December 17, 2019: Australia has its hottest December day. 

Australia’s chart progressed to December 17, 2019

Birth data is January 1, 1901 at 1.25pm AEST 33S53; 151E14

Progressed Mars – planet of heat – at 26 Leo 40 in house 4 (the weather and weather events) was trine birth chart ascendant; and progressed Sun – planet of heat but not as hot as Mars – cusp ruler of house 4 at 14N31 was parallel progressed Mars in house 4 at 14N39.

On December 17 the record breaking temperate event (40.9C) was timed by transit Mercury square birth chart Mars.

On December 18-19 transit Venus was inconjunct progressed Mars and sesquisquare birth chart Mars; and transit Sun was trine progressed Sun so more heat records were set to tumble.

And they did. Nullarbor in Western Australia hit an incredible 49.9C – the fourth hottest temperature ever recorded in Australia; Adelaide reached 45.3C on December 19 – its highest top temperature for the month of December since records began in 1887; and Wudinna and Port Augusta in South Australia– where roads melted in the intense heat – rose above 48C.

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Author: DW Sutton

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