America’s Libra lunation chart: October 16, 2020

Chart data is October 16, 2020 at 2.31pm EST (77W01; 38N53)

The chart’s astrodyne report

The Sun-Moon lunation is in house 8 (death, debt and taxes); and house 8 discord forecasts many deaths, the death of a prominent person, and other events involving tax matters or Donald Trump’s tax returns.

(September 27, 2020: The New York Times has Donald Trump’s tax returns.)

The Sun and Moon are opposition (dangerous high-discord) Mars – planet of strife, violence, guns and police – in house 2 (finances) and square (obstacle) Jupiter (finances), Saturn (covid-19, conservatism and loss) and Pluto (drastic events and groups) in house 12 (secret-unseen activity, invisible enemies, crime, hospitals and prisons).

House 12 dominates so there’s a lot of secret stuff going on behind the scenes. It’s high in discord so there are problems with the hospitals and prisons and plenty of people ending up behind bars. Pluto forecasts a crime wave.  

Neptune in house 1 puts the people in an idealistic mood but they’re being misinformed and lied too so they’re confused and muddled.

Uranus in house 3 forecasts wild rumors, unsettling events involving the postal service, and a major exposé by a newspaper; and Mercury in house 9 and Mars on the house 9 cusp forecast controversy and bitter conflict involving the courts.

The chart is high in discord (162 discordynes) and the prominence of house 8 (death) is ominous.

The Midheaven is sesquisquare Mars, semisquare Jupiter and semisquare Pluto; and Jupiter, the cusp ruler of house 10 is conjunction Saturn and Pluto in house 12 (disappointment).

Mercury, the cusp ruler of house 4, in house 9 (the courts) is opposition Uranus (disruption and unexpected events) in house 3 (the postal service) and trine Neptune in house 1 (the people).

House 4 (Biden and the Democrats) and house 10 (Tramp and the Republicans) have low astrodyne power scores and are discordant but all things considered we gauge Mercury (cusp ruler of house 4) trine Neptune provides the Democrats with a slight advantage in the November 3 election.

Author: DW Sutton

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