The freeing side of Neptune

Elbert Benjamine

In a birth chart, or mundane chart, there is no special house allotted to freedom.

Perhaps the first house is the closest approach to it.

But there is a house, the twelfth, which rules imprisonment, disappointment and restrictions.

It’s related to the sign Pisces and its ruler, Neptune.

Yet our research in mundane work reveals that not only was human slavery ruled by Neptune, but that every important event affecting the slaves, including freeing them, was coincident with an aspect in the Neptune Cycle.

Uranus, perhaps, is the ‘give me liberty or give me death,’ attitude; but in a less violent manner it is evident that Neptune can either imprison or give the most unusual freedom.

Movie stars and Neptune

Movie stars and other actors who are successful in dramatic portrayals invariably have Neptune prominent in their birth charts.

And dramatic art is a freeing, through creative imagination, of the individual from his normal imitations.

The actor, and the one who views the portrayal, are taken from hum-drum existence and transported into a realm of love, tragedy and adventure.

The success of the performance to the audience depends upon its ability to give them the desired thrills and experiences which their lives otherwise are too narrow to afford.

Musicians, also, if they are to escape from mere mechanical rendition and move people through their feelings, must have Neptune prominent in their birth charts.

In fact, our research shows that 79% of all musicians do have it prominent.

They are able to enter into music with the imagination, and to transport those who listen to a realm of beauty which without the music they do not reach.

 They thus free themselves and those who listen from common limitations.

Aviators and Neptune

It was rather a surprise to find in analyzing the birth charts of 100 aviators that Neptune was prominent in 98% of them.

Yet checking this influence of Neptune in mundane work, we found that important aviation events always coincide with prominent Neptune aspects.

It was through statistical studies that we were forced to conclude that Neptune rules aviation.

But, after all, much as the imagination permits the individual to leave the plane of reality and live in a realm of wish-fulfillment, so does aviation enable him to soar into a realm which defies his previous bondage to the surface of the Earth.

Corporations, also, in which the capital of a large number of people is utilized to do business on a vast scale, and in which there is profit-sharing by many, comes under Neptune’s jurisdiction, as do colonies and enterprises in which many members share alike or on a pro rata basis.

And the purpose of such projects is not to limit and restrict the individual, but to free all from the limitations imposed by too meager financial assets.

Neptune and healing

Among healers of the most progressive type, who use diet, nature cure and stellar healing invariably have Neptune prominent in the birth charts.

In fact, what may be called natural healers are those with Neptune prominent.

They are able to free the individual, without recourse to drugs, from the restrictions imposed by illness.

Neptune, also, when prominent, gives the ability to employ the psychic senses in acquiring information and in investigating the conditions of the inner plane.

 It thus disposes of the common limitations of depending on the physical senses and reason, and opens up new realms for exploration.

Neptune is prominent in the birth charts of law-enforcement officers who place people in prison.

It is afflicted in the charts of those who suffer domination by psychic forces, who become enslaved by drugs, who are poisoned, or who become hopelessly involved.

But on its constructive side, Neptune rules ideals; and it is only through working toward the ideals which he provides that the human race can gradually free itself from its age-old limitations.

Author: DW Sutton

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