The planets in global astrology

In all branches of astrology the Sun and Moon are classified as planets and in global astrology they along with the eight planets of our solar system rule definite thought trends, sectors of business activity and political or social groups.

Sun – politics, executive work and ruling class

The Sun is the planet of politics, governance, administration, management, supervision and executive work – the devising of plans, strategies and policies by the person responsible for running a country or company.

He rules the political sector, political and other leaders, the social group known as the upper class, those in positions of authority, employers and bosses.

Moon – the home, family and common folk

The Moon is the planet of the home, bread and butter issues, groceries, food, gossip, novelty and notoriety.

She rules merchants, the family and the everyday people often identified as civilians, the common people or the masses.

Mercury – science, literary work and the press

Mercury is the planet of objective thought, intellectual activity, evidence-based facts, science, think-tanks, literary work, talk and controversy.

He rules the intelligentsia, academics, writers and the press.

Venus – high society, women, art and beauty

Venus is the planet of beautiful feelings, emotional power, art, beautiful artistic creations, high fashion, women’s issues, the beauty industry, cosmetics, social events, singing and dancing.

She rules high society, socialites, the social set, women, artists and the arts community.

Mars – mechanics, manufacturing and militarism

Mars is the planet of mechanics, machines, manufacturing, construction, the military, the weapons industry, guns, bombs, alcohol, the lacquer industry, gambling, the gambling industry, sex, the sex industry, hunting festivals, competitive sport, gym culture, muscles and physical exercise.

He rules militarism, the gun lobby, sex workers, police officers, sheriffs, doctors, surgeons and industrial workers.

Jupiter – finances, commerce and religion

Jupiter is the planet of finances, commerce, selling, sales, higher prices, capitalism, prosperity, wealth creation, the wealth management industry, religion, religious thinking, philosophy, faith-based beliefs, ethical viewpoints, moral principles, the courts and judiciary.

He rules the banking/financial sector, capitalists, millionaires, the Christian lobby, preachers and teachers.

Saturn – orthodoxy, conservatism and basic utilities

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, socially conservative values, free enterprise, private ownership, accepted customs, land, the farming and mining sectors, poverty, hardship, disease, basic utilities, minimum requirements for modern living – electricity, gas and water – laborers, farmers and miners.

He rules the farming sector, farmers, miners, laborers, traders, conservatives, environmentalists and conservationists.

Uranus – ultra-progressive thinking and radicalism

Uranus is the planet of progressive thinking, social reform, occult insight, invention, technology, electronic devices, innovation, original proposals, creative innovation, radicalism, extremists, racism, racial tensions, social activists and reformers.

He rules the tech sector, radical, progressive thinkers, reformists, inventors, technology experts and the LGBTI community.

Neptune – mystical thinking, stock companies and idealism

Neptune is the planet of mystery, mystical thinking, fascination, promotion, visionary schemes, stock companies whose capital is divided into shares, idealism, utopianism and the pursuit of perfection.

He rules socialists, visionaries, idealists, dreamers, fraudsters, embezzlers, scammers, slaves, refugees and the fishing industry.

Pluto – spirituality, inversion and group activity

Pluto is the planet of spirituality, high moral principles, noble endeavor, deep concern for the welfare of all living things, inversion, the deliberate distortion of facts, misinformation, the influence of non-physical intelligences, group activity for universal good or selfish advantage, teams, teamwork, non-elected power, dictatorship, compulsory cooperation and coercion.

He rules the humanitarian sector, highly spiritual people, lobbyists, dictators, criminals, thugs and gangsters.

Author: DW Sutton

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