Global events forecast January 2017

Data as per aspects forming in the Mars and Saturn cycle charts and major Moon aspects in the Aquarian Age chart.

Event forecast periods are indicated.

For events timed by aspects in the Mars cycle allow one day before and after the date indicated or 3 days if it’s a parallel aspect.

December 28, 2016: In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Moon moves to form a luck (trine) aspect with birthchart Neptune > it reaches peak power on January 27, 2017

Aquarian Age chart Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - progressed January 27, 2017


Neptune - the planet of oil and OPEC - is in house 7 (the world). Major Moon is in house 11 (Saudi Arabia's friends and allies).

January 1: Mars is conjunction Neptune in the sky > end date is January 17

January 7: Mars is semisextile Uranus in Mars cycle. It signs for disputes, rows, shootings, extremist violence, freedom-fighting, radicalization, accidents and fires.

January 8: Mars is sextile Pluto in Mars cycle. It signs for violence, terror attacks, bombings, accidents and fires. Pluto is the planet of groups, cooperative effort, mass murder, crime, criminal gangs, kidnapping and corruption.

Mars cycle chart Ankara, Turkey - progressed to January 8, 2017


Mars - the ruler of the chart - is in house 7 (war and relations with foreign powers). Pluto is in house 4 (land, homes and buildings). Transit Mars - violent attacks, shootings, disputes, rows and accidents - is in house 6.

January 9: Mars is inconjunct Jupiter in Mars cycle. It signs for currency rows, disputes over money, strife at the trade talks, strife for banks, religious inspired violence and burning churches.

Mars is parallel Uranus in Mars cycle. It signs for radical aggression, extremist violence, train crashes, truck bombings, accidents and fires.  News stories involve the police and fire fighters.

January 15: Mars is parallel Moon in Mars cycle. It signs for attacks on civilians, domestic violence, alcohol fuelled violence, accidents and fires.

January 16: Mars is semisquare Mercury in Mars cycle. It signs for angry words, violent controversies, belligerence and vulgarity and attacks on journalists.

January 19: Mars is square Saturn in the sky at 9.16am GMT. It signs for strife, acts of violence, rows, conflict, tight security, destructive weather, natural disasters, loss and hardship.

Jupiter is parallel Uranus in the sky at 1.08pm GMT. It signs for a financial disturbance, religious unrest, startling revelations, demonstrations and protests.

January 27: Progressed Moon is trine birthchart Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart > end date is February 26

Mars is parallel Venus in Mars cycle. It signs for social strife and acts of violence by women.

January 29: At 12.07.33 pm GMT a new Mars cycle starts

January 30: Saturn semisquare Mercury in the Saturn cycle starts. It signs for security announcements, safety controversies, scary words, natural disasters, freezing cold weather, hardship and suffering > it reaches peak power on February 10.

Author: DW Sutton

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