Pluto in 200 words

Pluto expresses two contrasting behaviors that are identified as Lower and Higher-Pluto.

Lower-Pluto is greed and self-interest driven.  He’s humanity’s #1 enemy and he recruits misguided dupes here on Earth to do his dirty work.

His henchmen – the political, academic, corporate and criminal dictators – have coercive powers that operate through politics, the corporate world, crime networks, atheistic materialism and information warfare.  

Misinformation is the biggest menace facing humanity.

Higher-Pluto defines the cooperative effort and spiritual values that drive the groups working to help the victims of Lower-Pluto’s reign of terror.

His concern for human welfare expresses through humanitarian workers, human-rights activists and those fighting to make the world a better place.

But in the Pluto Period of the Aquarian Age Lower-Pluto has the upper-hand and is dictating how the game is played.

Pluto is the planet of groups, the United Nations, cooperation, teamwork, globalization, dictators, tyrants, terrorists groups, rogue countries, nuclear weapons, crime, crime networks, insidious barbarism, mass killings, kidnapping, threats, intimidation, coercive enforcement, stonewalling, bully-boy tactics, drastic events, propaganda and misinformation.

He splits groups into opposing factions and his division and disunity is a big threat to human welfare. It stifles progress.

Author: DW Sutton

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