. So humanity needs spiritual giants to provide guidance – not self-interest motivated political parties and corrupt, money grabbing politicians.

Pluto’s transit of Aquarius scripts a powerful message. It forecasts a turning point in human affairs, but there’s a folk in the road.

One road leads to spiritual knowledge and enlightenment and the other to soul annihilating materialism; and humanity, without the guiding light of astrological truths, will unwittingly choose to travel one road or the other.

Author: DW Sutton

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