Self-learning with a me-map

Your mind or character is a bundle of traits, desires, thoughts, feelings and impulses. It’s a personal reality that influences what you think, say and do; and it’s a mystery that you would like to unravel.

It’s a fact that your life can seem random and confusing.

Social forces and circumstances beyond your control often determine your conduct and your capacity to attain true self-understanding is undermined by your inability to access reliable self-knowledge. So how can you truly learn about yourself? 

Hermetic astrology addresses this problem by offering you your birth chart.  It’s a map of the zodiac signs and planets that’s constructed for your time, date and place of birth which provides you with a background check on your character and developmental past.   

Your birth chart models your character, provides you with a blueprint for living, reveals your character flaws and represents the default option if you do nothing to change what’s indicated. 

It’s an astrological barcode that identifies who you are; and a me-map that assembles everything about you into a coherent narrative.

It allows you to make sense of your life and the problems it poses.

Self-learning with a me-map

You weren’t taught about yourself at school, but the idea of self-learning with a me-map is a revolutionary concept and like all new experiences you don’t quite know what’s involved or what to expect.

That said, it’s an educational opportunity with a big difference.

The subject of your learning is you and the textbook you’re using is your birth chart. It profiles your character and defines a life story that will sustain your intelligence and ability development. The chart allows you to discover personal truths and to develop an authentic sense of self. 

You didn’t learn about these very important personal issues at school or university and there’s a good chance that you have been so busy acquiring an academic education and making a living that you’ve neglected to give them the consideration they warrant.

What’s involved?

Self-learning with a me-map involves mining your chart’s data to learn personal truths so it’s not a haphazard process involving guesswork and vague notions. 

Following a clear and definite procedure you gather data that’s not thoughtlessly accepted. It’s taken on board and digested, examined and thought about to confirm its personal validity at your current level of self-understanding, and prioritized by its importance.

So making sense of your birth chart – and yourself – requires a desire to know, directed thinking and a systematic chart assessment process. 

You won’t get very far with unfocused desire, scattered thinking that leaps around the chart, and a disorderly assessment procedure.

At the start poor self-understanding and a lack of astrological expertise are limiting factors that can reduce your capacity to understand yourself within the context of the chart. 

You need to become actively engaged in the learning process that’s focused on making sense of your behaviors and the events and conditions you experience.

You’re surveying the chart to gain insights into your soul’s destiny and you have to make sense of what the survey means. 

In many instances the chart will confirm what you already know about your-self and your life.  But that only represents the start. 

There’s coded data in the chart that you don’t know about and there’s small print that has to be discovered, investigated and understood. And there will be unpleasant moments as you grapple with discord-data, data that is difficult to understand and the abstruse question of identity. 

Fear, wild imaginings and undisciplined fantasy thinking are your enemies.  And you can only discover who you are by directly linking the astrological data with your real-life experience which provides you with some self-understanding.

Self-learning with a me-map involves data-mining with numbers.

Information is sorted by its importance and relevance into a data-base that in the end should accurately describe your character, intelligence type and life story.  

Your objectives

You have several of objectives.

You have to create a coherent image of yourself based on the astrology code pictured in your birth chart; think of yourself in connection with the chart; and use it to identify character flaws that need correcting.

Your chief objective is self-understanding and your ultimate objective is to create the lifestyle that best suits your character and maximizes your intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. 

Author: DW Sutton

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