Aquarius is doing things in a very big way and everyone has a story to tell or message to send.

You’re an actor on the digital stage and your smart phone allows you to express your thoughts and opinions – anytime, anywhere.

You can tell your story on social media but in 2020 the world of storytelling is fraught with lies, false information and dangerous deception.  

Pluto square Mercury in the 1988 Pluto cycle and Neptune’s transit of Pisces have their fingerprints all over the disinformation and fake story contagion that’s antagonizing your ability to believe what you hear and learn truth.


With Mercury you enter the world of information, the press, journalists, writers, explainers, science, education, teachers, debate, talks, conferences, reports and controversy.

Those who write a country’s news shape public opinion so the media moguls, news paper editors, journalists and opinion writers wield enormous power; but in the Age of Aquarius your political leaders can bypass the press and talk directly with you on social media.

With the help of their like-minded advocates on radio and television they can educate you to think about the world in the way they do.

But in 2020 disinformation is rampant so there’s a good chance that you’re being misinformed by your politicians, radio talk-show hosts, television commentators, news websites, religious leader and financial adviser.

In 2020 you’re living in an age when the truth tellers are mostly telling lies and mass deception is easy; so you shouldn’t believe anything you hear or read until you have done everything you can to check its veracity for yourself.

Freedom of thought and speech

With Mercury you enter the world of intellectual activity, reasoned thought and information; and in 2020 you want the right to access information, which may or may not be correct and which may or may not change your thinking, and you want the right to express your informed and uninformed opinions.

In 2020 reasoning is in very short supply or non-existent.

Emotional thinking is driving the decision-making process so the sage observation made by Charlie Chan in his 1939 movie Charlie Chan in Rio is more pertinent than ever: ‘The biggest mistakes in history made by people who didn’t think.’

In 2020 Mercury’s major problem concerns the democratization of speech and information on an ‘open internet’.

Mercury’s world in 2020

There was a time when you could only talk to another human being or your cat but now you can have on online chat with Alexa.

In the Internet Age old words are acquiring new meanings.

A tablet is a small mass of medicated material but now it’s a mobile computing device that has a flat, rectangular form like a pad of paper that is used for accessing the internet, watching videos, playing games or reading electronic books.

And a cookie is a sweet biscuit but now it’s a message given to a web browser by a web server.

In 2020 the press is very interested in what governments are up to; and governments want power over what journalists can and can’t report so they’re conducting inquiries into press freedom.

In 2020 your government wants to keep tabs on you, Big Tech wants to exploit your data and your smart phone has become a surveillance machine. Data privacy is a big issue and Mercury is asking: Does the collection of my personal data violate one of my fundamental human rights?

And with all this talk of data collection it’s good to know that the personal data that’s encrypted in your birth chart is safe from prying eyes.

Author: DW Sutton

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