The language of the stars

Way back in the distant past when the first astrologers applied their specialized thinking to understanding the mysteries of life they discovered and investigated the astral world. They learned about the soul, zodiac signs and planets and developed the language of the stars. They had an extrasensory perception experience with God and their divine communication produced wondrous knowledge.

To them the heavens revealed the glory and beauty of God’s creation so they uploaded their astrological knowledge into the sky.

Their skywriting, as simple pictographs, explains God’s great cosmic plan and the relation of the human soul to the universe and God. It describes the code of conduct that individual’s should follow in order to elevate themselves above brute selfishness and explains that proactive contribution to the welfare of others nourishes their mental, emotional and spiritual development.

The 48 constellations – God’s divine words – give instruction and provide spiritual teachings and a moral compass for all human souls.

But for thousands of years God’s skywriting remained incomprehensible. What did these pictograph images in the sky mean? What was their purpose? What information was entrusted to the stars? And would it ever receive a reliable translation and return to Earth.

Pictograph writing

The form of writing that the first astrologers used when tracing the constellations in the sky is called pictography. It’s a form of communication by means of pictures and drawings and each constellation depicts a pictograph that coveys a message.

Pictography is a simple language. The meaning of a pictograph message is conveyed through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object and is meant to be easily understood. And in your daily life you have regular contact with pictographs. 

Road signs are pictographs that have an almost universal interpretation.  They communicate a road message that is understood by languages and cultures that are completely different. And you’ll find small pictograph icons on your computer screen that represent a software program, file or function. They help you to quickly and easily identify what you need and want.

Pictography is in fact the world’s oldest method of communication. It can be considered an art form or written language and while archaeologists search the Earth for rock drawings the greatest story ever told is engraved in the vaults of Heaven. There you will find pictograph images of people, animals and objects that tell the story of life.

The language of the stars is called astrology

The language of the stars is no ordinary language. As God’s universal communications network it elucidates the function and purpose of life. It’s called astrology.

Astrology – the language of the stars – is a functional language and the functioning language of the universe. It describes an evolving concept that’s an expression of God’s mind and as the planets wander around the zodiac this mindset is shaped and reshaped. 

The laws of life are all written in the language of the stars. It captures the essence of human nature and because it reveals the word of God it’s a sacred language. Those conversant in the language have access to divine words.

The language of the stars has authority, import, beauty and influence. It’s the one universal language that allows you to read the language of life in its original text: And no other language does that. It’s a vibrant instrument of communication – a simple, noble language – that says something in a way that’s much better than most of our modern languages. 

The language of the stars has word power. It deals with natural facts. It has meaning, purpose and credibility. It says something that’s definite and precise and then it ends the communiqué. It wouldn’t fill the front page of your local newspaper with drivel and meaningless nonsense. 

God’s divine language is not meant for the chosen few and it’s not a secret language. It can be learned by anyone but its knowledge is naturally concealed from those who are spiritually bankrupt and immoral.

The language of the stars is not a common, everyday language. It’s a sacred language in the sense that it is used by God to communicate with individual souls. Your birth chart allows you to communicate with God; and you can thank Elbert Benjamine who applied his intelligence and ability to discern the language of the stars and give it a modern – Aquarian Age – translation.

God’s divine language of the stars and you

God created our solar system and the astrological energies the planets and zodiac signs transmit; and at each moment in time the movement of the planets through the zodiac reveal God’s intent as a special type of intelligence and ability that’s associated with an attitude-motivation.

Your birth chart reveals what God wants from you. It’s a divine communiqué that outlines a special training program that’s designed to develop your intelligence and ability. You’re being educated to perform a particular type of work in God’s great evolutionary enterprise.

Your soul is connected to the stars and the language of the stars – via your birth chart – allows you to enter the realm of soul knowledge.

Your birth chart reveals your soul’s character development when you were born. It maps a special type of mentality and aptitude and gives your life a trajectory and spiritual potential. 

The planets by their sign locations are sending you priceless information.

The constellations in the sky are story tellers and your keynote signs and decanates are talking to you in the sacred language of the stars. Through the stories they tell you can learn what God wants from you.  

Your birth chart allows you touch personal truth. It allows you to learn about your unknown soul-self. It provides relative truths in a universal context and explains how you can assist in the realization of God’s great plan.

The first astrologers used pictographs to convey God’s divine instruction and when you apply the language of the stars to your birth chart you’ll learn about the special type of intelligence and ability that defines your reason for being, your life story that ensures its development and how you should live your life to maximize your personal growth and betterment.

Author: DW Sutton

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