Spiritual astrology

Spiritual astrology, according to Astrowiki, ‘is a general term for several types of natal astrology that use the horoscope as a means to develop the individual’s awareness of the soul or enlightenment, as opposed to a focus on the physical or material aspects of life.’ And ‘spiritual astrologers often combine astrology with other practices and belief systems, such as theosophy, numerology, tarot and Kabbalah.’

If you type spiritual astrology into your search engine you’ll find three books with the title Spiritual Astrology available on Amazon.

According to Hermetic tradition the first astrologers possessed psychic skills and extrasensory perception abilities which they used to directly investigate the high-speed world of astrological energies. And their investigative research produced knowledge which they uploaded into the sky and throughout the ages it was taught and passed on by individuals who were collectively called the Brotherhood of Light.

This knowledge pertains to your soul and reason for being which is personalized in your birth chart. The planets and stars in your chart depict your character in astro-text: and your character expresses a special type of intelligence and ability that continually evolves through experience.

Your life as a human soul bestows self-consciousness so your chief focus at this stage of the game is yourself. You’re focussed on self-preservation and learning to survive your personal environmental circumstances. You acquire an education, develop skills, attend to the practical aspects of daily life and are constantly motivated to satisfy incessant urges.

But the first astrologers learned that, with all your struggle and selfish getting, your soul also possessed a spiritual potential which you could nurture so they attached a moral teaching to each of the 48 constellations. These attachments – as spiritual astrology – provide you and humanity with a treatise on spirituality.

But in the age of inversion the meaning of the words spiritual and spirituality is very murky and misunderstood.  

Spiritual is defined as ‘relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things’: and ‘relating to religion or religious belief’. And spirituality is ‘the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.’

Religious leaders are charged with humanity’s spiritual welfare so the idea that spirituality is a feeling – like love, optimism, anger, hope and fear – that motivates action hasn’t seeped into the public consciousness yet.

In your birth chart Pluto is the planet of spirituality. It denotes a potential to develop noble impulses untinged by selfishness that motivate you to contribute to the common good; and Pluto’s house position indicates the area of your life where your spirituality can be effectively employed.

More information pertaining to your spiritual potential can be found in the keynote signs and decanates in your birth chart; and if you’re ready you can apply this information to nurture your spiritual self.

Hermetic astrology

Spiritual behavior is moral behavior and for the past 2000 years the subject of morality and how human beings should live was elucidated in various Holy Books written for the Age of Pisces. And now in the age of knowledge there’s a pressing need to learn more about spirituality and morality and how nature intends people to live.

That’s not to say the Bible, for example, got it wrong.

Observation of what happens here on Earth, and of the broad trends of evolution as influenced by the movements of the planets, confirms the more important moral teachings of all the prophets of all times and all lands – new age celebrity biologists notwithstanding.

These prophets taught, as the writings in the sky set forth, that you should observe a code of conduct which elevates you above brute selfishness and which permits you, through personal contribution, to benefit others and the advancement of the human race.

Hermetic astrology can be used for a wide variety of purposes. As the science of the soul it gives detailed information about the structure and potentialities of your soul; and as the science of the stars it gives detailed instruction on how you can learn about yourself using your birth chart.

But its most valuable function is to reveal the will of God and to instruct you at each stage of your journey on how best you can develop your own character to benefit others and assist in the realization of God’s Great Plan. 

This is a spiritual enterprise and Hermetic astrology explains how you can use your birth chart to guide your spiritual development.

Spiritual astrology

The branch of Hermetic astrology called spiritual astrology teaches that God’s words have been traced among the stars as the constellations and the designs of the 48 ancient constellations employ universal symbolism to convey powerful spiritual messages.

It teaches that the constellations, written in symbolic pictograph, reveal the uncontroversial will of God and by explaining spiritual, ethical and moral truths they act as a moral compass.

Spiritual astrology condenses myths and legends associated with character traits and qualities into spiritual texts and the easiest, most reliable, way of discerning this knowledge personally, and learning your relationship to God and the universe, is to assess the keynote signs and decanates in your birth chart.

Spiritual astrology provides spiritual knowledge – the most powerful knowledge of all – and its laws and principles are personalized in your birth chart. They’ll assist you to learn what God has willed for you and when you recognize the God within you’ll become one with the God of all things. 

Spiritual astrology explains how you can develop your spiritual nature most effectively. Your spiritual thoughts should be about God and how you can nourish your spiritual potential by actively benefitting humanity and God’s Great Plan.

The enduring substance of eternal life is spiritual substance and you need to know about the states of consciousness that affect spiritual substance and build your spiritual body. It will be your future home.

Author: DW Sutton

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