Jupiter’s belief systems in the age of knowledge

Jupiter – the planet of religion – transmits an astral frequency that inclines people to look to a higher-power for guidance and protection and this tendency evolves and expresses differently as the astrological ages place their signatures on humanity’s intellectual and spiritual motivation.

So, religious beliefs and practices are nothing new. They’ve been around for a very long time and with evolutionary change gospel truths are subject to revision and alteration and, if they fail to successfully adapt to the new astrological forces, eventual disintegration.

Religions are born, grow and die

About 56,800 years ago, early European modern humans or Cro-Magnons settled in Europe and in 1868 five ancient Cro-Magnon skeletons were discovered in a cave in France. Chambers were found in which they practiced their magic along with clay effigies of various beasts, pierced with arrows or cut with knives.

It’s believed the paintings of animals on the walls and ceilings of the caverns they occupied had religious significance. Carvings on bone and ivory, and elaborate burial practices confirm their religion had evolved to a point where it was quite complex.

Theoretically, the probable evolution of religion can be traced from naturism – assumed to be the first religion and the belief that various things generally considered lifeless are sensate and act much as living creatures do – through animism, fetishism, totemism, hero-cult and phallic worship to the complex Heliolithic culture which originated in Egypt and was associated with Sun worship and the building of megaliths.

Religion today

The most recent chapters in religion’s story, scripted during the Arian and Piscean Ages, involve the various religious concepts which are dominant in the world today: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. And their tenets and beliefs are documented in what are believed to be sacred texts.

Christianity has the Christian Bible. It has 35 traditional authors and the vast majority of Christians, who believe that Jesus is the son of God, view this holy document as God-inspired, if not God’s own words. Christianity is currently the world’s largest religion with (according to WorldAtlas) more than 2.38 billion followers and over 45,000 different denominations.

1.9 billion Muslims believe the Quran – the sacred text of Islam. It’s believed to be the final revelation of God to mankind as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad via the Archangel Gabriel.

The gospel truth for Hindus is revealed in the Vedas. 1.16 billion followers believe these ancient religious texts were received by scholars directly from God and passed on for generations by word of mouth.

And 506 million people believe the teachings of Buddhism, the words of the Buddha, which are found in sacred texts collectively known as the Tripitaka.

All these religious texts present teachings, practices, codes of conduct and rules for living that their followers believe have been ordained by God.

Other popular religions include: Shinto with 104 million followers; Sikhism with 25 million; Judaism with 14 million; Taoism with 12 million; and Confucianism with 6 million followers.

A very ancient astrological religion

In the distant past, long before Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism emerged, spiritual truth seekers, who had a direct extrasensory communication with God, searched for knowledge pertaining to life, and the past, present and future of the souls who lived it.

Over many generations they collected and catalogued a compendium of life knowledge based on natural law which they uploaded into the sky where it was safe from the information savages, book burners and profane.

And it’s because their wisdom is written in the stars that their practical and spiritual teachings pertaining to God, the soul and life comprise the doctrines and tenets of the Religion of the Stars.

So, if you gaze at the heavens you can see the teachings of the Religion of the Stars depicted in the constellations.

The stars in the sky – God’s fantastic light show – give the first astrologers – the ancient masters of spiritual knowledge – a voice for eternity.

Civilizations rise and fall and it’s a tradition that when darkness descended on the civilization that first practiced the Religion of the Stars, that colonies were established in Egypt, India, Crete, Peru, Mexico, China and Chaldea to preserve its astrological and spiritual knowledge.

Since then the Religion of the Stars has had a perilous history. Astrology – its practical application and the first science – has played a significant role in humanity’s story but its highly elevated spiritual teachings have rarely impacted humankind.

The Religion of the Stars

The Religion of the Stars has been linked to the mysterious Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus – Hermes the thrice great. It’s believed he received his astrological and magical knowledge directly from God; and those who follow his writings study the words of someone who was able to access the secrets of the created world and its relationship to the universe.

His ancient Hermetic doctrines teach that even though the Earth is a small part of the universe it has a dynamic relationship to the universal scheme; and that Hermetic magic works through the cultivation of the psychic senses that permit communication with higher planes of existence where highly evolved intelligences live and continue their developmental journeys.

Hermes offers an expanded sense of possibility – a mental universe – progressive development – and eternal life.

Later the religion’s 48 spiritual texts, as depicted by the constellations, were clarified by myths, legends and traditions; and later still they were supplemented by the Egyptian Tarot cards.

In Egypt in the fourteenth century BC, Akhenaten, the tenth ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty, taught the Religion of the Stars to the populace. But on his death Tutankhamen ascended the throne and the predatory priesthood was immediately restored to power and commenced a campaign to discredit Akhenaten’s religious teachings.

And the ancient Maya civilization that rose to prominence around 250 AD in present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, northern Belize and western Honduras had great knowledge of the Religion of the Stars. But when it was conquered by the military might of Kukulcan its religious teachings were supplemented with horrible human sacrifices. 

In the second century AD the Alexandrian scholar Claudius Ptolemy wrote his text on the philosophy and practice of astrology – Tetrabiblos – in which he catalogued and systematized astrology’s current knowledge.

