Global events forecast October 2017

Forecast data as per aspects in the sky and the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto cycle charts.

Mars – the planet of strife, hate, provocation, rows, feuds, saber rattling, military conflicts, weaponry, missiles, bombs, guns, acts of violence, shootings, accidents, alcohol, fires, heat waves, forest fires, police officers, fire fighters and emergency services – will again play the lead role in global affairs during October 2017.

Progressed Mercury opposition birth chart Mars and progressed Mars inconjunct birth chart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart continue to incite strife, war-talk, hate speech, provocative words, bickering and violence against civilians. North Korea, Myanmar, America, China, India and Russia are all responding to these dangerous Mars progressions.

The Mars discord will peak midmonth – October 8 to October 17 – with Mars square Saturn in the sky and Mars square Saturn, sesquisquare Sun and opposition Venus in the Mars cycle.

Mercury events involve controversy, discussion, debate, irrational rhetoric, conversations, speech, documents, reports, science, journalists, newspapers, commentators, writers, educators and wind.

Jupiter events involve finances, the financial sector, currencies, banks, bankers, trade, legal matters, the law, the judiciary, courts, religion, religious leaders, priests, bishops, optimism, hope and expansion.

Saturn events involve security, insecurity, safety measures, crystallizing conservatism, selfishness, protectionism, recession, economy, austerity, cutbacks, heavy burdens, loss, disappointment, fear, destructive weather events, natural disasters – floods, storms, droughts, famines, earthquakes – hardship, grief, laborers, farmers, miners and immigration.

Uranus events involve change, reform, radical extremism, startling revelations, shocks, social unrest, protests, demonstrations, liberation movements, freedom fighting, bizarre happenings, emails and weird behavior.

Neptune events involve schemes, exaggeration, share-markets, confusion, chaos, deception, fraud, white-collar crime, aviation, planes, oil, gas, drugs, opioids, lies, fake everything, movies and movie stars.

Pluto events involve groups, massive crowds, coalitions, groups of countries, cooperation, unity, disunity, compulsory measures, sanctions, terror networks, computers, websites, computer hackers, cyber-crime, insidious evil, dictators, human monsters, vile behavior, crime,  kidnapping and drastic developments.

Ongoing events

September 6, 2019: Pluto is parallel Saturn in Pluto cycle > Pluto is the planet of groups, crime, corruption, drastic events, terror networks and cooperative effort and Saturn is the planet of fear, security, poverty, droughts, famines, floods and other natural disasters. The Lower-Pluto thought-force is active on many fronts spreading fear and insecurity. Counter terrorism measures, terror threat alerts and cyber security are key issues. The aspect forecasts drastic weather events and natural disasters.

October forecast

Jupiter – the planet of finances – will lead the news queue during the first week of October.

In the Jupiter cycle Jupiter is trine Neptune – planet of fraud and deception – inconjunct the Moon – planet of the common people, food and water – and inconjunct Uranus – planet of unexpected events, sudden shocks and reform.

Jupiter opposition Uranus in the sky on September 28 and Uranus semisquare Neptune in the sky on October 7 forecast a sudden outbreak of market jitters with financial turmoil and confusion.

October 2/3: Mars is trine Mercury and Pluto in Mars cycle > the Mercury-Pluto conjunction aspect is a hot-spot in the Mars cycle

US Mars cycle progressed to October 3, 2017


Transit Mars in house 7 is inconjunct Mercury and Mars in house 12 (restriction, secret enemies, behind the scenes activity, FBI, crime and relief measures).

October 4: Uranus parallel Saturn in the Uranus cycle starts > this aspect forecasts a wave of extreme conservatism, a conservative backlash to progressive change, widespread fear of change, discontented hardliners, unrest and demonstrations inspired by hardship and poverty, extreme weather events, technology failures, electricity shortages, blackouts and progressive change that goes back to the past – end date is March 21, 2018

October 5: Sun is parallel and opposition Mercury in the Sun cycle > comments and announcements by a world leader stir up controversy

October 8: Mars is inconjunct Uranus in Mars cycle

October 9: Sun is parallel Jupiter in Sun cycle

October 11: Mars is square Saturn in the sky > war fears, anger and despair, harsh suffering, fleeing violence, destructive weather events, natural disasters, mining accidents and fires

Mars square Saturn in the sky Washington


Mars is in house 10 (the Trump administration, business activity and credit). Saturn is in house 2 (finances and spending). The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts a 'bad' event involving these areas of mundane life. (Chart data is 9.37am EDT, October 11, 2017 Washington.)

