Aspects in the sky

As they travel along the zodiac, at times that can be predetermined, the planets in the sky form angular relationships called aspects.

Aspects are dynamic astrological events that influence global affairs.

Hermetic astrology only considers aspects formed by the major planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

A chart constructed for the time a major aspect in the sky is perfect is a forecast model of events and conditions here on Earth.

The time an aspect is perfect represents its peak power date.

It’s a tipping point and the major events forecast by a chart are inclined to occur near this date.

But an aspect has an orb of influence that defines a time-frame during which the event or events it forecasts can occur.

A chart for an aspect in the sky can be calculated for any country.

It’s just a matter of converting the time the aspect is perfect (given in Greenwich Mean Time) to local time and locating the chart to the geographical coordinates for a country’s administrative capital.

The planets forming the aspect, by their house positions in the chart, specify the mundane affairs being influenced by the energy event in the sky.

The functionality of the energy – its harmony or discord – is determined by the nature of the aspect.

There are ten aspects used in Hermetic Astrology but only 4 are considered when observing and assessing astrological events in the sky.

They are the conjunction, opposition, square and trine.

Aspects in the sky

A conjunction aspect is formed when two major planets in the sky are in the same degree and minute of the zodiac.

The aspect brings everything together – the mundane matters ruled by the planets and the affairs of the house where they are located.

It forecasts major national and international events.

An opposition aspect is formed when two major planets are 180º apart in the zodiac.

The aspect tears everything apart – the mundane matters ruled by the planets and the affairs of the house where they are located.

It forecasts difficulties and unfortunate national and world events.

A square aspect is formed when two major planets are 90º apart in the zodiac.

It forecasts conflict arising from simmering frustration, high level destruction, barriers to progress and destructive weather events.

A trine aspect is formed when two planets are 120º apart in the zodiac.

It forecasts beneficial events, fortunate conditions and harmonious relations that benefit the mundane matters ruled by the houses where the planets are located.

The events that occur involve human actors.

As above, so below

The astrological conditions in the sky are replicated here on Earth – as above, so below.

When there’s a powerful astrological event in the sky the energies of the planets impact the not-conscious minds of people in general.

They become more receptive to the astral broadcast and events, excepting weather events and natural disasters, occur through human actors.

But what’s forecast in the sky isn’t a precise event.

It doesn’t provide precise details or permit precise prediction.

It’s an energy event that replicates itself as war, financial disaster, storm, flood, fortunate political change, peace or economic growth.

Its harmony or discord can be graded as low, moderate, high, very-high etc.

Some astrological events in the sky are highly discordant and extremely subtle so their influence can be difficult to detect.

The event here on Earth can only occur during the aspect’s time-frame and most likely near its tipping point.

Some aspects have a very long time-frame.

Author: DW Sutton

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