When Jupiter realized that it liked expensive things it told its neighbor, Mars, ‘I just want to get rich’ and Mars replied ‘I’ll drink to that’.

Jupiter is all about making money, extravagant living, luxury goods and jaw-dropping salaries and remuneration fees.

It’s into advertising and selling happiness providers to a market that’s eager for happiness.

Its rich-world is where the size of your pay packet measures your self-worth and a truck load of cash is needed to finance a self-indulgent, lavish lifestyle.

Jupiter is the planet of capitalism, wealth creation, finances, banks, financial services, venture capitalists, investment capital, commerce, selling, the retail sector, higher prices, profits, surpluses, trade, the law, legal system, courts and judges, Supreme Court, arbitration, treaties, pacts, shipping, ships, publishing, advertising, the public expression of opinion, religion, philosophy, optimism, generosity, moral fiber, goodwill gestures, mercy and obesity.

Religion and philosophy in the Age of Aquarius

Jupiter in the sky declares ‘Let there be Religion’, but in the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age true religion is rejected in favor of ancient beliefs, scientific  atheism, self-indulgence and the great god money.

Religions are born, grow and die. Their ultimate truths are subject to evolutionary change, a crisis of faith and eventual disintegration.

Faith is needed by those who accept without question the voice of religious authority. It’s a bad policy.

Religious truth is most often built on shifting sands – not the rock of ages – and in 2020 it’s a personal opinion supported by an uncertain feeling; so to learn the facts unsure human intelligence is building a supercomputer to answer the question: Is there a God? 

Philosophy is the academic study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence – wow! But the complicated knowledge-base that defines Aquarius has philosophers developing complicated philosophies that are too complicated to comprehend.

Your philosophy explains who you are and provides guiding principles for how to behave and how you should live your life.

For Jupiter the question is always about morals and ‘what is ethical behavior?’

But you’re inclined to behave as others behave so it’s easy to become less honest and less virtuous in a world where goodness, honesty and integrity aren’t fashionable.

In 2020 people are upwardly mobile. They change jobs and move around a lot so a good reputation and character traits like honesty and integrity aren’t that important. When things go wrong you just pack your bags and leave town.

Author: DW Sutton

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