Navigating economic crisis and financial readjustment

The financial and economic systems that define Aquarius and its financial and economic activity are very complex; and you’re probably far too busy surviving life to study and understand microeconomics.

So you’re depending on your politicians, financial gurus, economists and other false gods to provide economic leadership: And limited by their intelligence, understanding and political ideology these experts dole out facts and make decisions as they see fit.

Jupiter is the planet of money, financial matters, capitalism, bankers and treasurers. He sources the idea that money makes you happy and that happiness comes from consuming, but self-indulgent consuming only provides transitory feel-good sensations – not deep level joy and contentment. That said…on a practical level Jupiter’s money is very important. It buys food, shelter and clothing and these basics lift people out of poverty.

Saturn is the planet of poverty. It’s a state of not having enough and financial poverty – the one great fear – is the result of not having work and a steady income. Billions of people around the world live in poverty. There is nothing good about poverty and the fear, despair, desolation and feelings of hopelessness it generates are the states of consciousness that Jupiter and his money seek to prevent and escape.

Saturn is also the planet of work and democratically elected governments are expected to manage their economy in such a way that anyone who wants to work has the opportunity to do so.

When the covid pandemic hit the rich were able to isolate on their personal islands and Jupiter and Saturn revealed the stark reality of financial inequality; so, the trillion dollar question is: How much money (Jupiter) does it take to make the fear of poverty (Saturn) and feelings of insecurity (Saturn) go away?

The science of money

Jupiter and Saturn in various global charts accurately define the financial world and the spending behavior of individuals.  They provide data that becomes the science of money.

Data pertaining to Jupiter and Saturn represents the science of abundance and the science of scarcity.

Saturn indicates scarcity and Jupiter sends prices up; Jupiter indicates an oversupply and Saturn sends prices down; and Jupiter and Saturn in global charts govern how the world economy moves. It’s all about energy and propulsion.

You have to admire central banks, the treasury and the market as each tries to figure out economic trends and directions with no knowledge of Jupiter and Saturn. This no-knowledge state renders the predictive powers of artificial intelligence useless.

Without astrology your predictive powers are reduced to wild guesswork.

Jupiter and Saturn in your birth chart connect you to the universe; Jupiter and Saturn in global charts connect humanity to the universe; so you’re connected to the world’s economic trends by Jupiter and Saturn in your birth chart.

Jupiter’s cycle chart provides a model of humanity’s financial fortunes during the chart’s forecast period.

Saturn’s cycle chart provides a model of humanity’s misfortunes in terms of dearth, scarcity, disease and poverty during the life of the cycle.

Together they provide humanity with financial and economic models that forecast future trends but developing a true understanding of the role of money in human life that is truly representative of reality is way beyond humanity’s current intelligence development and AI.

Saturn’s self-preservation instinct and greed distorts the reality.

In 2020 researchers are trying to define and design the fundamental principles on which to build tomorrow’s world but without a full understanding of the astrological laws and forces involved in the building process they’re working blind and stumbling around in the dark.

Chances are covid-19 sent your financial life and plans into a tailspin so an understanding of Jupiter and Saturn (and house 2 and house 8) in your birth chart is crucial as you navigate your own economic crisis and financial readjustment.

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Author: DW Sutton

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