The issue of freewill

In 2022 astro fortune-telling is rampant. It gives the naïve public the impression that astrology implies a philosophy of fatalism and that you have no control over your life and the events you experience.

Hermetic astrology does not support this commonly held misconception or any theory of predestination or fatality.

It explains that your not-conscious soul-mind is directly impacted by astrological energies and that your not-conscious self directly influences what you think, feel and do: And based on this knowledge you might conclude that you – the witness to your life story – have no control over what eventuates but your conclusion is erroneous.

To liberate yourself from this false sense of fatality you need evidence-based astrological facts and research reveals that birth chart and progressed chart factors do not support theories of predestination or fatality.

Your birth chart is constructed for your time, date and place of birth and research reveals that its data relates to your character development.

The data provided by progressed aspects relates to the stimulation of not-conscious desire during a specified timeframe which works to attract a certain type of event into your life and this stimulation tends towards several alternative events.

Any prediction you make based on the astrological data in regard to what the event might be – just like the diagnosis of a disease by a doctor or the predicted temperature range by the weather bureau – is merely your estimate of what might happen. It is not indicative of an inevitable happening.

Of more importance, the event or condition attracted at a certain time, if intelligently anticipated, is subject to much personal control.

Fact-check: astrology and freewill

Astrological energies by themselves do not show specific events, but when combined with knowledge of your conditioning and environment they frequently do give a probability that a certain event will take place greater than 100 to 1.

Yet effort by you based on astrological foreknowledge can often alter events. Astrology can pin point how you can change your behavior to favor fortunate events and how you can best adapt to events beyond your control – such as a business recession or adverse weather.

Birth chart and progressed chart factors do not map predetermined specific events that are inevitable so Hermetic astrology does not support theories that the events you experience are fixed and unalterable or that your consciousness is merely moving along the time dimension.

Rather you have liberty of action and choice and up until the moment an event actually transpires – even if it has been seen clairvoyantly or is powerfully indicated astrologically – you will usually have an opportunity to prevent it, or to make it come to pass in a different manner.

It has been estimated by trained observers that the application of astrological knowledge would see you avoid half your illnesses and misfortunes, double your success and happiness, and if you so desire double your spirituality. But no such results can be attained through a hit and miss superficial knowledge of the subject.

Astrological research

Material science in the Age of Aquarius is defined by technologies that determine the behavior of groups of electrons and genes but your character is not a material substance.

It occupies a plane of existence where velocities are far in excess of those of electrons and genes so your behavior – as a certain astrological classification group – cannot be predetermined from the stars or anything else.

Your conduct is not predetermined, but if it belongs to a certain astrological group the probability that it will – under a certain astrological impetus – be so-and-so may run extremely high.

Eventually, statistics must be employed to determine the probable behavior of an individual within a certain birth chart or progressed aspect classification.

Experience with birth chart and progressed chart data will teach you that you can never expect to predict with absolute certainty that such-and-such an event will occur and that individual liberty, rather than a predetermined course of conduct, exists.

You need to know that the application of astro-science to your current life circumstances and whatever you are striving to do can give you valuable assistance.


Author: DW Sutton

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