Hermetic teachings


Let’s talk about the astral body

A discussion covering all the known facts.

How natal Hermetic astrology works

The theory that explains how the planets influence your life and behavior.

Your computer calculated birth chart  

Everything you need to know.

If it’s in your birth chart you’ve got it

Your birth chart is all about you.

The houses in your birth chart

They reveal where the action is.

Moon’s nodes, Arabian parts and fixed stars

They’re not used in scientific Hermetic astrology.

The issue of freewill

Learn the facts.

The purpose of pleasure and pain

Popular perceptions are false and misleading.

Let’s talk about immorality

Its broader social impact is the real issue.

Hermetic teachings#1

You and your birth chart.

Hermetic teachings#2

Your soul’s heredity and your birth chart.

Hermetic teachings#3

The energies mapped in your birth chart.

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