A snapshot of Mars in 2020

The astral atmosphere surrounding Earth is saturated with aggressive Mars energy. It explains why people respond so quickly to the call to fight.

In 2020 the highly competitive society, plus the urge to defeat opponents, plus the constant bombardment of the senses by real, fake and fun violence keeps the not-conscious aggressive urge in a constant state of arousal.

It’s kept at a tipping point by social media – a fast and easy way to connect with anger, confrontational rhetoric, hate and vulgarity.

The aggressive family of feelings embraces anger, rage and hate and anger is the dominant mood worldwide. They destroy people’s lives.

Aggression and anger have no sense of consequence.

In an emergency situation Mars races towards disaster.

In a conflict situation Mars fights back. But, when the police open fire with teargas and water cannon there’s a high-risk emergency and no time to think. Your capacity to reason and maintain self-control is quashed. The adrenalin surges and the energized anger bolts.

The cultural influence of Mars is seen in drinking alcohol, gambling and online gaming.  Risk invites danger and speed causes thousands of accidents every day. Fast moving high-energy sporting events ignite a frenzy of excitement.

Thousands of fires occur every day. The major ones – the Grenfell Tower fire, the Louvre fire and California’s wildfires – gain national and international news coverage.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, war, rows, feuds, disputation, violence, missiles, bombs, guns, shootings, explosions, vice, banditry, the military, army, police force, police violence, trigger happy policing, mechanics, manufacturing, competition, fast action, athletes, accidents, doctors, fires, fire fighters, sex gambling and alcohol.

Mars defines parallel worlds of construction and destruction – of destroying and rebuilding – of tearing down and reconstruction.

In 2020 Mars is a dangerous dynamic.

In the Aquarian Age chart his influence keeps on escalating.  The level of anger, disputation, hate, revenge and violence is increasing exponentially. Depending on where you live you might feel like you’re sitting on a time bomb that’s waiting to detonate.

Mars rules sex so he has something to do with the world’s population explosion and he’s building dwellings and cities where people can live.

Mars obeys orders. With dangerous enemies his armies are trained to kill. And Mars and his military can play a big role in government.

Mars in the Aquarian Age chart

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Venus

This energy event reaches peak power July 13, 2022.

It’s a dangerous moment for women. There’s so much bad stuff going on. Mars is the planet of hate. Venus is the planet of women, women’s issues and love. Fighting violence against women is the chief global issue.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn

This high-discord, very destructive, energy event reaches peak power August 26, 2020.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, protectionism, security, safety, economy, falling prices, the agriculture sector and weather.

Mars, and his aggression, is threatening the world’s security. Many countries have security and territorial ambitions. The spoils of war (Mars) include land and resources (Saturn).

Mars is fighting poverty, but destructive self-interest causes economic hardship; and destructive weather events caused by climate change ruin people’s lives.

This aspect which started in February 2017 is the astro-marker for the US-China tariff-protectionist-trade-war.

Link to Mars parallel Saturn article here

Progressed Mars is parallel progressed Pluto

This high-discord, very dangerous high-risk energy event reaches peak power November 22, 2021

Pluto is the planet of groups, massive crowds, mass demonstrations, unity, cooperation, division, disunity, coercion, threats, intimidation, crime, corruption, misinformation, atheism, nuclear weapons, drastic events, radio, television, websites and internet.

The big danger is weapons of mass destruction and the threat of nuclear war: The second big danger is misinformation, inversion and fake news.

Link to Mars parallel Pluto article here

And progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Uranus

This high discord, extremely dangerous, energy event reaches peak power April 14, 2023.

Uranus is the planet of social discontentment, unrest and protests. You have the right to protest and in 2020 government incompetence, corruption, economic hardship, social inequality and climate change have millions protesting.

Invention is driving the Aquarian Age technology revolution.

Uranus ensures change and for some the need for change is urgent.

These parallel aspects involving Mars forecast rampant competition, intensified anger and escalating hate and violence.

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Mars in the sky in 2020

March 20, 2020: Mars is conjunction Jupiter at 11.34.45am GMT

March 23: Mars is conjunction Pluto at 5.20am GMT

March 31: Mars is conjunction Saturn at 6.31pm GMT

June 13: Mars is conjunction Neptune at 2.13.05pm GMT

Mars is parallel Saturn January 15; parallel Pluto January 21; parallel Jupiter January 28; parallel Pluto March 23; parallel Jupiter March 28; parallel Saturn April 7; parallel Uranus May 11; and parallel Neptune June 20, August 10, October 13 and November 21.

(On January 20, 2021 Mars is conjunction Uranus in the sky.)

A timeline of major astro-events involving Mars in 2020

Major events involving war, conflict, disputation, fire or accident can occur when Mars is activated in the Aquarian Age chart or the sky.

January 7, 2020: Progressed Moon opposition progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart starts > peak power date is February 5 > all the Mars progressions are stimulated > end date is March 5

February 25: Mars conjunction Jupiter in the sky starts > peak power date is March 20 > end date is April 10

March 5: Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky starts > peak power date is March 23 > Mars is parallel Pluto in the sky on March 23 > major aspect progressed Mars parallel progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart is stimulated > end date is April 9

March 12: Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky starts > peak power date is March 31 > major aspect progressed Mars parallel birth chart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart is stimulated > end date is April 19

May 25: Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky starts > peak power date is June 13 > end date is July 2

December 25: Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky starts > peak power date is January 20, 2021 > major aspect progressed Mars parallel birth chart Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart is stimulated > end date is February 13, 2021

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