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Astrology world in 2023 is in a horrible mess. The Aquarian Age internet hosts untested Piscean Age mystical beliefs and popular opinion echoes the misinformation peddled by the pop-astrology websites and their free and ridiculous daily Sun-sign forecasts.

The physicists, astronomers and other educated smart folk blindly believe the irrational, mystical nonsense and dismiss it (correctly) as pseudoscience. They haven’t been exposed to evidence-based scientific astrology so they don’t know that they can take the science and Test. It. Out.

The scientific facts of astrology are a no-knowledge zone.

Some people are predisposed to have their curiosity aroused by astrology and driven by their intrigue they decide to learn about the zodiac signs and planets. They acquire books or maybe enroll with a school that teaches astrology. 

They don’t have to learn the difficult math of chart construction because that’s all done by Aquarian Age technology. But in the very scientific Age of Aquarius they’re likely to learn 2,000 year old Piscean Age astrological beliefs that are outdated or recent new age beliefs that can’t be trusted. 

It’s a bizarre situation where books, teachers and websites are disseminating untested astrological beliefs to students who are none-the-wiser. 

There are no genuine (qualified) astrology teachers because there are no astrology schools to properly train them: So self-taught teachers teach eager students who after 6, 12 or 24 months of study have no idea what the birth chart is or how to go about interpreting the information it apparently contains.

You can only understand complex information if you’re taught it correctly.

Teacher taught or self-taught novices with thoughts and ideas grounded in misinformation, who are unable to assess their own charts and who don’t know anything about the science of astrology, can go public as fortune-tellers and do chart readings for unsuspecting clients. The public needs to be informed of this travesty.

One way of fixing this horrible mess is to teach the facts of astrology and birth chart interpretation in a DIY birth chart assessment format.

DIY birth chart assessment

In the Age of Aquarius you want to know. You don’t want to believe, or guess or surmise about astrological principles. They cannot be subject to various interpretations. There can only be one science of astrology and you would like to know what the science is. 

And you want to apply the science to your own chart so that you can enhance your self-understanding, know who you are and navigate by the stars. So a self-study astrology course must provide a systematic presentation of all the astro-data pertaining to the assessment of your birth chart.

BTW: The science of astrology is massive and there is no one who actually understands all the science and all its associated bits of data. And it’s just a waste of time trying to learn it all anyway.

The idea that a so-called astrologer can apply the science to a person’s chart to provide them with a reliable assessment of their character and life story is preposterous. And when you’re informed that the person doing the assessing can’t even do their own chart and doesn’t know how to use the chart to guide their own endeavors the situation enters the realm of zombie land and gaga-ville.

If you’re an astrology geek or astrology nerd or just have a curious interest in your birth chart you want easy access to the facts of astrology or the science of astrology as it applies to your birth chart otherwise you’ll just end up believing 2,000 year old misinformation.  

So if you’re toying with the idea of assessing your own birth chart or thinking about giving it a go with Hermetic astrology you need to know what you’re getting yourself in for. You would never do anything unless you knew before hand what was involved.

And our complimentary eBook: Must read information before you log into your birth chart (new eBooks) explains important preliminary information that you need to know about before you deep-dive into your chart.

It ensures that you have some awareness of highly relevant topics like you, your life, your conditioning by environment, habits, pleasure and pain, your birth chart, astrodynes and dealing with discord before you start to learn about your soul and reason for being by assessing your own birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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