Mars is semisextile Jupiter in Mars cycle

October 12: Jupiter sextile Venus in Jupiter cycle starts > this is a high harmony aspect operating in a high-discord environment > Jupiter is the planet of finances, sales, extravagance, new laws and religion and Venus is the planet of women, social functions, art and textiles – peak power date is October 17

Sun is parallel Neptune and square Pluto in the Sun cycle > Pluto is the planet of groups, disunity, crime, criminal gangs and drastic developments

October 13: Mars is square Saturn in Mars cycle – see October 11

Sun is conjunction Jupiter in Sun cycle > activates Jupiter sextile Venus in Jupiter cycle > Jupiter is the planet of diplomatic moves, optimism, hope, goodwill, forgiveness and mercy

October 14: Mars is sesquisquare Sun in Mars cycle > political strife, angry world leaders, belligerence and provocation

Sun is parallel Uranus in Sun cycle

October 16: Mars is opposition Venus in Mars cycle > strife for a female leader, woman warriors and social violence – this aspect maintains the level of Mars discord

Sun is opposition Uranus in Sun cycle

October 17: Jupiter is sextile Venus in Jupiter cycle > see October 12 for event trend – end date is October 22

Jupiter square Mercury and inconjunct Jupiter in Jupiter cycle start > these aspects forecast foolish talk, over-the-top optimism, controversial trade deals, misguided extravagance and financial, legal or religious controversies – peak power date is October 22

US Jupiter cycle progressed to October 21, 2017


Transit Jupiter in house 7 is square Mercury in house 11 (Congress) and inconjunct Jupiter in house 1 (the people and their health and welfare). Health care is the issue.

October 19: Mars inconjunct Moon in Mars cycle > civilian violence, fighting for food and water, domestic disputes, shootings, wildfires

Sun is sesquisquare Neptune in Sun cycle

October 20: Sun is sextile Saturn in Sun cycle

October 22: Jupiter is square Mercury and inconjunct Jupiter in Jupiter cycle > see October 17 for event forecast – end date is October 26

October 25: Jupiter parallel Neptune in the Jupiter cycle starts > this aspect forecasts financial schemes, business fraud, financial deception, rising share prices, a financial utopia, massive profits, big business mergers, increased drug sales > peak date is November 8 > Jupiter also forecasts major news stories involving religion, the church, the judiciary and judicial decisions.

October 24/25/26/30: Mars is opposition Mars, parallel Venus and parallel Mars in Mars cycle and Sun is opposition and parallel Mars in Sun cycle so there’s an elevation in Mars discord in the last week of October.

North Korea's Mars cycle progressed to October 24, 2017


Transit Mars in house 1 is opposition Mars in house 7 (the enemy and the international community).

October 30: Saturn semisquare Mercury in the Saturn cycle starts > this aspect forecasts security talks, security fears, lapses in security, controversial security decisions, economic belt-tightening, bad economic news, controversial climate policy announcements, reports of poverty and hardship, natural disasters, floods > Saturn is the planet of fear, security, poverty and hardship > peak power date is November 9

Forecast periods

Events related to a designated aspect can occur during its forecast period.

Aspects in the sky have a wide time-frame that’s determined by the aspect’s orb of influence. The date indicated is when the aspect is perfect and is at its peak power.

Aspects formed by Mars in the Mars cycle have a 3 day time-frame (36 hours either side of the indicated peak date) or 6 days (72 hours either side of the indicated peak date) if it’s a parallel aspect.

Aspects formed by the Sun in the Sun cycle have a 2 day time-frame (24 hours either side of the aspect’s peak time).

Author: DW Sutton

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