Pluto in 2023

In 2023 most people are doing the best they can, but some have chosen to do terrible things. You can blame the erosion of decency and decent standards in public behavior on Lower-Pluto.

In 2023 you can observe Pluto’s influence in events involving groups, cooperation, authoritarian control, dictators, coercion, compulsory participation, drastic action, division, disunity, splits, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, mass production, television, radio, internet, spirituality and human welfare.

Groups are formed to accomplish some purpose that can be either beneficial or detrimental to society.

The United Nations, NATO, The European Union, The British Commonwealth, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, environmental groups, human-welfare groups, the Mafia, criminal gangs, cybercrime networks, Hell’s Angels, Proud Boys, singing groups and baseball teams are all ruled by Pluto.

Pluto unites people into groups that work for a shared goal. It’s the planet of collaboration, teamwork, united effort, consensus and action packed spirituality. It recognizes the benefits of cooperation.

When a group is formed Pluto creates another group to oppose its purpose or splits it into rival factions. And the capacity of the group to stay united is directly linked to the ability of individual members to cooperate.

In 2023 Pluto will accomplish its work through groups of people – commissions, bureaus, committees and boards. It has little regard for the common people and gives dictatorial power to a person or small group of specialists who dictate and make and implement decisions and are held responsible for results.

In 2023 Pluto’s capacity to divide and disunite is ever-present and pervasive and there are a number of great divides. Politically there’s the democracy-autocratic control divide and financially there’s division between the rich, haves and poor, have-nots.

Pluto is active in the business world. A conglomerate is a combination of multiple business entities operating in entirely different industries under one corporate group, usually involving a parent company and many subsidiaries. They are often large, multi-industry and multinational.

Cartels are groups of manufacturers or suppliers that work together to protect their interests. They’re created when a few large producers decide to cooperate with respect to aspects of their market. Once formed, cartels can maintain high prices and restrict competition.

Pluto favors monopoly ownership as a way of getting everything for itself. Its non-elected corporate dictators and media barons have the political and economic power to control and direct the world’s economic development.

Higher-Pluto stands for global unity and the higher good that must be done. It’s the spirit of reconciliation – the urge to merge. It’s the activist peacemaker and better angel whose spiritual nature is proactively devoted to human welfare, spiritual effort and ceaseless cooperation in the progressive advancement of God’s Great Plan.


Straight from the depths of hell come darkness, evil and menace: Lower-Pluto – the most perilous thought-force in the universe. It’s a hydra-headed monster – a wolf in sheep’s clothing – and it’s more insidious than you’ve ever imagined. It’s the reason why you’re living on a very dangerous planet.

Lower-Pluto is a spiritual terrorist. It has no regard for human welfare, is morally bankrupt and is the enemy of humanity, freedom, enlightenment and progress. It’s into self-interest, secrecy, disinformation, disunity, coercion and crime; and self-interest is always after the best deal it can get for itself.  

Lower-Pluto works its menace through the selfishness and greed brigade. They’re devoted to hate, fear, terror, lies, repression, false Gods, atheism, the soul-annihilating dogmas of materialism and the thwarting of everything that is true and progressive.

And it’s a big fan of dictators, terrorist governments, atheistic regimes and corrupt political practices. It has China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia in its iron grip.

Lower-Pluto is a human-rights abuser. It’s ever-ready to engage in threats, harassment, pressure tactics, badgering and stalking. It showcases disgraceful, repulsive conduct, is the bully in the playground and its coercive control and manipulative behavior are frequently observed in human relationships.

Lower-Pluto has a morbid fascination with death, dying and killing. It’s into international obsessions like gambling and drug abuse, is actively engaged in cybercrime, detests transparency and endorses the materialistic belief system that adores the brain and body and cancels the mind and soul.

Inversion, disinformation and propaganda

Lower-Pluto is into inversion big time. That’s the subtle use of misinformation and the deliberate distortion or suppression of facts. It’s intended to create a public opinion favorable to some group or its purpose.

In 2023 inversion is frequently employed by politicians, scientists and religious leaders to deliberately mislead, deceive and confuse; and it’s so understated and cunning that it’s missed by even the most astute observers. When your critical faculties are dumbed-down you’re unable to detect the lies, disinformation and subtle inversions being spread.

Lower-Pluto – the master manipulator – is an expert at manipulating public opinion. It’s very persuasive and in 2023 social media, radio, television and internet are saturated with its propaganda.

Propaganda is the subtle practice of communicating a point of view with the ultimate goal of getting you to voluntarily accept it as if it were your own. And Lower-Pluto, through radio and television employs media barons, shock jocks and opinion makers to influence and manipulate your thinking.

Its henchmen/women spread hate and misinformation and disparage others based on gender, color, sexuality, religion, class or social standing. And over the years Lower Pluto’s media barons under the compelling cover of democracy made the rules that cancelled the common folk’s ticket to the prosperity party.

Lower-Pluto is intent on spiritual darkness and ignorance. In 2023 humanity is descending an ignorance spiral with too much misinformation, too few facts and too little comprehension. Inversion is probably the single greatest menace to human progress. Some business models are designed to spread misinformation.

Lower-Pluto’s crime jamboree

In 2023 planet Earth is great place to be a criminal and Lower-Pluto is a very talented crook. It’s the godfather of crime, criminals, criminal gangs, organized crime networks, gangsters, racketeers and corruption.

The American/Sicilian mafia (aka Cosa Nostra), the Chinese Triads, the Japanese Yakuza and the Colombians are major social threats. They have an insatiable appetite for money. Russia is the world capital of organized crime.

Lower-Pluto engages in racketeering, child slavery rackets and cybercrime.  It runs sex-shops and exploits sex workers. It smuggles TVs, computers, hi-tech weapons, illegal immigrants and endangered animals. It’s into extortion and the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

Lower-Pluto’s stooges include racketeers, contract-killers, mercenaries, arms runners, assassins, power-mad tyrants, dictators, gangsters, people smugglers and cyber criminals. Its terrorist groups and fanatical suicide bombers use bullets and car-bombs to kill, maim and create an atmosphere of fear and terror.

The term ‘terrorist’ describes an organization that’s principal method of warfare is terroristic and country’s have laws that target terrorist acts and the organizations that plan, finance and carry them out.

Under Australia’s Criminal Code 29 organizations currently listed as terrorist organizations include: Al-Qaida, Al-Shabaab, Boko Harem, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic State. The counter-terrorism police and other Higher-Pluto forces fight terror and organized crime.

Lower-Pluto is a murderous thug. It’s depraved, vicious, brutal, remorseless and pitiless and in 2023 hundreds of murders will be committed worldwide every day.

Lower-Pluto has its fingerprints all over the vilest crimes. It’s the planet of mass murder, brutal atrocities, gruesome crimes, suicide bombings, torture, kidnappings, hostage taking, mob violence, gang rape and sexual harassment. 

Lower-Pluto is a hydra-headed horror story and its division, inversion and crime threaten the spiritual potential of the Aquarian Age. In 2023 it’s the dominant threat to humanity’s mental, emotional and spiritual welfare and development.

It can be defeated but it’s going to take more than united aggressive force, violent protest, constructive trouble making, economic sanctions, diplomacy, laws, penalties, vigilant fact-checking and education. It’s going to take cooperation, dialogue, fearless crime-fighting, spiritual warriors, commitment to truth, religious facts and sustained courage.

Author: DW Sutton

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