Pluto’s discovery in 1930 was the most significant astrological event of the 20th-century. It heralded the start of the Pluto period – an indeterminate interval of time characterized by conditions, events and phenomena defined by Pluto’s drastic nature – and since his discovery Pluto has played a lead role on the world stage.

More than any other planet it’s the architect of the world today.

Pluto is the planet of cooperation, collaborative effort, unity, groups, teams, commissions, internet, websites, hackers, trolls, conflicting interests, disunity, division, crime, crime networks, wicked evil, mass murder, gangsters, dictators, political repression, human-rights abuses, coercion, enforced cooperation, threats, intimidation, bullying, propaganda, distortion of facts, misinformation and corruption.

Pluto’s astral-vibration has an extreme high-low vibratory quality – true spirituality or ruthless coercion – and the terms Higher and Lower-Pluto identify and distinguish the two.

The high vibration produces people of the highest caliber – noble characters whose incorruptible spirituality is dedicated to universal welfare and progress; and the low produces people of the lowest caliber – ignoble characters whose corruptible selfishness is dedicated to the pursuit of self-interest and destruction.

Pluto is the planet of transition and a transition defines a process or period of changing from one state of condition to another and during the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age humanity is transitioning from Pisces to Aquarius but the change process has been fraught with drastic dangers.

Higher and Lower Pluto

Pluto defines two types of people and when they’re lined up side by side on an identification parade you can’t tell one from the other.

The higher-Pluto person is anti-coercion, cooperative, transparent, spiritually minded, incorruptible and dedicated to making a worthwhile contribution to the lives of others.

In August 2018 with Venus conjunction Saturn in the Aquarian Age a Swedish schoolgirl began spending her school day outside the Swedish parliament holding a sign that said ‘School strike for climate’; and in 2019 with Saturn conjunction and parallel Pluto in the sky Greta Thunberg became the force behind the school climate change movement.

The Lower-Pluto person is coercive, uncooperative, corrupt, opaque, murky, non-transparent, lacking in moral values and dedicated to the pursuit of self-interest.

S/he’s not only your petty law-breaker s/he’s a thug, gangster or racketeer. S/he stalks the web and exploits the less smart to make money; and s/he’s a bully, manipulator and double-speak expert who inverts facts to make them mean what they don’t.

Lower-Pluto’s crime wave

Since Pluto’s discovery crime gangs and secret societies transitioned into powerful national and international organizations dealing in drugs, people, illicit goods, armed robbery, counterfeiting, money laundering and kidnapping.

Crime is a global business and Pluto’s organized crime groups are here to make money. Their revenues are estimated in the billions.

Lower-Pluto engages in brutal crimes, mass murder and people trafficking.

It’s also involved in non-violent crime (with Neptune) like credit card theft, identity theft, tax evasion and corruption. The common computer criminal or hacker is usually after your credit card number although nation states actively engage in hacking.

There are good – Higher-Pluto – hackers and bad – Lower-Pluto – hackers and the good ones are combating terrorism and extremist activity and working to stop the spread of fake news. They’re working to keep you safe online.

One polarized, divided world

Countries have populations that espouse values and worldviews and nations with different worldviews have different values.

And within nations individuals espouse different political, religious and social opinions.

All this difference adds up to a polarized, divided world and with self-interest driving the life agenda the amount of damage being done is immeasurable.

Group collaboration

Pluto gets people to band together and group activity defines the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age.  

Political groups join forces to form coalition governments. 

When people collaborate they work together but there’s not much of that going on politically. National and international consensus is rare.

But special interest groups, like public science online, cooperate to find solutions to world problems.

Author: DW Sutton

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