The world is a dangerous place and you just want to feel safe.

You want the police and security services to keep you safe from enemies and dangerous criminals. You want vaccines to protect you from disease.

You’re eating a low fat diet, taking vitamin supplements and wearing a safety helmet when riding your bike.

You want employment, work and an income stream; and have property insurance, a wage-loss replacement plan, health and life insurance. And your safety thinking and behavior reveals that Saturn is playing a lead role in your life story.

In global affairs Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, tradition, economy, cost-cutting, lower prices, bargains, recession, economic hardship, soul-destroying poverty, public health crises, pessimism, fear, safeguards, security measures, tariffs, protectionism, farmers, the agriculture sector, land, weather, storms, floods, droughts and despair.

It’s the planet of safety but in 2020 nothing is safe from his selfishness and greed.

Even the Ozone layer – nature’s shield against deadly ultraviolet radiation – wasn’t safe. By pouring billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere the Earth’s inhabitants caused global warming.

So in 2020 there’s a climate change emergency: Rising sea levels, destructive weather events, job losses, economic hardship, big problems for the insurance industry, food shortages and the extinction of plants and animals.

The question arises: What can be saved?

Well… some Saturn traditions aren’t worth saving and they could become causalities of Mars, Uranus and Aquarius in the not too distant future. 

Saturn and unemployment

Economists track economic indicators to check the world’s economic pulse but its chief indicators are Jupiter and Saturn.

Everyone has the right to work, but when the economy stutters more people find themselves unemployed.

An unemployed person is a non-productive worker and s/he’s not only suffering s/he’s a burden on the economy. Hopelessness comes with unemployment.

Managing a big economy and navigating the highs and lows of business activity isn’t easy; especially when you don’t know anything about Jupiter and Saturn.

Whatever, economic slowdowns are followed by recoveries. The world keeps turning – life goes on.

The beautiful blue planet is suffering

In 2020 cities are polluted, lakes and rivers are dying, forests are being destroyed and fish, birds and mammals are threatened with extinction.

6.5 million hectares of Amazon rainforest will be cleared.

Nothing is safe. Humanity’s greed knows no bounds.

Every animal has a price on its head. The elephant and tiger are endangered by greed and organized crime.

Tourists destroy the pyramids. Mega-cities provide unlivable lifestyles for millions of people and oil spills turn oceans and rivers black.

The marine environment is in peril from plastic bags.

Author: DW Sutton

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