The completeness of his work infers that he had access to information not generally accessible to the populace and he stated that his purpose in writing the book was to document the wisdom of the ancients and pass it on to posterity.

On February 27, 380 the Roman Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the religion of the state and punished the practice of pagan rituals. He forbade the unorthodox to hold meetings, handed over all the churches to the Trinitarians and overthrew the heathen temples throughout the empire. There was to be no rivalry, no qualification, to the rigid unity of the Church.

Yet, in spite of hostile repression, much of the ancient wisdom persisted in more intelligent circles until the Middle Ages when Europe descended into 900 years of intellectual and religious darkness.

During this Dark Age illiteracy was all but universal and religious intolerance, persecution and oppression manifested in crusades in which myriads perished. The ancient astrological and other wisdom was preserved at grave peril by secret societies and unlawful groups who operated covertly.

Then, in the 17th century came the Age of Enlightenment, science and the advocacy of democracy, constitutional government and the separation of the church and state. It was a period of scientific advancement and radical ideas – like the eradication of religious authority.

During the 19th century those possessing knowledge of the ancient religious wisdom formed into Brotherhoods and one, having knowledge of natural laws and astrological cycles, knew that in 1881 the astral currents influencing the evolution of human thought and behavior would once again favor their presentation and dissemination.

Ancient religious teachings get a scientific upgrade

In 1909, newly discovered scientific laws were making the mystical notions of God and astrology hopelessly obsolete, and members of the Brotherhood of Luxor asked Elbert Benjamine to document – in modern day language – the ancient teachings of the Religion of the Stars.

And with Elbert Benjamine – in the Age of Aquarius – came liberation, truth, transparency and an openness that proclaims ‘we’re done with hiding’.

Writing as CC Zain, Elbert for the very first time, deciphered, scientifically upgraded and documented, in 21 texts comprising 210 Brotherhood of Light lessons, the teachings of the Religion of the Stars.

Seven of these texts present the religion’s teachings on astrology; seven relate to magic and the development of the psychic senses and extrasensory perception; and seven relate to alchemy and its application in personal development.

According to Elbert the Brotherhood of Light lessons constitute the present bible of the Religion of the Stars with the ancient spiritual teachings interpreted with the aid of modern science and technology; and that its tenets are all based upon observed facts or upon reasonable conclusions drawn from them.

The duty of any religion is to provide its followers with factual data pertaining to their existence, living a successful life (now and hereafter), and relationship with God and the Religion of the Stars does that through its teachings on astrology, alchemy and magic. And its tenets and principles, which can be personally verified, contradict many of the popularly held religious teachings.

An Aquarian Age religious dilemma

In the very smart age of knowledge the true function and purpose of religion is seriously misunderstood and orthodox religion is suffering a crisis of validity, authenticity and respect. 

In the recent past Christianity in the liberal west has withered. Its principle teachings are set in stone and can’t be changed so its religious story tellers can’t retell their stories in a way that speaks to the modern world.

Churches have emptied as well educated Aquarian Age folk have given hard-to-believe Bible stories the thumbs down. Shocking revelations about the behavior of God’s workers didn’t helped; and as advances in the biological understanding of life captured the public’s imagination atheistic gene-worship and no religion or no belief in God gained in popularity.

Religious leaders of unknown spiritual merit in positions of authority decide what God wants. They exert authoritarian control over the lives of billions of people who meekly worship and obey a God they believe in. It’s a situation that has resulted in a crisis of authentic religious experience.

And a search on the all-knowing Aquarian Age internet reveals that there’s only one website providing information on the once famed Religion of the Stars which should not be associated with astrotheology, astral religion or star worship.

The scientizing of religion

The popular Arian and Piscean Age religions that currently dominate humanity’s religious landscape are based on mystical notions and unsubstantiated beliefs so it’s a doggone certainty that the scientizing of religion is on the Aquarian Age agenda.

The idea is in its infancy but has surfaced at a time when religion is seriously misunderstood and Lower-Pluto is pulling the strings so the scientific search for religious truth is sure to produce tenets and teachings that are riddled with misinformation and fabricated facts.

We refer those interested in scientizing religion to the Christian Bible and the writer of the 19th psalm: ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.’

We inform those seeking to scientize religion that religion is not merely a system of faith or a belief in a Supreme Being. It’s a personal code of conduct and that prophets of all times and all lands have taught that people should observe a code of conduct which elevates them more and more above brute selfishness, benefits their fellow beings, and enables them to do their part toward the advancement of the human race.

A scientific religion that complements the Age of Aquarius must be grounded in evidence-based facts pertaining to life, your true function and purpose, your spiritual destiny, the best life you should live and the moral code you should observe. And these facts must be explained in such a way that you can  do your own fact-check and not be forced to believe what those in positions of authority say you should.  

It must be based on authentic self-knowledge and explain how you, by being who you are and applying the energies you possess to a constructive, worthwhile purpose, can attain the highest possible success, happiness and spirituality… scientifically.

Author: DW Sutton

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