Aquarius has allowed us to more clearly define different astrological sub-groups and their cultural and social correlates; and Neptune is the planet of schemes, exaggeration, utopianism, great expectations, illusion, fantasy, oil, gas, drugs, big pharma, aviation, drama, white collar crime, fraud, scamming, hoaxes, chaos, confusion and vagueness.

It’s the domain of stocks, shares, investors, promotions, marketing, the corporate sector and publicly traded corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix.

When you think of Neptune think Hollywood, altered states of consciousness, distorted realities, movies, heroin factories, opium and meth producers, drug cheats, modern slavery, spies, spying, poisons, plastics, the plastic crisis in the oceans, drones, tricksters, con artists, romance scams and large scale deception.

Neptune in the planet of inflation and it can easily inflate your claims, expectations and sense of self-importance. 

Drug culture and the great escape

People all over the globe are popping tranquillizers, sedatives, hypnotics, anti-histamines and analgesics. Cannabis is a new age medicine.

Drugs allow you to escape the pain quickly and easily, but they don’t cure. When you stop taking a medicinal drug the problem comes straight back.

Amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulator. It gives a quick (artificial) boost to energy and confidence levels and powers of concentration. The most popular amphetamine is methylphenidate – trade name Ritalin.

Cocaine enhances feelings of confidence and power and gives an instant sense of well being but it’s all an illusion.

Valium is popular with women. It extinguishes the raging fire in the mind, but men prefer alcohol.

Children and teenagers use glue, rubber cements, type writer correction fluid, nail polish, petrol, paint, paint thinners, cigarette lighter fluid, cleaning fluids, and aerosols to create artificial highs.

In some homes the medicine chest, refrigerator and kitchen cupboard are full of drugs.

America has Neptune in house 5 (recreation) of its Neptune cycle chart and drugs that were once banned have attained recreational status and you can buy them over the counter in some states.

The list of the physical and psychological side effects of drugs is a mile long and you can thank Neptune for the modern drug industry and the age of chemical miracles. 

Fraud and the non-violent white collar crime boom

Neptune is the planet of fraud, blackmail, graft, bribery and money laundering.

In 2020 insider trading by those who have inside information is rife.

Fraud is a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain and the fraud business is booming with criminals developing new and better mechanisms for committing their frauds and swindles.

According to Javelin Strategy & Research there were 14.4 million victims of identity fraud in America in 2017 with the fraudsters making $1.7 billion; and there was $14.7 billion lost in credit card fraud.

Imposter fraud, debt collection and identity theft were the top frauds in 2018 and Florida, Georgia and Nevada were the top 3 fraud states.

Fraud, phishing, identity theft, false billing, hacking, online shopping, romance scams and investment scams are big business so the message is clear: Check out your Neptune progressions.

Fly me to Paris, New York, Rome and London

On December 17, 1903 Wilber and Orville Wright made four brief flights at Kitty Hawk with their first powered aircraft and in August 2017 there were about 23,600 aircraft in service flying 4.5 billion passengers on scheduled flights with anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 planes midflight at any given moment and around 10.2 million people working directly in the airline industry.

Thanks to Neptune – the planet of planes, vacations and tourism – the world has been connected and the aviation industry is expected to generate global revenue of $US 606 billion in 2019.

Spoiler alert: Neptune is inclined to inflate these numbers.

Author: DW Sutton

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