Transit aspects have a trigger effect

Elbert Benjamine

If a sufficiently wide orb is allowed a transit aspect can be found to account for every event of life.

But when so wide an orb is used, some transit aspect is present at all times and there is nothing which clearly shows which of these numerous transit aspects indicates an event, and which do not.

Under such circumstances the fortune-type astrologer who has active extrasensory perception is able to pick the one which will coincide with an event.

But those who rely exclusively on the aspects cannot do so for while events do often coincide with transit aspects to birth chart positions, innumerable transit aspects to birthchart positions occur which do not coincide with any significant event.

Hermetic astrology and event forecasting

Both in the birth chart and by progression Hermetic astrology confines its attention exclusively to the positions of the ten planets, the Midheaven and ascendant.

For predicting probable events by natal astrology it pays no attention to cycles or other such charts.

It confines itself exclusively to major progressions, minor progressions and transit progressions.

Our statistical analysis of thousands of charts progressed to the date of some important event taught us long ago than an event of importance only occurs when there is a major progressed aspect within one degree of perfect involving a planet the nature of which is characteristic of the event and a planet ruling the house of the birth chart governing the department of life affected by the event.

Parallel aspects

Because we did not give sufficient attention to parallel aspects, we were inclined to believe that events indicated by progressed aspects involving Sun or Mars occasionally occurred when the aspect was as much as a degree and a half from perfect.

But later detailed research revealed that this was not the case.

This research indicated that before pronouncing judgment that a certain event cannot take place, because there is no progressed aspect involving the planet characteristic of the event, that careful attention must also be given to the birthchart and progressed declinations of all 12 positions to find if a parallel aspect has been formed by progression to the planet under consideration.

In the September, 1947, C of L Quarterly we reported that our statistical studies revealed that minor progressed aspects have an independent effect, attracting minor events, and also a reinforcement effect through which they increase the power of any major progressed aspect a terminal of which is involved.

And we now find that transit aspects also have two distinct types of influence.

The independent power and harmony or discord of a transit aspect tends to attract conditions or an event of inconsequence consistent with this power and harmony or discord.

But in addition to this independent power and harmony or discord, transit aspects exert a trigger effect.

So the event thought to be indicated by a transit aspect was actually mapped by a major progressed aspect and triggered by the transit.

Author: DW Sutton

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