Birth chart study sessions

Your birth chart gives you an astrological ID. It’s a map of your greater soul-consciousness that allows you to learn things about your soul-self that you didn’t think it possible to know. When it comes to you and your life it’s your highest authority.

Your birth chart is a self-reference. It’s a map of your soul’s thought-cell organization; and that’s where the intelligence and ability you’ve acquired through experience up to the time of your human birth is saved in memory.

Your birth chart is a map of your character; and your character is a bundle of raw energies that acquire a conditioned mode of expression through early-life events made possible by your local environment.

You have innate potential, strengths and weaknesses, misguided tendencies, abilities, natural attractions and repulsions and likes and dislikes. The dynamic not-conscious desire-urges that get you going have attitude-motivations. They steer your life in the direction of their intent.

Your birth chart is a total self-information package and the more information you have about yourself the better equipped you are to deal with your life. Self-knowledge puts you in control of your destiny.

Birth chart study sessions

Birth chart study sessions are self-learning opportunities. They’re a dialogue you have with your astrological self. They should be regular, organized, productive and enlightening.

You’re studying your birth chart and mining its data to discover who you are. It’s serious business. You’re here for a reason and you want to know what it is. You want results. Your special type of intelligence and ability develops through experience and you want to know what you have to do to reach your full potential. 

Your birth chart, because it’s yours, is your only source of personal truth. The planets, signs, aspects and houses are data points. Their assessment serves a diagnostic function that’s verified with real-life experience.

The strength and function status of each planet and zodiac sign is measured. Each aspect and house has a harmony or discord score. Your chart’s planet, sign and house power summaries provide a set of numbers that allow you to gain a higher level of self-understanding. 

When you discern a birth chart pattern – a desire-urge and its attitude-motivation and its situational cue – you’ve learned something important about yourself.

Some data is more important than others. Some is fortunate and some is unfortunate. It’s important to develop a sensible attitude towards your discord – red flag – markers.

A clear understanding of what the astro-data means allows you to take action to ensure that your conduct is fit and proper and having a best outcome.

At the start impulsivity, jumping to conclusions, subjective bias, self-justification and other spins must be avoided. It’s best to err on the side of caution. And at all times avoid making judgments based on flimsy evidence. Seek conclusive evidence based on data provided by your chart, past experience and current real-life circumstances.

After each study session ask:  What did I learn about myself?

You’re here to develop your innate potential

You live and operate in a local environment that provides events. The development of your special type of intelligence and ability requires learning experiences and your birth chart reveals, and your progressed chart times, a special curriculum of events and conditions.

The planets and zodiac signs with high-discord scores mark for misguided behavior. You make mistakes and experience mishap and misfortune. The pain and discomfort you feel is a wake-up call telling you that you’re doing something wrong. When you learn by your mistakes you grow and develop.  

Your birth chart allows you to see personal potential. Real-life measures how well you’re doing. You should always validate chart data with real-life experience. Get into the habit of coupling events with their thought-cell parent.

You should not dismiss or ignore birth chart potential that has not yet been realized. Environmental resistance may have prevented a fortunate or unfortunate event from occurring but if the resistance is reduced the event might easily occur.

Allocate time for self-reflection. How you’re going should be one of your chief topics of interest. And never forget that much chart-data is not set in cement and can be changed or modified by you, the intelligent thinker.

Author: DW Sutton

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