Hermetic teachings#3

All energies are good energies, regardless of source or of how they are mapped in your birth chart. It is the control and direction given these energies by your mind and your emotional reaction that accompanies their reception and usage which determines whether constructive or destructive work is accomplished by them.

For this reason, it is not so much what you have in your chart but what you do with what you’ve got that determines the effect upon yourself and, to a very large degree, the events that come into your life.

All relationships in life ultimately resolve down to the reception and transmission of energy and the consequent changes produced in form. Any relationship with anything becomes in some manner an energy relationship.

Viewing a beautiful sunset is the reception and interpretation of frequency rates—a form of energy reception. Loving someone and being loved in return is an energy exchange involving radiation and reception of energy.

Even your relationship to God resolves down to an energy relationship involving radiation and reception of energies from this exalted source. And relationships to any power, including God, entail relationships with all manifestations of that power, including the part of creation we call the solar system, and hence the reason that astrology might be properly called, when correctly conceived and used, a divine science.

You – the microcosm – are considered an epitome of the great world, or universe – the macrocosm.  You embrace, on a miniature scale, factors similar to those in the universe which surrounds you.

This universe consists of the solar system (planets) and a belt of astral energy identified as the zodiac.

You consist of a mind, body and soul and your soul exists in your astral body.

And within your astral body are groups of thought-cells that have the same vibratory rates as those which emanate from each of the ten planets; and zones which have vibratory rates which are similar to those of the twelve zodiac signs.

Spirit and soul

Your spirit, or ego, is the divine atom of potentiality which furnishes the impetus and the energy which impels your soul to go forth in search of those experiences which give it knowledge and love and thus build up your character.

Your soul is identical with what modern psychologists call the unconscious mind. It is also identical with your character. Your ego is eternal and changeless, but your soul is constantly changing.

Every experience you have adds states of consciousness to your soul. It is composed of the thought-elements derived from the sum total of its experiences and the mental attitudes towards these experiences.

Personality and character

Your personality is an expression of your character.

Your character – at this moment in time – is the sum total of your past experiences and your attitudes towards them. They have been organized as thought-cells and thought-structures within your astral body.

Your character is identical with your soul and as your soul or unconscious mind survives the death of your physical body, you depart this material world with your character which retains all its traits, qualities and marks of identity until, through other experiences and development, you acquire new ones. 

Harmony and discord

Venus and Jupiter are secondary sources of inner-world harmony. The primary sources of good-fortune and beneficial conditions are the harmonious aspects – the semisextile, sextile and trine.

Mars and Saturn are secondary sources of inner-world discord. The primary sources of adversity and misfortune are the discordant aspects – the semisquare, square, sesquisquare and opposition.

In your birth chart Venus and Jupiter tend to have a beneficial influence, and Mars and Saturn have a detrimental influence, on the affairs of the houses where they are located and the affairs of the houses on whose house cusps the signs they rule are located. The influence of the other planets is neither beneficial nor detrimental.

Character is the active agent

Astrological research confirms that the events you attract are the result of your character acting on and responding to environment. Character is the active agent and the mishap and misadventure you experience are the result of defective character traits – misguided desires and attitudes.

Character attracts an event and then seeks a solution. The pain and discomfort associated with misfortune initiates a struggle response that builds character and ability. Overcoming problems involves changing defective character traits and changing your character is the only sure way of solving a problem.

Hermetic astrology isn’t for everyone. It teaches that you’re responsible for everything you think, say and do. It teaches that you have to take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life and many people can’t do that. 

Hermetic astrology teaches that the doctrine of human reincarnation is a false Lower-Pluto teaching designed to fool people into thinking that their future living is here on Earth and not on astral and spiritual planes that provide opportunities for expanded consciousness development.

Your soul’s evolution is progressive and it never reincarnates in the same physical life-form. Progress is the anthem of the universe.

Author: Edward Doane

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